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    It was closer to 8 this morning for me to get some news but I'm changing from 80% Romeo to IU to 98% Romeo to IU. I think that will be the first shoe to drop of a Great IU summer.
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    Some positive vibes around the athletic department today. If I were a betting man... Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    I f*ckin' love this. Things didn't go quite as expected, work harder. College ball a little tougher than expected, work harder. Shot wasn't falling like you thought it would, work harder. I obviously don't speak on the behalf of all Indiana fans or anything, but man, if you just give maximum effort we'll support you till the end no matter the outcome.
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    Jerry Meyer with the cherry on top... changed his crystal ball pick to IU
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    General New Coach News

    @theirishjesus who is a Celtics fan and has 25K followers said this morning that Brad was working on an exit contract with the Celtics. Just had a friend send that to me
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    I was asked to keep this quiet but I will say there is more coming. I mean who doesn't want to play with the #1 PG. The offense runs best when you have two guards who can handle the ball. Rob & Lander will be great together. Love this commit especially if he can get in the class of 20 but this is just a start. Stay Tuned!!!
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    It's been a long ride, but it's Indiana.
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    I'm 80% in with Romeo to IU. Nothing sourced just reading what everyone else is. I think EJ to UK is a sign that Vandy is out. Announcing at the NA gym is a good sign for IU, Coach SS info and what was said to the Watfords is all positive IU talk. So things could change but as of today, I'm saying Romeo to IU. As for the Watford info, there was a reason we didn't watch him for 38 games this high school season. It has all been worked out and we will be all over him this AAU season. But they called us to get the recruiting back flowing the right way. IUgradman can listen to Rabby & the Watfords all he wants to say IU is not in the lead but from the person or people recruiting him he is ours if we want him. The real question do we take Brooks and Watford because I believe we lead for both and we also I believe lead for TJD. The staff has had a plan for a while and it is falling into place.
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    Tell that to my girlfriend when I like any other girl's posts lol.
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    I guess you guys are stuck with me for another season. I wouldn't have it any other way!!
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    The transfer stuff was not in 1 on 1 meeting, it was in the locker room with every player after the Northwestern game. He screaming at them about playing hard and said if you are not going to play hard, play my way, then bring me your transfer papers and I will sign them, and find you a nice place to go play at. That is what I was told. Now I believe he did have some 1 on 1's but the transfer stuff was in front of everyone.
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    I'm not at 100% yet but I'm getting close to saying He'll be a Hoosier.
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    I heard CAM was at a restaurant eating when RL made the announcement and everyone in the restaurant started cheering while CAM just sat and ate his dinner. That's straight gangsta.
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    My brother is a member of this board and he thought I should share the renovation I am doing on my kid's bedroom floor. Finishing up the poly tomorrow. It probably would have had Thomas the Train on it if IU had not made a coaching change! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Welcome Coach Miller

    FWIW, I just received a text from a friend whose father-in-law is on the board of trustees. Claims Donovan (w/ Calbert as an assistant) is done and that an announcement may come as soon as tonight. Again, this is not confirmed, but the father-in-law's status is legit/confirmed (as he flies to all home games from Carmel), so I pay it some credence as it's consistent with what we all have been hearing....
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    Jeremiah April to transfer

    April leaves on May 1st... Just like every other year...
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    Forum Change Announcement!

    As I'm sure everyone knows by now, we lost Gary Overley Jr better known here and around the IUBB message board community as CCGeneral. Everyone knows the countless hours he put in over the years to the message board, but we all know his true pride and joy was the recruiting section, they truly were his baby. With that being said, the idea was presented to the mod team and they jumped all over the idea. So from this point forward, the recruiting sections on BTB will now be known as the "CCGeneral" Gary Overley Jr Recruiting Section. RIP Buddy, we all miss you around here!
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    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    Now that this is over. I will say from last year to this year lots of boosters got the feeling that they didn't care for Archie, thought he was arrogant. Then about three weeks ago, maybe a month I was told if he lost the final 6 games he was done. About that time I was told Dolson had started reaching out to boosters to see if they would willing to put up buyout money. Most said yes but they all wanted to know who he was going to get. Then started to put out feelers to gauge interest. He got a good idea that there would be interest. Last Thursday he met with the athletic board, they wanted Archie gone and their #1 choice was Stevens, this weekend met with trustees. I think it dragged out a little longer than we thought. Scott knew what he was doing the whole time. I will try to answer any questions you have. I don't know that much about the search.
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    Ghost of Rick Majerus

    Thanks Coach Miller

    For whatever reason, it didn't work out here and a change was needed. But thanks for the hard work you put into the program. You were always a classy individual and I always wished you the best. Most of all, thanks for the high character athletes you brought in. It was refreshing to not hear about off the court issues that plaques so many programs. Good luck coach, I'll be rooting for you.
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    I've been relatively quiet this season. Many factors play into that outside of basketball, but the primary saying of "If you don't have anything nice to say..." applies here. I have a couple thoughts I think are important to remember as we move forward. We were never as good as we thought we were. Romeo is an elite player, that gave us hope. Our 3 game stretch with close nail biting wins was exciting and gave us something to get behind. In reality, that ranking was the worst thing that could happen to us. It gave us too much hope. College basketball and football transition are tough. ESPECIALLY when your coaching style is vastly different than the predecessor. We've all seen Crean's comments about his situation at Georgia, Archie could make the same comments here. Our players are good, I'm not knocking them at all, but they are built for a different system. I'm a firm believer in giving College coaches a FREE 4 year pass and getting critical in year 5. It takes time to create YOUR culture and "unbrainwash" a previous culture for lack of a better term. This is well documented with the coaches that don't have instant success. Even if you don't agree with the 4 year pass, you have to in this situation. Indiana fired Tom Crean who was coming off Big Ten Championships and Sweet 16 appearances. Then you hire Archie and don't give him a fair shake and get rid of him early. What coach in their right mind would sign up to be the next coach at Indiana? It's career suicide. Nothing can happen with Archie until after year 5. Archie was an incredible coach at Dayton. The man didn't forget how to coach. Guarantee he's more frustrated than all of us are. Our fanbase isn't better or worse than any other fanbase. Every team has passionate fans that air out their grievances over Twitter and message boards. Pick any school and lose 10 out of 11 and you'll see this exact reaction or worse. I will say seeing how empty Assembly Hall is EVERY game is more troubling to me than anything else. That isn't helping. Keion Brooks - I don't believe it's over for Indiana. This skid hasn't helped our cause, but it's not a deal breaker. HIgh School players put a major emphasis on who they will be playing with, style of play, facilities and most importantly the impact on their future. I went to Indiana because I wanted to be a part of the Kelley School to advance my career after college. Prospects are looking at Indiana and what they can offer to get the to the next level. That is their goal, College is their stepping stone to achieve that goal. At the end of the day, Keion will make the best decision for him and his family. If that's to Kentucky, then I'm happy for him and hope he succeeds. Him choosing another school isn't bashing Indiana. It's making an informed decision that is in his best interest. In conclusion, the product we've seen on the court is embarrassing. It's a total lack of confidence from the entire team, no grit. Fight or Flight????? We've got that questions answered. All that being said, I'm still going to watch every game, it's the punishment I still look forward too. The highs will get higher, I pray the lows won't get any lower. I'm still a Hoosier. You guys are still Hoosiers. The road ahead will get better. Just RELAX.
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    Mike Miller‏ @MikeMillerHT Romeo Langford on next year's Indiana team: "With the people they got coming back and coming in, I just feel it's a national championship team."
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    Someone needs to make sure Romeo reads this. Vic is the perfect ambassador for this state and for IU. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/victor-oladipo-pacers-playoffs Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    General New Coach News

    My list from what I know 1 Brad Stevens 2 Brad Stevens 3 Brad Stevens There have been talks from our people to his and this has gone farther than ever before. I can say that because it's never gone anywhere before. I'm not saying he is going to be the next coach. I'm just saying that we're going to make an offer that he has to think about. 4A Chris Beard 4B Scott Drew 5 Eric Musselman I don't think we need to go any farther than this
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    Boom. lander to IU Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Josh Cook‏ @joshcooknewstri IU coach Archie Miller with a quick stop in the @NewAlbanyHoops locker room after the game.