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  1. FWHoosier84

    Fire Coach Woodson

    That’s what has annoyed me about this season. Let’s wait until we’re on the CTI bubble to make actual changes
  2. FWHoosier84

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Here’s my take on that game as well as most games this season. Maryland sucks. That coach should get the Holman treatment. Why does IU constantly fall behind 10+ points and a miraculous comeback is required? Last game it was Ware turning in an all time performance, this game required a Maryland meltdown. IUBB at its finished should have coasted against this Maryland team.
  3. FWHoosier84


    Another thing to think about is if he wants to see his name at the top of all time stat categories. Points, rebounds, blocks….with an “average “ season, he’d be top 3-5 or the leader in these categories.
  4. The last 3 fouls on IU the Wyoming player just fell over. Pathetic
  5. FWHoosier84

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Just daydreaming here, but could you imagine if Brooks came to IU and Coach Woody turned him into a 1st rounder? UK would still get the top recruits that would go pro straight from high school if they could, but IU could turn into a developmental stepping stone to the NBA.
  6. FWHoosier84

    Beard to Texas.

    Blessing in disguise. If IU offered and he accepted, he probably would have reneged and went to TX.
  7. FWHoosier84

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    Honestly, there's too many to count. Here's some that come to mind: 2017-18: ISU & FW. These were the harbingers of what was to come 2018-19: Arkansas (which happened right after Marquette when we all thought IU was back), any one of the big B1G losing streak 2019-20: early B1G loss to Wiscy. IU was 8-0 and got dog walked. RMK game. Maryland - they scored last 7 points to win by 1. 2020-21: Texas, FSU, Northwestern, and all the others I think the RMK game was my "I'm out" moment, but more recently, the first MSU game this year was when I was most disgusted (at least recently). All IU needed to do was when that game and they were squarely on the right side of the bubble. IU jumped out to a big lead and once shots didn't go down, they just quit. I remember sitting there saying to myself, "this is nice to finally watch IU play well". At some point in the 2nd half, I had this exchange with my 8 year old daughter: Me: Why do I even bother watching? Daughter: Why do you keep watching then? Me: You know what, you're right. I got up, found something else to do, and didn't watch another game until the Rutgers B1G Tourney game because I knew it was the last of the season. That was a fitting game for Archie to go out. Everything that went wrong the last 4 years boiled down into the last 10 minutes of the season.
  8. I thought Archie was a “home run” and Tom Allen was a “strike out”. What the hell do I know! I’m hoping for the best and encouraged by the Matta’s hire. Here’s hoping Michael Lewis is hired as well.
  9. FWHoosier84

    Is Indiana just UCLA at this point?

    Let’s see if the next coach goes to 3 straight final fours and gets fired for Steve Alford. Then IU will be UCLA.
  10. FWHoosier84

    Candidate Thread: Nate Oats (Alabama)

    I admittedly haven’t watch Alabama play so I’ll be interested to watch them today and Monday. Regarding the buyout, who cares if it’s a large price tag? Dolson already got a donor to pony up the costs to “near unlimited” amounts. I don’t care if IU pays the next coach $10 mil a year. It’s not like we’ve got a statewide referendum on the new coach’s salary and our property taxes are going up. Also if you consider yourself a top college bb coach, wouldn’t you want to go to a basketball school? I googled “Alabama game” yesterday to see when they played and there wasn’t a single mention of the NCAA tournament, only the spring football game.
  11. FWHoosier84

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    My fear is we get a good coach and two years down the line, Coach K or Roy Williams retires and Stevens goes there for 20 years. That would be salt in the wound.
  12. Now that I'm coming down from the hopium high, the downside of a Stevens hire would that he'd jet for the NBA. Say he has the same success at IU as he did at Butler and a new NBA super-team formed and needed a new coach. We already know he wants to win an NBA championship so that allure would be strong. I want a lifer that will be at IU for 20+ years. That's why I wanted Archie to work so badly. If he would have succeeded, he would have been here 25-30 years.
  13. I always thought of the Stevens hire as winning the powerball. We had a ticket in our hand and the numbers didn't hit. Doesn't mean it wasn't fun thinking of what could have been. Until we see the Dolson with the new coach, I'll keep my hopes up. Didn't Stevens deny he was leaving for Boston? After having 3 days of prep, did we think he was going to drop the news before a game or give another awkward press conference? I appreciate @Chris007 and @IUwins0708 info and I hope this saga isn't over!
  14. That's how it starts then more cryptic tweets then the articles saying they could see it coming.
  15. If Beard is the consolation prize, I'd be happy. I like his style of play and he can get better players at IU. I think he'd fit in better in the B1G than the Big 12.