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  1. TTT

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Coach Woodson stated he is leaning on his NBA experience….having coaches make a list of top ten players at each position in transfer portal. Then go recruit from that pool of players declaring success….I guess for 0 wins thus far 2024-25. Three and four year development of high school recruits are gone…Woodson noted….However, nothing noted of NIL money. Just leaning on his NBA experience.
  2. TTT

    (2024) - Faith Wiseman to INDIANA

    Faith W. did more and was a factor in this one.
  3. 6’0” Guard 21.5 points per game. 5.6 rebounds. 4.3 assists. 3.7 steals. As a freshman. McCutcheon 21-5 overall with 8-0 conference record. Throw her in the mix for IU Ladies Basketball future. 2027 will be here as time flies by.
  4. TTT

    (2024) - Faith Wiseman to INDIANA

    Not exactly doing much vs KY all star game.
  5. TTT

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Woodson must be at the top of that list right above Hurley. Just can’t see him.
  6. TTT

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    Since IU gave raise to Woodson for making tournament two seasons ago, his illustrious NBA experience, support IU gave him for this upcoming season, $6,000,000 or so NIL money, his revamped roster, and his lecture to the IU fans…I expect IU men’s basketball to win regular season big ten championship, big ten tournament championship, and march madness national championship…and I don’t care how many games IU men’s basketball lose or what the win loss record is for 2024-2025. The championships would take care of win loss record.
  7. TTT

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Lol about blog threads everywhere regarding all major sports in major colleges and professional. There is hardly any accountability anywhere. There are just large sums of money moving around.
  8. TTT

    Grace Berger - Indiana Fever

    Like to see Grace Berger make it a point to jack up at least one three ball each sequence of minutes she gets to play so she would blend in with rest of team. The Fever offense plays away from Grace anyway and if she would happen to make her first three she would be entitled to another three ball attempt etc etc etc until she misses.
  9. TTT

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    If they don’t just blow their money foolishly….(?) I suppose anyone can buy quite a bit for $6,000,000 in addition to a multi million dollar contract.
  10. TTT

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Does anyone know who is on the 2024-25 IU men basketball and football rosters? As far as that goes does anyone know who is on any roster in power 5 conferences. (names may be known but hardly anyone knows anyone).
  11. TTT

    Sara Scalia - Magnolia Campobasso (Italy)

    Good for Sara. It seemed that was always going to happen. Question: I assume most if not all want to play in wnba. However, in reality which contract including life experience would be the most fun? (I think when T.Buss played overseas the first experience she did not like it (not exactly sure). and not sure on Cardano-Hillary. Amanda Cahill seems to be doing well playing overseas.
  12. TTT

    (2025 - PG Nevaeh Caffey to IU

    Nevaeh Caffey @veahhoops10 recent highlights posted in Fanatical Hoosier. Highlights may not include the unhighlights but I think IU and fans are eventually going to have a love affair with Caffey especially with the other recruits coming in over the next couple years (after Parrish, Bargesser, Ciezki, Moore McNeil, and Sandvik)
  13. TTT

    General WBB Thread

    Maybe, Grace Berger can go out to Seattle and spend some time with Holmes for 2025 season.
  14. TTT

    General WBB Thread

    And Grace Berger not sure how much but Grace Berger should play a minimum of 10 minutes especially if you are going to lose anyway…I doubt if to many are out working her and at times she has made good plays but hardly ever is allowed enough time to get some rhythm. I know it’s not the WNBA but Grace played well in Spain during WNBA off season. The Indiana Fever with this whole coaching staff is a disconnected team. Glad to see Clark standing up for herself a little against the refs this latest game.
  15. TTT

    General WBB Thread

    The Indiana Fever coaching staff is not in control of the team. Players play awkwardly for themselves and lack continuity and flow especially offensively. (Rebounding and defense as well). unable to finish in any kind of traffic. Boston is out of shape but an excellent analyst college game tv commentator. Now, examples: Clark misses out on at least on 4 or 5 assists per game because professional level players fumbling the ball and not catching her passes and not making buckets in traffic, coach seems stressed lecturing team and team is not committed and frustrated unsure of themselves, the bigs are not matching opponents talent level. Another example Clark gets crushed on a screen while trying to guard while coming up court with 2 teammates in a position to call out screen for her to avoid. Do teammates call out screen? No, crickets. And Clark is getting very little help. Time and time again Clark comes down as a trailer ready (for a patented 3 ball) and doesn’t get the ball in time and Mitchell or another player goes for a 3 ball or something else happens as turn over or missed shot. This kind of play affects confidence, and sureness making unsure play. Having said this play was slightly better today….slightly. C. Sides lecturing is a question to me whether deep down inside she lacks ability to coach this team and/or she is afraid…probably a little of both. Yes, season is young and Clark has not been with team that long but this team is not even close to being competitive. Conclusion: Coaching strategy is going to adjust and change and if players don’t like it they can hit the door or the coach can hit the door in favor of a coach that knows how to instruct and implement command performances vs the unorganized system what is being witnessed. An appropriate coach would be Curt Miller or not going to happen because of money but someone like Josh Shertz only on the women side that gives confidence….we are going to do this and this is our image….and that’s the way it’s going to be. If things don’t change I expect Clark to eventually be with another team within a couple years. Fever only won 13 games last year and that’s the way they got the number one pick…and record worse than that over last few seasons. Last two years Fever had first pick of draft.