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  1. #2 is athletic, big hips and missed like one deeper 3 ball and mid range in warm ups and she shot a bunch of 3 balls in warm ups. (Without defense on her)…defense didn’t affect her much during game as well.
  2. Grace Berger 3 ball looking really good. Pure. Another new weapon in IU Ladies offensive arsenal…though I think it was there all along
  3. I like the 2 guards coming in next year for IU Ladies.
  4. This was really good game for IU Ladies. Definitely no ref advantage for sure. Rutgers is an east coast street ball type team. Rutgers is kind of lanky with some length and physical.
  5. A little more unorthodox fight in Rutgers first half. IU Ladies a little slow to the ball.
  6. Yes, IU Ladies will definitely be challenged. Purdue up and coming with new coach. They have showed well during season and the circumstances are there. IU Ladies are going to have to play better than today.
  7. Are OSU legs getting a little tired from pressing all season?
  8. PU 55 OSU 47 8+ in the 4th
  9. Yes, up to this point not sure who is impacting game for her respective team in a positive way against the better to best competition than Holmes regarding complete overall game. I will add Holmes is playing in a great situation as coaching staff and teammates around her allow her the opportunities for her great performances. It will be interesting how the rest of season plays out.
  10. Parking has been free.
  11. Agree with all that plus Brown plus Geary get a few minutes and that would equate to a dominating solid win
  12. Fox televising big ten game Iowa vs Nebraska they put 4 players on screen as potential national players of the year…not sure why Mackenzie Holmes pic not included to make it 5??
  13. With limited major tv network games (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX) and the major games in LADIES COLLEGE BASKETBALL…Iowa vs Nebraska @ Iowa makes since…I guess?? Not just Saturday or Sunday but during days in between through the week it would be great to see major networks CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX show major games of the national ranked teams in College Ladies basketball games. (especially in place of some of the other junk on tv).