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  1. TTT

    College Football Thread

    They could just open up a second season in both, football and basketball and baseball to all teams and every sport for all tournaments. Even individual sports. Over the years expansion no matter how far expanded there is the argument that certain teams on the bubble or even near the bubble should be in or out. Even if expansion was to everyone except one there would be an argument for that particular team or individual should be included. Kinda like the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer effect. Before recent years you had same argument about bowl games. Who received bowl bids vs those who didn’t and arguments over who went to what bowl except for assigned bowl games like the major 4 bowls on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
  2. Sunday afternoon walk note: unfortunately large brace for Currie-Jelks.
  3. TTT

    College Football Thread

    That mishandled exchange from Georgia QB and running back was….
  4. TTT

    College Football Thread

    Jogging my memory…After looking it up February, 1987. I also thought about 40 years ago. Closer to 37 years. Coach Ron Meyer and Bobby Collins along with Eric Dickerson and winning SMU was pretty big in earlier and mid 1980’s. I think what they did was peanuts compared to what is now legalized today.
  5. TTT

    College Football Thread

    I remember many now (losing track of time meaning more than several years ago) that SMU received the death penalty in football. At 10-2 that is proof there is always hope…in the American Athletic Conference.
  6. TTT

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    Lynn to USC from UCLA as defensive coordinator for a cool $2,000,000 per year
  7. You forgot the retirement buyout package.
  8. Fans saying things and head coach saying things are different.
  9. Cig hasn’t even scored an IU TD yet.
  10. Totally different. Not the head coach and OSU and Michigan don’t need any motivation by head coach comments.
  11. Nope. Because Teri Moren and other mature head coaches would stop short in a public forum saying other schools suck. Very immature. (even BK waited until he built success before he put JACK @$$ to represent Purdue (AD) on his weekly Sunday morning tv show with Chuck Marlow). Definitely locker room bulletin board material for other schools. Uncalled for and not a smart way to draw a line in the sand.
  12. Good and fun, up until new Coach yells that schools who have beat up IU in football for many years suck.
  13. TTT

    College Football Thread

    Watching top teams play sometimes they look like what IU tries to do but does not do and top teams do it and make it look easy both, team wise and individual players.