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    I like our chances here. Put out a strong NIL package and JHS verryyy important supporting one and done work by the staff. Hang tight.
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    That is so much better than "Pizza is cold, wife is going out for beer with son's friends."
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    This is something IU did that Kansas didn't. They had this flag hanging from his locker. The whole family flipped out about it especially his dad.
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    Do I know how to stir up the board or what? FollaBackHollaBack! Mack Mgbako is now following Mark Cuban:
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    Just wanted to give you a shout out. You have posted a lot of stats and scouting reports on players entering in the portal. It hasn’t gone unnoticed! Thanks!
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    Tuck it back in. You could get arrested walking around like that.
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    I think we’re good from what I’m told. We’re in the game. Let’s Go!!
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    Phillips. But I don't think we'll need him
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    Oh bs. You just want attention
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    Regardless of how this shakes out IU fans should feel good in the direction this staff is going when it comes to recruiting. Before this staff not sure how many in the ring battles there was for out of the state program changing kids. I’ve followed Slater for a long time and he barely mentioned IU or IU wasn’t in many battle that he was a part of. With this staff he has been in town for a game where he thanked the staff for th hospitality. Small things but having a staff wanting to build the right relationships when it comes to big time recruits is a positive. Shows how far out IU actually has been but you have to start somewhere and I feel like IU is making up ground everyday. If the staff keeps building relationships and keep finding themselves in these types of battles they are going to be just fine. They’ve already started winning some of these and other programs are noticing and paying attention.
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    Not for nothing, and with apologies to those who think Instagram Intelligence is laughable. Mark Cuban has 1,900,000 Instagram followers; however, Mark Cuban only Insta-follows 663 people on the planet. As of this morning, one of them is now Mack Mgbako: Now, I'm NOT saying that means anything good is likely, but I DO believe that he wouldn't start following a kid who has already informed anyone associated with IU that he is Kansas bound. So for me? We're still in the hunt.
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    Man I get invited for a steak sandwich and a beer, and Stuhoo cracks the whip for being off-topic. I woke up this morning to check the thread and it's all gaming talk for two pages. Not a word was said. The mods must be Zelda fans too. Happy Mgbako eve.
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    I don't think you dug deep enough into this rabbit hole. He is announcing 5/12/23. 5+12+23=40. IU won their first national championship in '40 and who did they beat? The Kansas Jayhawks!
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    Sounds like the visit went as well as it possibly could without a commitment. Let's see if he makes that Louisville visit.
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    Quoting his announcement “The environment at Indiana is unmatched.”. love it!
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    No. Jesus is hoping he’s a Hoosier, too.
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    Now this is truly special. CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Cheryl Stewart, a Ph. D. from Indiana University.
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    Props to this kid, his family and Slater for keeping thus thing tight all the way to this point. I can respect that Sent from my SM-G996U using Tapatalk
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    At chick fil A drive through with windows down listening for clues. Doesn’t seem like anyone is here yet. Of course I am in Tampa but you never know.
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    Uwe Blab just followed Mgbako on MySpace so I think this thing could be happening.
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    The most likely scenario is that he actually has no real information.
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    For the IG crowd — it appears Mackenzie is now following Gabe Cupps & Kel’el Ware in addition to X