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    I reached out last night to see if anything new is going on and all things still point to a decision in about a week and Indiana still in drivers seat. I am not saying anything set in stone but as of right now its looking good for Indiana
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    A couple of things I have noticed is the practice is a lot more up-tempo. They run a lot more than they did in the last few years. All drills are fast-paced. They shoot more 3's than in previous years, which we all know is a good thing. I think the shooting has improved just because a lot more shots are going up. From just my eyesight everyone seems to like each other and root for each other. Now it's early and there hasn't been any adversity yet but positive so far. Rob battling X every day is fun to watch and only going to make everyone better. It's going to be interesting to see who steps up to get PT after TJD, Race, Miller, Pstew, Rob, Xavier, Scoop, and Gerinamo or we just go with 8. I really like Woody, but I tend to like all coaches but he does a great job, and he surrounds himself with basketball guys. Woody, Hunter, Fife, Ya, Hill, Matta, Walsh all basketball guys. Even the GM's are really good.
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    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    He wanted to make a second trip to IU but decided not to. Some thought the second trip was to announce for IU. I think we can feel good about this announcement.
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    Your Moderators

    Listen. Am I the best mod? No. But do I come here every day and give it my all? Also no. But do I love each and every member of this board like a brother? Still no. Truth be told I tried to ban a few posters but apparently I wasn’t given that kind of power. But seriously, if any of you have any questions feel free to let me know so I can get Stuhoo to handle it. - The O. G. And Greatest Board Sandwich
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    Your Moderators

    All, I'm putting this here because this is the most read section of the board. It's been a while since we've published a list of our fine moderators. It's truly an excellent group (if I say so on behalf of them myself!) If you have any major concerns or suggestions, we are there for you. Also, if you have inside info that you want to share, but want to do so anonymously without it attributed to you, we can help to make it happen. BTW, if you just want to piss and moan, please contact Stromboli--he's already a cranky-@$$ sandwich. ;) hoosierpap Hovadipo Stuhoo Dalton26 Crimson and Cream Str8Hoosiers Uspshoosier Stromboli Class of '66 Old Fart Demo
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    Major announcement?

    So let me run a little against the grain here. For some (hi Hova!) a lot against the grain. I will start with a summary of my thoughts on Eric Pankowski handling IU’s NIL: HELL YESSS HELLLLLLLLLLL YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Yes, Eric Pankowski pushes to the edge of the page , but the guy is a monster success as a media influencer, a hard worker, and at times, maybe even a visionary. He takes risks, is ahead of the curve, knows how to raise and make money, works damn hard, and maybe most importantly, he sweats, bleeds, and drools Cream and Crimson. The man is a proven success, and he’s a major asset that’s on our side. I am more careful in my manner than most—it’s a product of what I need to be to succeed. Eric has a completely different dynamic for success; he is a bonafide Hollywood producer and originator. My 18 year old daughter could give a rat’s @$$ about IU basketball, but if I told her the guy who created Apple TV Carpool Karaoke was handling a promotion she’d immediately think that’s the real deal. Also a WWE promoter? That’s primo stuff. 17 year old recruits and 19 year old players probably agree. Guys like Eric aren’t afraid to take chances and they screw up now and then—that’s part of the deal. So, if you’re a middle aged guy who eats at Applebee’s, thinks we should only play Mellencamp at Assembly Hall, and packs the same sandwich for work everyday? That’s okay, but that style doesn’t contribute to beating UK and Kansas. The NCAA has decided that capitalism is allowed in college sports—let’s roll with a guy that’s great at it. Read the bio friends, read the bio: https://mediaschool.indiana.edu/alumni/profiles/eric-pankowski.html
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    Great kid, great work ethic, very athletic and he keeps getting better and better. The sky is the limit. He's doing more before school starts than a lot of kids do all day.
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    (2023) - PG Jeremy Fears

    This could help us out a little bit here
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    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    I think he pops for Indiana in 10 days or so, but would not be shocked to see it happen in the next 48 hours. Regardless its Indiana
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    Old Friend

    Interesting - Sagarin

    http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm Indiana at 47. Look at strength of schedule. Did anyone ever think Indiana University would play the toughest schedule in the country? And we have Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State left. No way we drop very far in that category. Indiana, for all the success and positive energy/direction cannot consistently win playing a schedule like we're forced to year in and year out. The Big Ten divisions are a complete joke. I don't know what can be done and know nothing WILL be done, but I said a long time ago 7-5/8-4 was likely Indiana's consistent ceiling save an anomaly from time to time. This is crazy. SOS in football, IU #1 roughly half way through the season. Wow.
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    IU on the schedule for today's B1G Media Day.
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    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    Alabama moved on so they aren’t holding the Clowney decision up. Now it’s just up to when he decides to announce. Could be anytime
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    “I’d like 100,000 posters, please.” -A savvy, wealthy booster
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    Unfortunate news, but if Glenn was going to commit to the Lou - I am glad he committed early so CMW could focus his staff's energy elsewhere over the ensuing 12-18 months with the '23 class. As much as this hurts now, this is a blessing in many regards.
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    Al Durham 2021?

    Last year was his Senior year and the free one if I'm not mistaken.This should be his final year of eligibility. I wish the kid nothing but the best.He always gave 110 percent.
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    College Bball Thread

    Former coach Mike Davis' son. Jeff Goodman -- Little college hoops nugget: Antoine Davis is 279 points from becoming Detroit’s all-time leading scorer. Davis has also scored in double figures 82 consecutive games. Has an outside shot at the NCAA record - Lionel Simmons at 115.
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    College Bball Thread

    If Archie contributed more to the field of 68 over the last few years, he’d still be at IU.
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    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    The clock is officially ticking...
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    Practice differences under Woody

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so decided to start it's own thread. Hopefully some of the insiders can expand on this topic as we go along. Couple of things I've heard players and coaches discuss: Players continue to talk about working harder this year than ever in practice (and outside of practice) To a man all the players talk about how they all get along, compared to other years, that the team was segmented into "sub-groups" (don't want to say cliques, b/c I don't think it was) And they all talk about how much fun they're having. Certainly different body language than what we saw last year. But then again, we haven't come under any real adversity yet, so we'll see how they hold up when the excrement hits the oscillator. Last night I listened to the Hysterics guys "encore" podcast, and Coach Kenya was on. There was a discussion about how Woody's style of play works better on man to man defense, but not so great on zone defenses. Coach K indicated that Woody is all ready to start on day 1, practicing against a zone defense, because he anticipates more teams will play defense on us this year to make us shoot the 3 (which has been less than stellar as we all know). I found Coach K's comment very encouraging. And he specifically pointed to how it will help our confidence in playing Syracuse. Coach K also said that Woody has changed his (Coach K's) mind on who should bring the ball up the court. If there is a fast break opportunity, then whoever rebounds it, brings it up and initiates the offense. Not exactly sure I want Big Mike bringing the ball up, but I guess we'll see how it works out.
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    Major announcement?

    Just like anything else. Try it out. Allow big donors to fund. Let the program, players, and fans have some fun. Relax and have fun guys. Life is too short to worry about a fundraising event that all parties seem excited about. Read, react, revise if it isn’t what you would have hoped it would be. If it’s a flop, come up with a different plan next time. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
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    Mike Schumann -- Priority in-state 2023 forward Xavier Booker will take an IU official visit later this month, per a source.
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    Fayette Co HS Athletics @FCHSTIGERSPORTS We appreciated Coach Yasir Rosemond from Indiana stopping by to see @FayetteBball’s @Kalebb_3!