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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I’m feeling confident Trayce is coming back and expect an announcement of some kind will come soon.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Per JG’s insta, the athletic monster....IS BACK
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    How absolute BA is it that we not only got the kid to commit after taking ONE visit, we've got Malik signed before any of his other visits were going to start. Woodson said "hold my f'ing beer, I'll take care of this"
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    Indy Sports Zone - Team Indiana 115 Team Illinois 104. #11 CJ Gunn led all scoring with 34 pts and was named MVP.
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    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    My back’s a mess today, so just stayed home and watched all the Reneau games I could find. Gonna make this prediction right now: There will be multiple times in his IU career where Reneau is going against bigger, higher profile players and the announcers will comment on how that kid is just having a bad night because they will not see what Reneau is doing to him. He is brutal to play against. He’s relentlessly physical. Not in a B1G WWE way, he just doesn’t allow them room to play. Watched him play against Vincent Iwuchukwu, who’s a 7’1” shot blocker, and Reneau just worked him. He’d catch on the block, Iwuchukwu would do what he’s supposed to do, drop a foot back and arm bar him to give himself room to react, and Reneau was having none of it. He just stayed glued into Iwuchukwu’s body and used his excellent footwork to find angles of attack. By the middle of the 2nd qtr he had noticeably frustrated the kid. Did the same thing to Tarris Reed in the GEICO final. Reed ended up with something like 3 rebounds in the game because Reneau stayed attached to him and his reactions were just better and faster. He’s also a really good passer. Montverde ran a set with Reneau at the elbow and one of the guards will come for a handoff. Reneau had the option of handing off or pivoting and looking for a back cut from the weak side. Saw him deliver the pass perfectly multiple times, and not always the same way. Threw it as a bounce past, threw it over the top for a dunk. Just really impressive. His Asst Coach described him as “contentious.” Perfect description. Woodson’s gonna love him.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    And the first one to like Jordan Geronimo‘s Instagram post is Anthony Leal. He’s gonna be back too. And that’s outstanding news also.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Correct about Dennis. People need to get ready for him to announce for IU soon. The staff certainly feels like he is coming.
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    Good, now people can finally quit worrying/speculating that every little nuance of every one of the staff's actions is somehow an indicator that he's not happy.
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    (2023) - SF Kwame Evans

    Evans said he wants to visit in June because that’s when his Montverde Academy teammates Jalen Hood-Schifino and Malik Reneau will be on campus at IU. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Woody sent Dickie V autographed Candy Stripes Sent from my SM-S908U using Tapatalk
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    NIL and IU

    I say this as one of those Northern Indiana kids that grew up a ND fan too: I cannot think of a more hypocritical institution or person (in Swarbrick) to complain about this. Going all the way back to “the gipper” (a paid professional and “student “ in name only) to their ground breaking national tv deal in the 90’s to Swarbrick himself, I’m not sure there has been an athletic program more monetized for the institutions benefit than ND. That don’t want to give any of that vast reserve of money to the players. They’ve been quite clear about that and have been making veiled threats to blow up their program and return to something like Div 3 for the past decade. It’s the most laughable bluff I’ve seen. The “scary” dichotomy Swarbrick warns of already exists. ND is free to go to the ivy leagues or Div3 any time they want. They have had that option for the last 30yrs. Yet instead of choosing it they’ve turned themselves into a modern football theme park that prints money. What really scares ND is that they love being independent and so long as the NCAA exists to lead all the conferences as some sort of organizing body ND was free to join in on all the structural aspects while cutting their own revenue deals. With the rise of these superconfrerences, there’s real risk of the NCAA going away—or substantially weakened—and these 3-4 confs negotiating terms of major college football among themselves. There’s little incentive to continue to treat ND with kid gloves then. They could be forced to join a conf or be excluded entirely. When that happens ND won’t take any of the blame for their stance and the situation it has created. Guys like Swarbrick will blame their failings all on the kids for having the uppity hubris of actually asking to be cut in on some of the revenue.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    "Guys, an All-American level player is not going to pay his own way. If Trayce returns, he will be on full scholarship. And again — again — there is no big chess game going on here." - Said another man at a another site that surely has way more insight than any of us (minus a very select few) combined. This isn't meant to bash anyone, so please don't take it that way...just a quote I wanted to pass along that squashes this theory
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    I believe this is Jalen's first tweet and he already has 1,312 followers. My brother @MalikReneau
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    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Sean McNeil has started his official visit at IU.
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    Would be hilarious if Pack went elsewhere
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    Who knew that JG playing the wing would be more polarizing than Dane Fife.
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    College Bball Thread

    As shocking as the news is, I just hope that Wright isn't stepping down because of family or health issues. Really admire and respect what he's done. It's a loss for college basketball that he'll no longer be coaching.
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    From what we've heard so far, that is what they have went to work on since the season ended. In terms of Reneau coming in, that's really not real relevant IMO if TJD comes back......he'd still be behind Race and TJD, and last year being behind them only got him 13 minutes of court time per game. Bottom line, he doesn't have to be the starting 3 to get more time on the court.....getting even 10 minutes/game at the 3 increases his court time. Just my opinion, but if someone like McNeil were to commit to IU and IU wanted to 'show someone the door', it should be Kopp. We've seen him log 900 minutes with us. It's a pretty low ceiling. And regardless of Leal being nothing more than bench fodder next year, have to remember that when Archie Miller was fired, the two guys that immediately stated they were not leaving were Leal and Galloway. If you are looking to build a culture, loyalty is certainly pretty big.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I’m all for Kopp moving on.
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    yeah, that's what I heard. PU was told this morning that they're 'not in the ballpark' when it comes to NIL.
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    College Bball Thread

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    Kinda reminds me how I considered dating Natalie Portman in my younger days