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    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    Hearing Miami did not blow him away, another guy told me that IU has a verbal and Page should be announcing anytime. Take it for what it's worth. This guy has not steered me wrong and does not give out much unless he feels GREAT about it
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    Definitely disappointing to me. I was really hoping for the Lawrence Welk Tribute Band.
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    IUBB Pro Day

    Having a Pro Day where NBA scouts and the like watch a private team workout is common at big time programs; IU will have a Pro Day the morning of Hoosier Hysteria. All NBA teams will be invited to attend. A few initial takeaways: Because it's Hoosier Hysteria Day, it is a great way to impress upon recruits that IU can maximize their NBA opportunities. Mike Woodson is hooked into the NBA community like no other college coach (maybe Juwan Howard is the only other guy nationally that could compare). Armond Hill had a 17 year career as an NBA Assistant until last year. He will also be able to generate NBA attendance. If Woody is making this happen, I'm guessing it's because Woody is damn sure that he can get plenty of NBA representatives to attend. Woody: "C'mon Doc and Thibs, I know you don't wanna know about Michael Shipp, but you owe me one and cigars and bourbon are on me that weekend." Woody: "Guys, this is Andrae Patterson, the Assistant GM for the Trailblazers. He used to be really effective on this floor." Hulls: "Guys, this is Will Sheehey, the Assistant Video Coordinator for the Golden State Warriors. He used to be really effective on sorority row."
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    Last year hurt because our guys seemed to quit. The 2022 Hoosiers may not be great, but they did not quit. I admire this.
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    Daddy, does that mean the Hoosiers will be ranked? shut up kid. You ain’t from my blood if you that dumb! lol
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    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Ill see what is going on this after the weekend. This is a good sign if he's going for a round 2 already. The kid calls it btown on twitter, he knows the land, and i think he will be wearing our colors.
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    Hopefully groin surgery doesn't taint his career
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    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    To be fair to Archie…… Yes, we lost to ISU by 21 but then massively improved to the point that we only lost to Fort Wayne by 20.
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    IU Scott

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    Watching Assembly Call last night and they were talking about recruiting. Coach Tonsoni was talking about how our fan base needs to relax and stop overreacting about recruiting
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    What a game. Quick thoughts from the stands, Bazelak throws a very catchable ball and IU hasn’t necessarily had that in a while. That deep ball was beautiful. The receivers are most certainly an upgrade over what has been here recently. The oline is still hot garbage. And will cause the offense to look like it too unfortunately. I thought the play calling overall was better than Sheridan. Just hard to gauge with how bad the line is. The defense struggled, but def looked more like a Tom Allen defense and made timely plays. BIG win. LEO
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    Could a new direction in B1G officiating be on the horizon?
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    On September 12, 2022 at 10:23am, Stuhoo broke the prediction pool forever.
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    Maybe Naas needs an NIL friendly one year mentorship by a father figure coach with an NBA background? As Hova would say….”asking for a friend.”
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    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Just phenomenal content here from the social team. Watching this video also made me realize that his old man quick flick follow through (?) we saw last season in pregame isn’t new.
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    Not a shock, but Micah has made the Giants' 53.
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    It’s Gucci with Me. My kids like G Herbo. Lol. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
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    Hey let’s get on with it stripes. No one is enjoying themselves here. This is a root canal dressed up as a football game.
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    The IU faithful win out. @Hovadipo, @mamasa and I were one point from a perfect game. The first two along with @IU Scottgot Illinois' score right while @WayneFleekHoosier and I got IU's score right. Rank IU/Illinois Points 1 LIHoosier 134 2 Hovadipo 134 3 mamasa 134 4 WayneFleekHoosier 132 5 IU Scott 132 6 Dave from Dayton 123 7 ALASKA HOOSIER 120 8 IUc2016 118 9 Joe_hoopsier 118 10 LamarCheeks 118 11 Demo 117 12 MemphisHoosier 116 13 VPC 116 14 patrickmorriso9 113 15 craigyv88 113 16 Stuhoo 112 17 Loaded Chicken Sandwich 110 18 Chris007 109 19 thebigweave 103 20 IU - Kaulie 101 21 johnsoniu 66 22 Naturalhoosier 63 23 Josh 62 24 Napleshoosier 62 25 Old Friend 62 26 Class of '66 Old Fart 61 27 ClusterHead 61 28 DChoosier 59
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    This feels like a classic Indiana football team: Tries hard, coin flip games against the other worst teams in the B1G, good enough to hang with the big-boy teams for 2 1/2 quarters before fading. Five-ish wins. Scraping for a bowl and coming up just short. Also— as bad as the o line is, we are in desperate need for a running back that can push the pile. We will turn into a 50 passes a game team every game unless a young rb is miraculously good. Good on Walt Bell! He seemed to recognize our deficiencies and still put 23 points up. I feel like with Sheridan we wouldn’t have had a chance last night. What the hell is up with Carpenter’s shotgun snaps? They were so loopy soft it seemed like Connor had 1/2 second less on every pass. With this team the buildup to basketball season is gonna be amazing.
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    How about Cam Camper? I think we got a major gem there.
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    Great last drive. What the **** was up with the announcers? You'd think that one call was the only questionable call all game, Our kicker got planted on his first kick off the night and no fllag was thrown. Last drive of the first half there were two obvious pass interferences Illinois got away with. The game winning drive Illinois had 3 extra guys on the field and they picked up the flag. But the announcers were pushing hard that the one call was the only questionable one.
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    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    This is the best possible outcome. A beginning of the week visit, and not during a big football weekend.
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    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    Man, I’m a huge Romeo fan. He completely performed his one year here. And it’s difficult to quantify what the non-court related value was. The kid was HUGE. He paved the way for TJD to come. He was a spark to Archie’s hire. And I’m guessing he didn’t get near what guys of his talent are paid now.
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    College Football Thread

    I truly don’t know how: A) Sean Clifford is still at PSU 2) They haven’t found someone better than Sean Clifford at PSU
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    IU guy knocks PUke guy off the roster. Love it. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Detroit-Lions-waive-QB-David-Blough-sign-free-agent-Nate-Sudfeld-reports-192340791/?fbclid=IwAR1FtyoiP13BGQ5S5n4ipp5AgAW5neBt7nxK98dUmlm66le_b0--05sIW_o