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    BOOM - We have a commitment. https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/Mike-Woodson-and-Indiana-land-coveted-guard-Tamar-Bates-164379494/
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    “I’m excited to play for such a historic program when you are talking about people like coach Bobby Knight and as much as they have won. I’m just trying to go there and add to what they have there now because they have some really good players. The goal is to bring Indiana basketball back to where it was and I’m going to go in with that same mentality to carry it on.” "Kids don't know who Bobby Knight is" -- Trish
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    Mike Schumann @ The Daily Hoosier @daily_hoosier If you like Indiana's new backcourt trio of Bates, Stewart and Johnson, well, that's all Kenya Hunter. Pretty impressive run for Hunter, and it's clear why IU prioritized keeping him on staff.
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    What? They had to drag me away from college life kicking and screaming
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    hey y’all, just wanted to come on and give my thoughts on the newest addition to the IUBB family; Miller “Lite” Kopp. from what i heard at my brunch with Coach Woodson this morning, the kid shoots it like fu*king Wally Szczerbiak.. we were in dire need of snipers, and Morning Wood delivered.. barrels off to him. as for Miller Lite, i’m predicting he comes in and wets that hoe at an 87% clip; and if he doesn’t, i’m gonna’ give his sister the Ricky Special. - Barrel Rick, 2021
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    I think this quote from Kopp on Woody says it all. If this translates to on court success, we may be in for a wild ride.
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    Next Year’s Roster

    Haven't been as active on here the last few days. Wife and I welcomed our baby girl into this world this morning! I am super pumped about the addition of Tamar and Miller. I think both have a massive impact on the team next year. Tamar is a steal. I think he can be this teams best player in a few seasons. Miller is the kind of player IU has needed lately. I'll see how the dominoes fall in the B1G but I really do think IU has a chance next year to be very good. I think for now the IU news is going to slow down. I have a big recruiting battle of my own-my wife is a UK fan. Going to have to convince by daughter to root for IU!!!
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    I sculpted and glazed this clay caricature of Coach Woodson....My favorite part is his hi-top, Adidas “All-Stars”.
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    Capt. Crimson

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    lol quickest recruitment thread of all time?
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    Next Year’s Roster

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    I had heard his major was in agriculture studies with a minor in law enforcement. He was torn between running the family grain operation or continuing in law enforcement. Kind of torn between being a miller or a cop.
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    Woody may not appear as an overly dynamic speaker in a public setting but he must be a wizard in the 1 on 1 conversations with recruits and their families. From the post-commitment comments we've seen he's being pretty open and honest about pointing out deficiencies and laying out a specific plan to make the kid a much better player. It's not yet been confirmed, but I've even heard he sold @ALASKA HOOSIER 10 freezers. lol
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    Mike Woodson and Indiana land coveted guard Tamar Bates By ERIC BOSSI 116 minutes ago When Shaka Smart made the move from Texas to Marquette, four-star shooting guard Tamar Bates opened up his recruitment. That move opened the door for Indiana and new coach Mike Woodson to make a run. Monday morning, Bates confirmed to 247Sports that he has committed to Indiana. “I’m going to Indiana to play for coach Mike Woodson," Bates told 247Sports.com. Woodson's own history as a player and experience coaching in the NBA made an impression on the 6-foot-5 native of Kansas City (Kans.) who spent his senior year at Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy, but Bates felt what Woodson and his staff can do for him off the floor was more important than anything else. “Past his own decorated personal achievements and accolades, he just stressed how important it was that he make me better as a man," said Bates. "Me and my family felt that being around him and the staff that he’s put together that they would be able to continue to build my mental capacity and just help me grow as a young man. “I’m going to be with them for a pretty important portion of my life and that was the one thing that was really important to us, being around a group of men that are going to build me and have my best interests first.” Currently ranked No. 60 in the 247Sports top 150 and No. 56 in the industry generated 247Sports Composite, Bates is coming off a strong senior season where he was often times the best player on a loaded IMG team. He is an attacking two guard who can get to the rim, shoots well from deep, is an alert passer and has a long and wiry frame that will easily carry more muscle. He's as intense a competitor as there is in high school basketball and brings the defensive intensity as well. His future head coach thinks he'll be a fit. “(Coach Woodson) just said that in terms of me personally that I fit his coaching philosophy and that’s just getting to it on both ends of the floor," said Bates. "Playing really good defense and then having a spaced, fast paced, ball screen setting offense. He wants to implement a lot of NBA stuff in our offense, and we are going to have to buy in to playing defense and that’s not a problem for me, I enjoy defense.” While Bates is as intense as they come on the floor, he wants Hoosier fans to know that he's a fun-loving kid off the court with a big personality. “They should just know first that I’m a really good person off the court and I’m somebody that when I come into a room, I’m going to have a smile on my face and want to everybody else around me to as well," said Bates. "People might see the way that I play and think I might be uptight or not want to talk to anybody. But off the court I’m that goofy dude, it is like a switch flips when I play basketball, I’m two totally different people.” Bates joins a class that is a mixture of high school prospects and transfers. Big man Logan Duncomb is also a four-star prospect while Pittsburgh point guard Xavier Johnson and UT-Martin wing Parker Stewart are two of the top transfers of this cycle. Bates is excited to lace them up in Bloomington and looks forward to helping but Indiana basketball back on the map. “I’m excited to play for such a historic program when you are talking about people like coach Bobby Knight and as much as they have won. I’m just trying to go there and add to what they have there now because they have some really good players. The goal is to bring Indiana basketball back to where it was and I’m going to go in with that same mentality to carry it on.”
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    Woodson and staff just got a top 60 commitment where the kid could of followed the coach that he committed to first to Marquette(they would of made room for him). Not sure we should worry about whether he can recruit. Lol. Congrats to the staff and to Tamar
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    Staff didn’t want a big man. They basically let Brunk walk. We shall see how it works out but Woodsons plan is to make other teams adjust to his team not the other way around.
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    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Wow. Just wow. I remember a pm that a very excellent poster and I had when Woody's name first came up and a lot of people were trashing him--the other poster knows Woody's family and I was doing a whole lot of research. Our collective takeaway? "Why the hell didn't Indiana hire Mike Woodson five or thirteen years ago."
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    iu eyedoc

    New addition recurring theme

    Not sure if by design or just coincidence, but all of CMW's additions to the roster have similar mental make up and playing attitude. XJ, TB, MC Highly competitive Vocal leaders After hours, any hour of the day type hard workers. Sounds like there may be some loud jawing 3 on 3 at Cook Hall at 1am next year. I think CMW wants to turn the team into a bunch of fire breathing never let up hell hounds. But I'm not excited or anything like that.
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    College Bball Thread

    As I have said before and know to be true. The way the job was described to Archie and the way the job was after taking the job was two different things. I don't know the situation with Gelon but I do know that he was told to keep the three recruits Crean had, try not to have any transfers, and was told no in bringing in McKinley Wright.
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    It’s just insane what this staff has done in the last few weeks Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Tom? Is that you?
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    As a junior, he averaged 22.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 2.0 steals per game. Bates was a 44 percent three-point shooter who shot 58 percent from the floor overall and 88 percent from the free-throw line in 2019-20. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/class-of-2021-guard-tamar-bates-commits-to-indiana/ Yasir Rosemond @Coach_Ya It’s a GREAT day to be a Hoosier
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    Tamar Bates @tbates_11 Being number 2 is just being the first to lose. This one for you Hoosier Nation let’s rock.