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    Two notes: 1. At his age, we should encourage Old Fart for remembering something he did last week. 2. The picture above isn't Old Fart....it's his son.
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    5/20/24 nothing to worry about with Mullins, many other offers will come in; expecting UConn, Duke & Tennessee in the coming weeks. he’s got his mind made up.
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    Actually it does. You can choose to simply not read and respond. The majority of the posters in this thread have made it quite clear what their feelings are and I much prefer having those feelings condensed in one thread than being populated in every other thread we have.
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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Mods mods please shut down all the threads I disagree with but spend all my time in
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    Many many thanks to @hohohoosiers311 for keeping the board up to date on this recruitment and giving us just a little bit of scoop from a position of knowledge!! IMO Langdon Hatton is a fantastic addition—geared toward what we need and a realistic get that can fill a role and make an impact! GO HOOSIERS AND CONGRATS LANGDON!!
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    Hatton family in Bloomington!
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    Trust me, the Bellarmine campus schedule didn’t dictate when the Hatton family was getting to Bloomington. Langdon was ready to run to IU when Woodson called. This kid wants to be a Hoosier!
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    Yessir! By EOD Wednesday hopefully
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    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    As opposed to all the other threads that are solving world problems?
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    Good, he just committed
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    Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    Prayer Thread

    We got great news on Friday! Results from the PET scan came back and the cancer hasn't spread to my lymph nodes! So now we get to move on to the easier treatment and kick it to the curb quickly! Thank you everyone for the prayers! GOD IS GREAT!
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    I must have missed some action in here today with live Spring sports season. Unfortunately, Woody has a ton to.prove at the collegiate level. The basketball community at large views him as a middle at best power 5 coach or lower. Maybe that’s unfair but so far that’s what my eyes say. The beautiful thing is he has the resources and roster to prove his acumen or the opposite. I can tell ya for certain, I ain’t rooting against him. Let’s blow the roof off this mother and win 30.
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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I don’t believe in curses but a program making terrible decision after terrible decision is definitely alive and has brought the program to this point
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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    We’re paying top 15-20 coaching money while getting top 40-50 results the last 3 years. Underperform and get overpaid, seems like the IU way
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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    People that support Woodson are hedging their bets because they have all watched the same **** as us. With the roster he has put together we should be thinking that we have a BIG title contender and a BIG title contender should be a team capable of doing things in March. People are bringing up 5, 6, and 7 seeds because in the back of their mind they believe Mike Woodson is a net negative as a coach. That isn't enough to get him fired because reasons, but it should be at the point where you question your $10+ million investment into the coach and staff (that is including NIL). If he can't make any noise with a $6 million payroll, he should be told retire and say you got us back on track or we will fire you. To me it is put up or shut up time. The staff was running their mouths in social media through burner accounts. They had people show up places like here to defend the totally awesome job they were doing. The portal is the wave of the future we were told. Mike just needed to get his type of players in here. Cool. That has happened. Now you gotta win dude. You came here to win titles, that doesn't happen if you are struggling your way to 6 seeds and lower. People just covering for the fact that the job he has done to this point has been mediocre at best given the resources. And all this stupid @$$ comparing to past coaches is beyond dumb. No other coach at Indiana has ever had a multimillion dollar payroll to fill out his roster. There is no comparison.
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    I love that Woody has some recruiting ‘Swag and Bag’ and we get to watch a lot of really talented players. The type of talent I’ve long wanted to watch in Indiana candystripes. But I also want to see fundamental basketball but even moreso, exciting basketball. Transition play. Let it fly early on good looks. Some back cuts. Some action on off-ball screens. Some Troy Williams-esque baseline cuts. If i never see another pumpfake 21.5 foot 2 pointer I’d be a happy guy. Let’s see some playmaking. Go Hoosiers! I want Woody to win the whole damn thing 3 years straight and sail off into retirement as the GOAT.
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    God is good! Let’s gooooooo!!!!
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    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I love to hear when recruits want to be at IU. He will represent the university well.
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    Exactly what we need. Another Hoosier Hoosier!
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    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Lol… I remember going to a local alumni event when he was first hired and he was making the rounds. I took my father who knows a little something about sales having done it for several decades at a F400 company. Afterwards I remember my dad saying, “I have no idea if he can coach basketball but he has a future in sales if he wants it.” I throw Crean in with Davis: maddening when they’re the coach which makes them hard to like in the moment. But as more time passes I can’t help but sort of like them as people. It’s not a sin to take on a job bigger than you and come up a little short. Crean specifically seems like he still supports the program to a degree.
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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Not so much. I think I was pretty clear... "I BLAME THE STAFF" for last year's roster construction. Roster construction is a staff responsibility. Trey Galloway was our best guard last year and it wasn't really close. Nothing against Trey, who plays his @$$ off for IU, but that is a massive staff failure. In my opinion, we have rectified the big staff failure from last year (roster construction). Therefore I think I was again pretty clear; "if it's clear like last year that we (do) not have success? Then this coaching staff couldn't win with an optimal roster. That's conclusively bad news."
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    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I’d give #13 to the hardest working Sr walk on as a big thanks!
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    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    He’s probably better than Archie, but he does have two big advantages that no other IU coach has had. What would Woodson look like without the transfer portal and NIL? He’s sitting at 31-29 in the Big 10 with it. Without it, he’d likely be a total disaster given his halfhearted recruiting efforts.