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  1. LEO is entirely about accountability. Time to practice what we preach.
  2. No chance they were successful.
  3. Wonder if the student section can get to Kirkwood before OSU gets 40.
  4. That was a hell of a gutsy drive. Have to make 3rd downs easier or eliminate them.
  5. Hovadipo

    College Football Thread

    UCLA is in an absolutely insane game and you’d think the Rose Bowl crowd was watching a funeral procession.
  6. Hovadipo

    College Football Thread

    OK State just got boned on a 4th down spot.
  7. Hovadipo

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Team hair quality just went through the roof.
  8. Hovadipo

    Music Thread

    Sounds like daughter gave boyfriend some study material before meeting dad!
  9. Hovadipo

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    Don’t worry about it. It’s just a knockoff graphic from Hoosier Network.
  10. Hovadipo

    College Football Thread

    Retweet. This game is fantastic.
  11. Hovadipo

    College Football Thread

    Wednesday night Fun Belt action could be the game of the week: Coastal Carolina at App State.
  12. Hovadipo

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    We’re 4 minutes into the Pacers season and I’m ready to eat my words and kiss Chris Duarte right on the lips. Edit: 12 minutes into the Pacers season and I’m googling his address to send him flowers and a love note. Maybe the dorks will help me write him a song.
  13. Hovadipo

    College Bball Thread

    I can’t fathom a world in which TJD isn’t all-B1G, Robert.
  14. Hovadipo

    College Bball Thread

    That’s gotta be one of the harder conferences to do a preseason poll for. It seems like every year, the top 1-2 are pretty obvious and the rest of the league is complete chaos. Evansville was widely picked last last season and I think they finished 5th?