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  1. Sounds awful familiar to a hilariously frustrating-to-watch PG that just transferred from Illinois.
  2. Hovadipo

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    The Pacers are going to be awful, but they're going to be VERY fun to watch. I'm really excited for the season to get started. Idk if I'm fully onboard the Lose Manana for Wembanyama train, but they should add another serious piece or two next summer in the draft and be ready to compete in 23-24.
  3. Hovadipo

    College Football Thread

    At this point you could probably get his attention with water you can see through.
  4. Hovadipo

    College Football Thread

    Colorado fired Dorrell today too. He’s getting about $9mil. I’m telling you guys, not enough kids strive to be a fired revenue sport college coach.
  5. Vibes are bad. That game was fun for a while and then it was very much not.
  6. For all my Chicago Bears sickos around these parts, Malachi is the nephew of fan favorite Earl Bennett.
  7. His cadence alone has added a good 20 minutes to this game.
  8. My guide has the postgame show starting right now, yet here we are starting the 4th quarter. Free football!
  9. This 2nd half is very reminiscent of the Illinois 2nd half. Living in our own endzone against an opposing offense that can’t get out of its own way.
  10. Head is thick. That shoulder is gonna be in rough shape.
  11. I’ve never seen a ref talk over the PA this much in my life. It’s wild.
  12. That’s one hell of a pick but I think it might turn into a coffin corner interception.
  13. Looked like Shivers would still be running if he just dumped it out of the backfield early on. Instead he got Swinton cut in half and they get the ball in FG range.