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  1. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    The first things y’all should do when considering a coach is to look up his age, his salary, and his buyout IMO.
  2. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Well then FOOTBALL SCHOOL! Now that's some realistic optimism.
  3. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    ummmm....I think the Celtics are up by one with 0.0 seconds left in the fourth quarter lol. Ask Hoosier Guy: he tried the "If I say it enough it will come true" strategy four years ago. Now he's a "get me a decent coach" kinda guy.
  4. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    IMO Pearl is nucking futs. I don't mean Knight/Keady/McCaffery screaming at a bad call nuts; I mean red-faced, sweating, hyperventilating all game long. Good coach but I get exhausted watching him. Dude is gonna stroke out on the sideline one of these days.
  5. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I think his point was that Archie is a basketball junkie and an obsessive student of the game. Doesn’t mean he can get kids to execute his concepts.
  6. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Fair enough, but you do realize Matta is the only one on that list that we have more than a crazy low shot at?
  7. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I heard the podcast on the brink with Galen Clavio, and he made a good point about Archie. Said that Archie is far more a basketball coach than the head of a program. At IU you need to be both.
  8. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    You really think that guys like Kruger and Cooley are middle of the line coaches? Very much disagree—those guys are both proven successes at top tier conferences.
  9. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Kruger is very good, but he’s 68. To me that’s a disqualifier. Cooley is 51.
  10. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    If he was at his dream school he wouldn’t have gone to the final two for the UM job. He’s “gettable” and he’d be a freakin awesome hire. My new number one choice. With some IU guy like Roberts or Lewis on the bench. Give me Ed Cooley
  11. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Crean was plenty accomplished. His entire problem was “weirddudeness” Cooley wins at Providence with middling talent against teams with better talent and bigger budgets. He’s a notably great guy and competes hard. He almost had the UM job so he’s willing to move. He’s not a “sexy” choice but I could give a flying fig about that. Give me Ed Cooley. He will win at IU.
  12. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Give me Ed Cooley. He was thisclose to getting the Michigan job over Howard. Price is fine, he’s only 51, and he is a special kind of really good guy.
  13. Stuhoo

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Cause he’s at a blue blood making $4 million per year
  14. Stuhoo

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    I think Ed Cooley could do really well at IU. Add him to my list.