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  1. Stuhoo

    (2021) SF Bryce Hopkins

    Dad makes it easy to root for the young man.
  2. Stuhoo

    (2021) SF Bryce Hopkins

    I think most expected him to commit to UK already. That he has not has to say something.
  3. Stuhoo

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    The National Bank of Egypt?
  4. Stuhoo

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Don’t hate on the Heateroonies!
  5. Stuhoo

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

  6. Stuhoo

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    If the Heat win, you have to change your profile picture to a Matt Painter pic for a week. If the Lakers win, mdn82 has to change his profile pic to Matt Painter for a week.
  7. Stuhoo

    Anyone do any Overlanding?

    Holy **** that's cool!
  8. Stuhoo

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Yeah, me too. Does "hospitalization" equate to overnight hospital stay? That would be a positive stat, though 48,000 positives in the community that "feel okay" are less likely to quarantine effectively. Get me a vaccine relatively soon and I'll feel better about the whole stinking, confusing situation.
  9. Stuhoo

    College Football Thread

    Penix looking healthy and sharp out there Aloha?
  10. Stuhoo

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    The Heat absolutely can beat the Lakers. Much of winning in the NBA is about matchups, and the Heat have two perfectly oriented defenders for LeBron and Davis. Jae Crowder is so well situated for LeBron, and Odebayo is perfect for Davis. Dwight Howard has been a difference maker against Denver, but was a non-factor against Houston because he has trouble on the perimeter. Howard probably won't play as much, and I can't imagine him having to consistently find Crowder or Olynyk at the three point line. Miami's offense has Houston's shooters, but with two guys that are physical at the rim--Odebayo and Butler. Unlike Denver, Miami has five capable scorers on the court at almost all times (four when Iguadola or Jones play). LeBron will have to chase a shooter, or will be with Butler, who gets similar star treatment by picking up lots of fouls on the guy defending him. Dragic and Herro are both on an incredible roll. Danny Green can only guard one of them. I expect the Lakers to go back to their small lineup without McGee or Howard. However, when they do so, they are playing Miami's style against a team that has become very, very good at that style. When the Lakers went small aganst Houston, they were still the bigger team, and the only team that defended. Against Miami, when they go small they: are not the bigger team, both teams will defend, and Miami will have far better shooters. The Heat still have to get past Boston--I though that Boston was an awful match-up for Miami, but they're getting the job done in a big way right now. Against the Lakers? Heat in five or six.
  11. O'Hare, my friend. And send an extra sentry to Midway just in case.
  12. Stuhoo

    (2021) SF Bryce Hopkins

    UK Texas Illinois ?????
  13. Today, Billy Donovan was spotted house hunting on Lake Shore Drive. Billy D to da Bulls!