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  1. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    Well then … Kentucky basketball this week:
  2. What makes you think we're in contact with Reeves? He would make some sense, but I haven't seen anything that indicates we've reached out to him.
  3. Stuhoo

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    Hey brother, enough pussyfooting around here. This is the Dayton to IUBB critical mass moment… Get out there on the streets of Dayton and find out whether Mongolian Mike will soon be MongolianHoosier Mike!
  4. Stuhoo

    (2025) - C Layla Hays

    Whatever it takes, AlaskaTrillyHoosierDonovan, whatever it takes.
  5. Stuhoo

    (2025) - C Layla Hays

    How about instead of "doing the best you can" you do the best that someone else can? Amirite?
  6. My full line, in context, was: "Trey as the incumbent/favorite, and Mike S, CJ, and Jakai (in that order) as the challengers." CJ Gunn and Jakai Newton are talented players; one never knows how they can develop and impact the team.
  7. He Instagram follows Mack Mgbako and Gabe Cupps (obviously lol). No new IU Instagram follows or followers.
  8. Stuhoo

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    They were pissed before the Fairleigh Dickinson game:
  9. If we got him we'd have a four way battle for the starting SG spot, with Trey as the incumbent/favorite, and Mike S, CJ, and Jakai (in that order) as the challengers. Trey would be the best 20-25 mpg sixth man ever.
  10. Stuhoo

    (2024) - SG Jaeden Mustaf

    Wouldn't surprise me if he's our first for 2024. He constantly gushes about IU with knowledge, Kenya has ties to his AAU program, and his dad and Woody might have an NBA relationship. Love that his family moved away from Maryland - they were thought to be the primary competition when his family lived there.
  11. Stuhoo

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Off-season thread derail red alert!
  12. "He's a national treasure" and he's got IU in his final five for portal transfer. Highly recommend that you watch the video:
  13. Stuhoo

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Don't squeeze the Charmin.
  14. Stuhoo

    (2024) - Patrick Ngongba II

    It took me two minutes into the video to figure out whether he's left or right handed. And he's got a TJD-quick post first step. And on defense I saw him visibly directing traffic and calling out teammates. So wow.
  15. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    And their schedule will no longer include double plays against the entire bottom half of the conference. And it is unlikely that will go a second straight season without losing one minute to injuries.. F ‘em.