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    Lover of all things Shonda Rhimes. Grew up an IU fan but support some other teams. Lover of college basketball and softball.

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  1. OliviaPope40

    Music Thread

    Rest In Peace Tina Turner. Song got used for the slide show for my grandma's funeral with pictures of her and grandpa.
  2. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    She didn't like him as a coach but she wouldn't like him knowing this.
  3. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    Was it I forgot which one.
  4. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    They've been the Big East basement for a long time. I remember reading an article by David Woods who talked about the move to the Big East didn't make sense given that Butler does not have as large of an endowment as say a Georgetown or another school with the same endowment. Even their move to the A10 didn't make much sense. They also didn't have many tournament chances in the Horizon but don't know what conference they should be in.
  5. Does he have eligibility left to take a COVID year?
  6. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    My grandma did not like Huggy.
  7. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    His block in the Elite Eight was a godsend.
  8. OliviaPope40

    2023 NCAA Softball Tournament

    Had chances earlier in the game to score can't have bases loaded and get nothing out of it.
  9. OliviaPope40

    2023 NCAA Softball Tournament

    The shortstop is the niece of one of the people who is the executive medical director of the company I use to work for.
  10. OliviaPope40

    2023 NCAA Softball Tournament

    Next game will be very very tough but how about FSU wow. The only tournament other than March Madness that never fails.
  11. OliviaPope40

    2023 NCAA Softball Tournament

    Tennessee is a very good and dangerous team as I have seen throughout the season. Shocking upset of the night is UCLA losing to Liberty coached by a UCLA alum who was an orthopedic surgeon very good in her own right. Even some of the UCLA coaches are good in their own right their assistant coach is probably one if not the best pitcher in the game.
  12. OliviaPope40

    Prayer Thread

    Have a cousin who this week found out that he has synovial sarcoma localized in his lung will have to have chemo and surgery to remove the tumor he is not yet 40 only 39.
  13. OliviaPope40

    NBA Thread

    Ja Morant is just plain stupid.
  14. OliviaPope40

    2023 NCAA Softball Tournament

    My apologies 4 I forgot Nebraska. Alabama as the five is interesting to me.