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    Lover of all things Shonda Rhimes. Grew up an IU fan but support some other teams. Lover of college basketball and softball.

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  1. OliviaPope40

    Player decisions

    This was my thought too.
  2. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    All the guys on here must really be jealous of that last bit of news.
  3. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    Wonder if Arizona got wind of some stuff from the FBI investigation or maybe it was something else.
  4. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    Girl from Arizona in the end had chances to pass the ball in the lane for the last shot.
  5. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    Gordon Hayward's shot was what Jalen Sugg's shot was suppose to look like.
  6. Hopefully the rest of the portal players will fall in line.
  7. OliviaPope40

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    I saw his name too
  8. OliviaPope40

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Good source tells me Larry Brown loves Shaprio's Deli specifically the pastrami on rye.
  9. OliviaPope40

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    The IPFW game I believe his first year maybe.
  10. OliviaPope40

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    Need better shot selection.
  11. After having watched a replay of his press conference I'm kind of excited.
  12. OliviaPope40

    Player decisions

    We really could use Race. Wonder what guys like Brunk decide to do?
  13. Thad Matta will be a very good edition to the staff I'm curious to see who else he gets.
  14. OliviaPope40

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    The game before ours should be interesting two of the tournament favorites most likely to win it all.