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  1. IUFAN1976

    IUBB vs Marshall - 11/27/21 @ 7:00 on BTN

    I think Durr will be fine, he still trying to get into shape. I think he will give us valuable minutes during the B10 season.
  2. IUFAN1976

    Will Indiana be ranked tomorrow?

    Even though I think we will win, let’s not count our chickens before they hatched! Marshall is decent and could give a nice test! We should not overlook this team!
  3. IUFAN1976

    College Bball Thread

    I was thinking the same thing! We have lived this nightmare the last 4 years.
  4. For us to matchup with Purdue depth wise, we will have to play 9-10 players. Also, that is an advantage against teams, it allows to play fast and wear teams down, IMO.
  5. IUFAN1976

    IUBB vs Louisiana - 11/21/21 @ 7:30 on BTN

    When I was watching the game, I never saw that play developing and when it did, wow what just happen. Leal sprinting and Lander reading him and making a perfect pass. Just great execution. You can tell those two have played a lot of bball together
  6. IUFAN1976

    IUBB vs Louisiana - 11/21/21 @ 7:30 on BTN

    He played well and with more playing time, the TO’s will come down
  7. IU down to 10 scholarship players for tonight’s game. Trey Galloway is out indefinitely having wrist surgery. Rob Phinesee suffered a calf injury in the St. John’s game, will miss tonight’s game. Lastly, Logan Duncomb has been suspended for 3 games violating team rules. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-down-to-10-scholarship-players-for-sunday-game-vs-louisiana/
  8. IUFAN1976

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    Cupps has one of the most fundamental shooting forms that i haven’t seen since Steve Alford. He is going to help us out a lot and will most likely be a 4 year player
  9. I think that’s what everyone will see under CMW, improvement throughout the year! That is something we didn’t see much of under CAM and CTC, improvement during the year.
  10. I say you are spot on! Lander will get the majority of the minutes when teams press us instead of Phinesee. Also, Phinesee has to quit dribbling so much because the ball sticks! His minutes will go down significantly if doesn’t correct that.
  11. IUFAN1976

    Things to like about this team so far:

    The effort is much better, the motion offense, and had man-to-man defense. Also, how CMW has assembled his staff from various regions. I think it allows him to recruit in more areas than just the Midwest!
  12. We definitely need to work on our FT shooting but I think our 3 point shooting is slightly getting better and it will continue to get better. I know the D has improved and the effort level. Are there still holes in this team, yes but all those can still improve. Give it about 8 games and see where we are, then evaluate this team and staff.
  13. I agree, we would have lost that game last year. Are there things that need to improve, heck yes! I think our 3 point shooting will continue to improve, we had about 4 go down in and back out, those will start dropping. Our free throws leave a lot to be desired! CMW will have to get that to improve. Johnson is sort of a loose cannon. I hope he can get him in check too! overall we beat a good team and there is a lot to be optimistic about. Let’s see what we look like after about 8 games!
  14. I think Kopp and Stewart will score double figures!