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  1. Like it or not, he’s playing a 10 man rotation and it’s obvious you don’t want him to play 10 guys. Well he’s the coach and in CMW I trust plus he has the personnel to play a 10 man rotation
  2. I’m sorry, but CMW will play at least 10 and he will stay with it all year. He made a statement the other day that the 2nd 5 has played better than the 1st 5 and have beaten them on occasion.
  3. I agree! The one and done isn’t sustainable, IMO. Kensucky has had their issues of late. 2 years and a lottery pick won’t hurt the recruiting either
  4. IUFAN1976

    Jay Edwards

    Then Calbert wouldn’t be the B10’s leading scorer.
  5. IUFAN1976

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    I agree! I think it will be Malik, Banks, with Logan coming off the bench, IMO. We aren’t desperate for another big, but it would be nice if we could obtain Page.
  6. IUFAN1976

    Jay Edwards

    I would put Edwards in the top 10 for and possibly top 5 scorers in IU history, me comparing him to May and Woodson was an example of that and a true compliment to his scoring abilities. As far as clutch, he was top 3 or the best. Even though a lot of people overlook him as a clutch scorer, Keith Smart could be up there as well. But Edwards was really good at it!
  7. IUFAN1976

    Jay Edwards

    He definitely could score the basketball and had a smooth stroke. I think Alford was a better shooter. Also, Woody and Scott May were as good as scorers but I would rate Edwards up there with them, he just didn’t play as long at IU as them
  8. IUFAN1976

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    I would like to see him pick IU, but his entire recruit just seems exhausting. I am sure most recruitments are like this and I can’t imagine what Woodson and staff go through for each and every recruitment
  9. IUFAN1976

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    That is not good! Looks like we will have to fill the front court void with a transfer from the transfer portal.
  10. IUFAN1976

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    I thought the same thing! Based on his size and skill set, he could be a strong candidate as a OAD! It will only help with him working with Chris Paul too!
  11. IUFAN1976

    IU Volleyball

    That’s true! Also, that’s funny!
  12. I know exactly what you meant. I agree, but his minutes will 12 to 16 minutes and most of them will be giving rest to TJD and Race. He may play some minutes at the 3 if the matchup exists but this team has too much competition at the wing position for him to get a lot of minutes at the 3
  13. That’s exactly what I was thinking when he was left off that list. If Trayce and Race get in foul trouble or need a few minutes to rest, he will come in and we won’t a significant drop off like we did with Durr
  14. I think they are underestimating his impact to this teams front court players.
  15. No Malik Reneau on that list? Really? Not even a mention.