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  1. J34

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    The replies are priceless!
  2. If I remember correctly, Antonio Gates was a member of that team.
  3. J34

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    What a trajectory CMW has us on! In 2 years, he has taken us to barely getting in the tournament, to a 4 seed. Without his starting PG. Make some noise men.
  4. I would think bringing back an all conference/american backcourt would be a good start. Guard play wins/loses championships.
  5. Don't disagree with any of that. But the other argument would be if he returns, they would be a national contender.
  6. J34

    Most depressing sports moment

    The news of Landon Turner. Young athletes dying suddenly in all of sports.(not normal)
  7. J34

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 2/28/23 @ 7:00 on ESPN2

    Is it as ugly on TV, as it is live? Wide open threes, uncontested layups, and overall lack of interest.
  8. J34

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    I believe their two best players are still out. Bueckers and Fudd?
  9. Love seeing Lilly play with confidence! She'll be very valuable down the line(cough,cough South Carolina). If not this year, then my hands down favorites next year. CTM is showing the country that she's not only a great X's & O's coach, but she can take a very talented player, and make them maximize their potential. Well rounded coach.
  10. 100% Weapons everywhere! CTM is building a culture of very talented, high iq, and quality character girls,who play for each other and the name on the front of their jersey! Great coach-Great program. IU WBB will be a National Champion soon.
  11. J34

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Jakai with the block against the #1 recruit in the country! https://twitter.com/SCNext/status/1622761821987041282?s=20&t=ISVLvJZ5kqYAynGNi7IBoA
  12. Imagine what his final numbers will be after one more year! A man can dream
  13. J34

    IUBB vs POTFB - Saturday, 2/4/23 @ 4:00 on ESPN

    Smith is a nice PG, but JHS everyday, and twice on Sunday. And perfectly happy about Cupps coming in and running my team as a freshmen, if needed. Smith is a perfect example.
  14. J34

    IUBB vs POTFB - Saturday, 2/4/23 @ 4:00 on ESPN

    Kaleb Banks will be a problem for opposing teams, in the future!