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  1. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Is the feel good part, about your wife being out of town, or the coaching situation
  2. J34

    NBA Thread

    Assembling quite the talent
  3. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    My thoughts as well lol
  4. J34

    College Bball Thread

    Oh what could have been lol
  5. J34

    College Bball Thread

    Dalton Knecht is a player!
  6. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    That's not dissing guys on stats, those were literally his stats. However, I will diss a 6th year, 24 year old man for the way he has represented this team/university with his dirty play and uncalled for actions. Leaders don't lead this way.
  7. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    X had 5 turnovers in 15 minutes, and was -12.
  8. It was definitely a luxury getting our freshmen and sophomores playing together the last 4-5 minutes.
  9. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    So almost 30 years
  10. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Nebraska in football
  11. J34

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Or you could turn on the IU women's games. Now that's good basketball, and still IU!
  12. J34

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Impressive! IU fans know good basketball when they see it.