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  1. Put them away early, and get the young guys more run!
  2. J34

    College Bball Thread

    If that's his standard, maybe Wayman Tisdale would've checked his boxes a little better. lol
  3. Great coach, Better human being!
  4. He's always reminded me more of a Malcolm Brogdon.
  5. Agree! Been waiting for a wing like him. A long, athletic, shot maker! Future looks bright.
  6. 100% His love for IU basketball is contagious! I could see him get into coaching, one day.
  7. J34

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    Exactly what I'm saying! Stay the same, don't improve, don't learn from their mistakes!
  8. J34

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    Change in stance? I almost literally said the same thing. I think it's wishful thinking that MK is going to improve on his 58% 3pt shooting. Maybe the conversation should be how our 6th year starting pf is playing around 20mpg and averaging 5pg, 35%fg, 50%ft, and 11%3 3fg. As far as getting better? That's why the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror! e&e
  9. J34

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    You're only as good as your last shot. When you bury a 3 and knock down 2 free throws in crunch time, that's winning basketball. The rest is paralysis by over analalys! On to the next one.
  10. J34

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    To say that's losing basketball, after a big road win, seems a little like wishful thinking. Not a huge MK fan myself, but the guy did score some crucial points down the stretch (=winning basketball). e & e
  11. Credit to the players, for still playing hard. Despite bad coaching, nothing on the line, and horrible weather