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  1. Home Jersey

    How Many IUFB Wins In 2024?

    CCC will have us bowling in year 1 (I think). Google him. Not sure where 6 wins all come from, but one being Purdue, would sure get his era off to a nice start.
  2. Home Jersey

    How Many IUFB Wins In 2024?

    I'm so f***ing excited for IUFB.
  3. Home Jersey

    Langdon Hatton 6’10” C to INDIANA

    Really nice addition to the roster. Glad it's official. Looking forward to watching him! I love that we have a good amount of kids who really "get it" in the locker room next year.
  4. Home Jersey

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I'm generally inclined to agree - particularly with your last sentence - but also that all high major coaches are going to have a pretty big ego and that's not by default a bad thing at all. Dan Hurley obsessed over no longer being the "third Hurley" and he's not done yet. They have a program motto at UConn "foot on the gas, then up their a$$" ... that reflects more arrogance to me than Woody's behavior. On the bold, I would not go so far as to call it an "inappropriate level" but I definitely understand the sentiment Hoosier2017/others have relative to this part: My turning point with Mike Woodson was when I drove through a monsoon to watch them at Rutgers despite a declared state of emergency in NJ, we played TERRIBLY and blew a winnable game to an awful team. Then in the post game, when asked a very simple question he gruffly barked about "I'm not going to explain myself to you or the fans." Not expecting him to break down the entire game in the press conference at all, but I'm not expecting the coach to totally blow off the fans when they need to hear a hopeful message. Personally the true fans commentary comes off as tone deaf/unnecessarily combative towards your own. Didn't offend me because I get he's a competitor and wants to stick it to the naysayers, just find the target a bit weird. IMO its more insecurity than arrogance. Look, he's our coach, and credit where it's due for him and the staff putting together a roster that is objectively better than last year's (not calling it perfect because it's not and I know people like to reference posts like this in a year's time and call people sunshine pumpers lol). I don't love the guy but I don't think he's the devil incarnate either. Just want to win, and win big, consistently. Nothing else matters. Odds look better for next year than this past one. But we can't win until we start playing games and that's not for a while. If anyone is spending considerable time being fixated with how much they believe CMW should not be the IUBB coach, may I suggest going for a 20-30 minute leisurely stroll around the block.
  5. Home Jersey

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Lol... this quieter news cycle part of the offseason sucks :/ People really doing senior night/"good person" discourse again? Long ways to go before the first tip-off next season... Weather app shows it looking pretty nice in Bloomington today/this weekend. Ah to be a college kid spending a summer there again.
  6. Home Jersey

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Hatton would be a nice pick up especially given the available options, seems like he'd be serviceable in a limited role. I agree with @WayneFleekHoosier 100% though in that we are just one injury away in the front court from being in the same position as this past year with the backcourt. That's just factual - in fact, it would be worse than losing XJ for an extended period IMO and frankly I don't see how that's debatable. Malik as your 5 for extended periods will have you on the wrong end of a scoring run, and then he'll get in foul trouble. How long will it take? Then it will be Hatton or Mack and 4 guards. Hope we don't end up asking him to do too much. In an ideal world we'd have a sophomore/junior/senior already on the roster who could rebound well and defend the post. I'd even take a senior Jordan Geronimo with Hatton as the final piece to the roster, and I know people will roast me for that take lol. Yes we're not going to add someone better than Hatton most likely at this point in the cycle... that doesn't mean front court depth isn't a valid concern.
  7. Home Jersey

    President Whitten - 2024 Faculty No Vote

    I also saw a sniper on campus at IU lol. Anyhow I'll go back to lurking
  8. Home Jersey

    President Whitten - 2024 Faculty No Vote

    Not going to debate anything... simply noting the "Hamas headscarf" you're referring to is literally something that's worn in arid climates for centuries by Arabs, Kurds, Yazidi, Iraqis, Turks, etc. to protect them from the sun and sand. It's got way more of a cultural meaning to people from the Middle East than the Palestinian identity it's been adopted by since the 60s. You could see any Middle Eastern person walking down the street wearing one and it means absolutely nothing about what they think about Jewish people or Israel.
  9. Home Jersey

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Okay, agree to disagree I guess. Ballo gets injured, Reneau playing significant time at the 5 = foul trouble galore and we are running out with NK and Mgbako as our 4 and 5. Good luck winning many games relying on them for defense down low in key moments. I'd prefer it being more balanced/more options in the front court... not going to be mad about Hemenway though if he comes here.
  10. Home Jersey

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Didn't say I was "worried" I said I don't love it. You're good running with just NK and Reneau at the 5 if Ballo gets injured and spends 6-8 weeks in the walking boot of doom?
  11. Home Jersey

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Meh. I'd rather have someone who can defend the post and rebound in that spot, but I won't cry about more shooting. Just better hope we don't have any injuries up front. I don't love Malik sliding over to the 5 only backed up by NK and then sliding Mgbako and Goode over to the 4 on an extended basis if there are injuries. Foul trouble can make things dicey too. It would give me more peace of mind knowing we have depth in the front court, that's all. For as much run as Hemenway is likely to get, I feel like we've more likely already got players on the roster who can hit 3s when we need them to than we have players who can defend in the post and rebound for a good amount of time in any given game.
  12. Home Jersey

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    People want a well balanced roster that can withstand injuries in the frontcourt and backcourt. Best to not overindex on fixing last years problem at the expense of creating a new one.
  13. Home Jersey

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Imagine playing 5 or 6 years of CBB only to finish with 0 degrees. Yikes
  14. Home Jersey

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Is there any chance he could petition based on only playing 10 games? Didn't XJ play 11 and get granted a 6th year? I know there was some technicality about % of total games the team played, but can't remember the threshold.
  15. Home Jersey

    IU Baseball vs Rutgers - April 26-28, 2024

    Back in the day, I remember going to the relatively newly named Bart Kaufman field with my then-girlfriend for a game vs. Rutgers where my very good childhood friend was playing catcher for RU (he later transferred to Villanova... good for him getting out of there!). He ran over to me from their dugout before the game. Couldn't chat for long but we wound up sitting with his parents who made the trip for the series. He had hardly been playing all year with back issues, but got a chance to play that day. First pitch he saw, he hit a 2-RBI double and pointed at us (his parents, obviously) in the crowd. You would have thought he hit a walk off in the World Series the way I was cheering, which I was playfully teased about for years lol. In the end, Indiana got the win though. So it was a perfect ballgame in this Hoosier fan's book. Before he left town I got a chance to show him around campus and he was in a relative state of shock and awe (coming from Rutgers... you understand if you've ever had the misfortune of being boots on the ground there). To this day he admits he's never seen a nicer campus / college town. And he's a Jersey guy too... not sugarcoating nothin! If you've read this far... thanks for obliging my stroll down memory lane. I'll shut up now. Let's go Hoosiers!