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Thanks for visiting BtownBanners.com!  We noticed you have AdBlock enabled.  While ads can be annoying, we utilize them to provide these forums free of charge to you!  Please consider removing your AdBlock for BtownBanners or consider signing up to donate and help BtownBanners stay alive!  Thank you!


Our goal is to create the best forums on the web. We have done it before, and we know we will achieve that here. By doing so, we want to make these forums a family-friendly community. Most curse words will not be allowed, no nudity, no soliciting, no bashing, no derailing of threads, and other things will not be allowed here on these forums. We are committed to protecting our members. And we will not put up with anything that goes against that. All of the following rules and guidelines will be followed by everyone, no exceptions.

Our disciplinary guidelines

  • 1st offense – Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Offense – One Week Ban
  • 3rd Offense – One Month Ban
  • 4th Offense – Permanent Ban


  • No Cursing – I know some may think that this is over kill, but negative and derogatory language is toxi to a board. It may not be intended to be negative, but inappropriate language brings down the community feel that will become a part of the forums. Plus, curse words usually get used when bashing or bringing down someone or something. Because of that, curse words will not be allowed on this forum.


  • No Nudity/Porn – This is detrimental to the board, and brings a very negative impact to the forums. Nudity and porn will not be allowed on these forums. It will be taken down immediately, and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken quickly.


  • No Soliciting – We understand that you are wanting to promote your own website, merchandise, etc., but you will not be allowed to advertise for personal and business gain. The proper way to do so is to have a link in your signature for your website, merchandise, etc. There will be no soliciting in posts, only in signatures that you set in your profile. Soliciting will be dealt with according to set forum disciplinary action.


  • No Bashing – This means that you will not attack, harass, or make fun of any poster at any time. Like I stated earlier, we protect our members, and we will make sure they are taken care of. We fully encourage civil discussions that are in disagreements, but only if they refrain from bashing. We understand there will be playful banter, but please keep it in good manner. First offense will result in a verbal warning, but will follow the 3 strikes and you’re out method.


  • Thread Derailment – This rule is about not posting in threads that have nothing to do with the topic, intended to take away from the point of the thread. If a thread is about IU Basketball, do not turn it into a crying match about your favorite baseball team. It’s simple to follow, so keep threads on point!


  • Premium Content/Linking – Do not post premium content on the forums that cost money to get. It is not fair to the writers and websites that work extremely hard to get that content. That will not be allowed, and will be taken down immediately. Linking means that articles cannot be copied and pasted without a link to its writer/website. Those websites and writers need to be honored for their work.