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  1. HoosierHoopster

    Race vs Purdue?

    Geez. I for one hope (expect) him to play. Wear a face mask, that’s standard. Need Race
  2. HoosierHoopster

    RIP Snowling

    Really nice guy and a long-time poster. RIP Snowling
  3. HoosierHoopster

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    It is funny, Vitale can be laughable, but he's not wrong. Not saying the U shouldn't have moved on from TC, he failed to create class balance in his recruiting leading to an up year followed by down, gave out scholarships to guys who were not D1 caliber players, and then lost his recruiting momentum and HS coaches' ears in state, but he did take us from a program playing a baseball player etc. after Sampsongate to an outstanding ranked team within 4 years, got us back to winning the B1G outright, the Sweet 16's and some of the most memorable offense-side basketball we've seen (the Wat Shot, etc.). I was never never in the camp that hated on Crean, that was largely driven by the old RMK'ers who can't really accept any new IU coach (my opinion) and look for ways to bash the coach's mannerisms and substitution patterns. It did become clear that he likely would not take IU back to consistently playing for conference titles and NCAA tourney runs, and it made sense to move on from Crean. But it's not like the guy didn't bring IU a lot of success, and clearly, and imo still surprisingly, he was much more successful than CAM has been able to be.
  4. HoosierHoopster

    College Bball Thread

    Wth is going on in that game Rutgers getting annihilated
  5. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    We really missed Brunk this year
  6. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Yes and no -- I'm an NBA fan too. Everyone that runs into LBJ runs into LBJ, doesn't change that Boston has been good under Stevens and he's highly regarded as one of the best in the League. All of this is fair, not trying to say otherwise, but there's just no realistic reason to think he's about to jump back into the college game, just because he's finally having a bad season, so far. There's really just nothing there.
  7. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I know someone who knows better.... all i'll say :)
  8. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Yeah bad year for sure
  9. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Not advocating IU shouldn't try, but he left for the League in part because he was tired of the grind of college recruiting, he's done very well in the NBA and there's really no reason to think he'd want to leave Boston to return to coach IU. Not trying to give anyone a hard time, just don't see the reason to think there's any actual chance here.
  10. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    So how many coaches have won a championship in the NBA and since Stevens has been coaching Boston? I hear what you're saying but seriously, he's considered one of the best by many in the League. I don't know about taking the League by storm, but he's been pretty successful so far and the front office loves him. He stepped into an at best mediocre team, and by year 3 finished 48 and 34. He hasn't had a single season since with less than 48 wins. Not one. 2017 EC Finals, 2018 EC Finals, 2019 EC Semis, 2020 EC Finals. He's alright. :)
  11. HoosierHoopster

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Stevens is one of the better coaches in the League, everyone in the League knows that, the Celtics front office loves him, the players love him, he's not going anywhere and definitely not leaving the NBA to return to college coaching. Love Stevens as a coach, but he won't be IU's coach. Just my two cents guys.
  12. HoosierHoopster

    Movie Thread

    Bon Giorno Papa! I’m not papa, I’m your god-damned father!
  13. HoosierHoopster

    IU vs Michigan St Game Thread - 12:00PM ET on ESPN

    We see it differently. You don’t think we lost because we couldn’t score, but only 4 players on the team even got a field goal. I mean seriously that’s terrible. Al 0-4, Rob 0-6, Lander, Leal and Galloway all O’fers, and we lost by 7. Hunter just came off a banner game. In this game he was 2-5 and 1-3 for 5. In this game that made him the third leading scorer in 17 minutes. We did lose because of lack of scoring. I get his D is not great (disagree with your take his D has definitely improved) but the idea he shouldn’t be on the floor when the guards can’t score at all? We need scoring to win, we need shooting to spread the floor.
  14. HoosierHoopster

    IU vs Michigan St Game Thread - 12:00PM ET on ESPN

    Cant win if you can’t score. Rob wasn’t scoring but he is a key ball handler and defender. In this game Al could not score. We lost for lack of ability to put the ball in the net, and again Hunter just came off basically an MVP caliber game. Hunter should have played more, we need outside scoring but CAM devalues it, and unfortunately he largely sticks with a group snd minutes despite lack of offense - that is why we lost to what is basically a weak team this season.
  15. HoosierHoopster

    IU vs Michigan St Game Thread - 12:00PM ET on ESPN

    I don’t understand why Hunter was back to 17 min, and just after a 16 point game. 5 points in 17 today. Durham goes 0-4 and plays 36. I’m not a Durham hater, but why is CAM so wed to heavy minutes for the starting group in games when they can’t score? Race had a strong game and that may be the answer to my question slotting Hunter as a forward but he’s a capable scoring wing in a game when we needed perimeter scoring. Leal 2 min. Frustrating.