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  1. HoosierHoopster

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Interesting that X recommended players and staff followed up on his recommendations. Does look like the team will be more athletic overall -- how the changes from JHS and TJD will look are the big question, but to me it's how Race's and Kopp's departures are filled that should make the team quicker and more athletic. Can't wait to see bako and Ware's get out and go is encouraging.
  2. HoosierHoopster

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    First - Earl Calloway, the Bulgarian citizen. That's kind of fun. Gladness's family went through so much, hard to read all of that.
  3. HoosierHoopster

    College Bball Thread

    Could well be, just interesting timing. He’ll make a good living playing pro ball regardless.
  4. HoosierHoopster

    College Bball Thread

    Timing is interesting. He was just working out with, as I recall, the Pacers, and I think some others. He may have been told he’s likely to be picked in the 2d, or it may be he’s going pro regardless and will see how the draft shakes out.
  5. HoosierHoopster

    Mongolian Mike Sharavjamts 6'8" G

    Well, I learned today that Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was originally called "Mongolian Rhapsody" -- there must be a connection here, somehow :) https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/mongolian-bohemian-rhapsody-freddie-mercury-lyrics-auction-1234745488/
  6. HoosierHoopster

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Yes I realize you were just posting Torvik estimates - I was in turn just giving my thoughts on those and numbers that seem to me to be more reasonable based on last year's shooting numbers, who's leaving and who's coming in. Tend to think Mgbacko is going to fill more of the shooting in place of Kopp, but that's just based on what I've read on Mgbacko, obviously don't know more than that at this point. My thinking on Gallo is part hopeful thinking, he improved his shooting and selection so much this past season, if we are moving to more of an outside-shooting O on volume (and I really, really hope we are), would hope/think he'd up his shot takes this season.
  7. HoosierHoopster

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    4 per game by X seems high to me. Per sports-reference he averaged 2.5 per game this past season. I would think he'll average around 3 and Mgbako more than 3.2 (Kopp averaged 4.1). JHS was at 3.5 per game. Gallo only averaged 2.0 while Bates was at 2.8. Have to think Gallo will increase his takes and with a more outside oriented offense some others will step up the outside takes.
  8. HoosierHoopster

    NBA Thread

    Heat completely dismantled the C’s tonight. That said this looks like Denver’s year. If the Heat make it a series that will be impressive
  9. HoosierHoopster

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    But what about the lottery numbers!! :)
  10. HoosierHoopster

    2023 SF/PF Mackenzie Mgbako to INDI-F’N-ANA

    The point of lift is one of those things that matters for most but not all — Reggie M remains my favorite player. Watch his catch, lift and release form. His form was to bring the ball up all the way from his waist - that low - through to elevation — and he was the most prolific 3 point shooter in NBA history until Ray Allen passed him. Reggie had those long arms and his fade was a thing of beauty, his “form” was basically wrong from a purist standpoint (Curry’s in contrast is picture perfect form with a lightning fast release), but like the saying goes, if it aint broke don’t fix it. For me, any shooter who can get his shot off in his own way effectively— including creating space (Reggie’s relentless movement was key) makes form less important. This guy looks like a killer shooter-scorer, so long as his ability to score translates I wouldn’t worry about form.
  11. HoosierHoopster

    2023 SF/PF Mackenzie Mgbako to INDI-F’N-ANA

    Shooting the cover off the ball. Oh I’m going to enjoy watching him score for us.
  12. HoosierHoopster

    Offensive Style and Sets Next Year

    Me out loud Me being honest
  13. HoosierHoopster

    2023-2024 IUBB Schedule

    Revenge game
  14. An improvement over Fife.... :) OK this is just freaky. My wife and one of my sons share his wife's and son's name. -- So it was destined that he'd return!