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  1. BGleas

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Saw a post on HSN where Archie wished Lander a HBD today, and my understanding is he’d be 18? Unfortunately for us IU fans, making him eligible for next years draft.
  2. BGleas

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Well, that’s good news. Thanks for clearing that up!
  3. BGleas

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Ok, so he just turned 17 this year?
  4. BGleas

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Sorry to burst the bubble, but I’m pretty sure just have to be 19 in the calendar year of the draft. So if he turns 18 in November, he’d be eligible for next years draft because he’d be a year removed from HS and turning 19 in that calendar year.
  5. BGleas

    2020-2021 NBA Thread

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he broke Kobe’s nose in an all-star game. He once yanked Rondo to the ground in a playoff game and it dislocated his elbow. There was also a playoff game where he shove a Pacer from behind as the Pacers players was going in full speed for an open fast break layup.
  6. BGleas

    2020-2021 NBA Thread

    Funny how he uses a hard foul on Dwayne Wade as an example. Wade is one of the most underrated cheapshot artists of his time in the NBA.
  7. Good call on Garcia, he would have been the perfect bridge guy. Pretty tough to expect TJD to stay an extra year, especially with all the uncertainty currently. A lot greater chance pro basketball is back before college.
  8. Absolutely! That’s how Archie has to build this thing. Easier said than done, but clearly IU is not going to be a one and done factory, so to be like programs like UVA, UNC, Villanova, MSU, even Wisconsin, you have to stack these really good players and have them cross over. Part of the problem with the Crean era was he was always replacing guys. Zeller never played with Vonleh, Vonleh never player with Thomas Bryant, etc., etc. That’s where the loss of Luke Fisher hurt, he might have been the bridge between Vonleh and Bryant. You need those 4 year “bridge guys”. Ideally for Archie, you land Kaufman, and both Kaufman and Duncomb play a season with TJD before they “takeover”.
  9. BGleas

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Hate to turn this into something it’s not, but I always think when people try and compare Holtmann and Archie, how different are the past 3 years if De’Ron is healthy and as good as or close to Kaleb Wesson? Both were inherited players (Wesson was an inherited recruit), but Wesson clearly has been the main cog for OSU the last 2+ years.
  10. BGleas

    Big Ten All Decade Team

    Since no Big Ten team won a National Title, you can make an argument that Cody Zeller had a bigger impact on IU than any other player had on their program during the decade.
  11. BGleas

    Big Ten All Decade Team

    Maybe I'm biased, but I also think Zeller should get some extra credit and benefit of the doubt points for essentially resurrecting a program that was in shambles.
  12. BGleas

    Justin Smith Declares

    Agree on Hunter, and he doesn't need to be 'as good as Smith' defensively. He just needs to be above average and be able to handle the role. The gain Hunter brings offensively, especially with improvement, can more than offset the loss of Smith defensively.
  13. BGleas

    Has Archie said anything?

    I thought it was really well done too, because it was collaborative with the team. It would have been really easy for Archie to post some text image denouncing racism, as so many other coaches did. But no, he included his entire team/staff in a collaborative way and didn't make it about himself. True leadership. Though as with anything, the proof will be any steps they take beyond just making a video.
  14. BGleas

    Has Archie said anything?

    I think the link is in this thread somewhere. Last week IU basketball posted a video to social media. It starts with Race Thompson (since he's from Minny), has bunch of other guys in it and then end with Archie Miller speaking.
  15. BGleas

    Has Archie said anything?

    He has commented. He was the closing of the IU Basketball video. I also kind of view the video as a whole as Archie commenting. I obviously don't know who's idea the video was, but at the end of the day something like that would ultimately have to be greenlighted/approved by Archie.