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  1. BGleas

    College Bball Thread

    Can you imagine being a 5*, out of state recruit on a visit to Indiana and you and your parents are sitting in an office reviewing film and talking about your future with Mike Woodson, Thad Matta and Armond Hill? I don't mean to not include in-state players, but those guys already have a tie to IU and being interested, this is the first time since probably Bob Knight that IU will have a draw to out of state high-level talent beyond just tradition, fanbase or some direct link an assistant had to the player. That doesn't mean we out-recruit UK or something, but I think IU finally has a staff that not only stacks up to anyone, but is also blazing a unique new strategy that others will be trying to mimic.
  2. BGleas

    College Bball Thread

    Armond was an assistant with the Celtics when I worked there, so I got to know him a bit. This is huge. He is as legit as it gets in terms of his knowledge as well as the way he interacts with players. He will be phenomenal working with players on and off the court (assuming he is used with one of those new non-staff slots that can be on the court). I couldn't endorse this hire more!
  3. BGleas

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I don’t think it contributed at all. The only reason Fife left was because it was Indiana. The sexual assault issues were several years ago at this point and Fife hadn't gone anywhere.
  4. Yup, and it's not like Doyel is the one doing that, it's the people that run the website.
  5. BGleas

    College Bball Thread

    Agree. And there is no NBA organization that would create blocks because they're trying to secretly steer their current head coach to one of the co-owners favorite colleges in the future. Stevens wanted to stay in Boston and he wants to be in the NBA.
  6. BGleas

    College Bball Thread

    There is no way that happened.
  7. BGleas

    Player decisions

    The thing with Franklin would be that every other in-state kid has not only come back but emphatically announced they want to be part of bringing IU back to where it belongs. Franklin leaving to go to a rival on the backdrop of TJD's passionate announcement, Lander specifically saying he wants to help bring IU back, and Leal and Galloway both saying they love IU and never thought of leaving, would not be a good look for Franklin. It would be one thing if several guys were leaving, but to be one of the the only guys and the only in-state guy, and to go to a rival, would be really awkward.
  8. BGleas

    Player decisions

    Yeah, im not advocating for a slow pace by any means. I hated our pace. I spent many a game screaming at the TV for Phinisee to pick it up. It was maddening how he'd walk the ball up the court and then stop over half court and just stand there for 5-8 seconds before starting anything. It will be interesting to see how that plays out under Woodson.
  9. BGleas

    Player decisions

    Could be. Maybe they discussed controlling pace in practice and then all of the sudden during the game Archie is screaming to run so it was confusing.
  10. BGleas

    Player decisions

    This is the puzzling part to me too. I'm not defending Archie's offense or pace, but with that said there were numerous times the last few seasons where Phinisee would walk the ball up as slow as possible while Archie screamed and waved his arms frantically to get him to push the pace.
  11. Maybe that's not whats really happening.
  12. That's just squarely perception of opposing fans on Danny Ainge, not the reality. He wouldn't have lasted this long as a GM with one team if that was accurate. Hes widely respected in the NBA among players, coaches, and other GM's. I find it funny when fans present this image of Ainge. On one hand opposing fans call him a snake who other teams don't trust, then on the other hand they call him "Trader Danny" because he trades so much. It can't be both. Read this article from just a couple months ago that are anonymous quotes from other GM's on what it's really like to deal with Danny. This is the reality. Most GM's like dealing with the Celtics. https://www.celticsblog.com/platform/amp/2021/1/19/22237956/what-is-it-really-like-to-talk-trades-with-danny-ainge-boston-celtics
  13. We're all oversimplying things. There's nobody on this message board that was in the room with Stevens, Ainge, Wyc, or Dolson on IU's side. None of us know exactly what happened. With that said, knowing a bit about how the Celtics operate, and how these things work, I'm absolutely confident that if Brad Stevens wanted to be IU's coach, he would be IU's coach. The Celtics aren't going to play some game where they ruin his career or threaten his future NBA prospects, beyond owning his rights and getting compensation if he returned to the NBA. IMO, the most plausible scenario is that he really just wanted to stay in Boston and stay in the NBA. The next most plausible scenario is he had interest but he and the Celtics wanted him to finish this season in the NBA and IU didn't want to wait. I'm as confident as I can be that there wasn't a scenario where Stevens wanted the IU job and the Celtics somehow forced him to stay against his wishes.
  14. I'm not questioning you, I believe you were told that of course, but I still don't believe that happened. The Celtics can't prevent him from resigning and going to coach at a different level. As @pumpfake said, I believe they would still hold his NBA rights. Maybe that is what they were unwilling to give up? That I could believe, though that shouldn't stop Stevens from taking the IU job. If he ever came back to the NBA his team could just negotiate a 2nd round pick or something.
  15. Thats not something Ainge would say to him. Ainge and Wyc (the owner) don't operate that way, and they love and respect Stevens too much.