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  1. I'm with you! We're supposed to feel good that it took Mike Woodson 3 years and a complete and utter collapse in recruiting to realize that he actually has to try and put in any effort at his job?
  2. Didn't you hear? He got it all figured out yesterday. We're in good hands now. He's ready to work now.
  3. Yeah, and it's like Woodson is in this position by design. This isn't a strategy, this is an, "oh crap, we're screwed. What do we do now?"
  4. Good luck with that. He doesn't seem all that competitive at this point, or IU wouldn't be in this situation. He's completely mismanaged this program at this point.
  5. His will to win as a player is irrelevant. That was almost 50 years ago. He's the head coach and his system is brutal. He's all of the sudden doing a complete 180 on how he coaches? As someone said above, he's spent all season complaining about having a "young team" and "10 new players" (which wasn't accurate) and now all of the sudden he's going to lead a team full of transfer to the promised land? Color me skeptical.
  6. Even if a miracle happens and the staff hits a grand slam in the portal, which is highly unlikely, they'll still be coached by this staff. That's the flaw in the plan.
  7. Literally open the thread to this post at the exact second I was watching this scene on Comedy Central!?!?
  8. BGleas

    Liam decomitting

    Here's the thing about McNeely and the offense. It's pretty simplistic to just say that the offense wasn't an issue in his decommitment because he knew what the offense was. While the offense hasn't changed much in three seasons, Mike Woodson spent two seasons telling the fans/media that he wanted to play 4-out/1-in and that the style the first two years was because he had to take advantage of TJD and Race. He spent two years telling us that it was actually his teams in Atlanta and NYC that ushered in the 3pt era in the NBA. It's not a huge logical leap to assume that he was selling McNeely on that. I think as fans we were also expecting the staff to add guards and wings in a shift to that style this season. Then he spent the entire season this year extremely defiant when questioned on these things. I'm sure it's not the only reason, but its not a big leap to assume that a 3rd season of a poor offensive system played a part in McNeely's decision. I actually think this also plays a big part in why the fans have turned on Woodson so quickly. I know it does for me. From a system standpoint, I kind of feel like Woodson has pulled a bait and switch.
  9. BGleas

    Liam decomitting

    Cant find the exact tweet, but I go back to Woodson's quote last year about getting Miller Kopp (the only reliable 3pt shooter on a bad shooting team) more shots/3's, and Woodson got defensive and said, "it's not my job to get Miller Kopp shots." To me almost a fireable offense right there for being so stupid, but as a shooter why in the hell would you ever agree to play for that coach?
  10. My bad, you're right! This is all a smokescreen because we're holding out until after the NBA Finals in June when Brad Stevens will be available.
  11. I dont think they're trolls. Just think "insiders" are very far removed from what is actually happening. It's like the telephone game from people 4 spots removed by the time stuff gets to a message board.
  12. Nothing happened. Unfortunately, they just announced Woodson is coming back. All the rest was just internet fodder.
  13. BGleas

    IUBB @ Penn State - Saturday, 02.24.24 @ Noon on BTN

    Even throwing a healthy XJ in there doesn't really make it feel much better.
  14. BGleas

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    This is some of the lamest sh*t I've seen in all the years I've been on these various boards. Insecure much, guy? And yes, that was a bad take I had there.
  15. Yup, IU needs to get back to recruiting tough, skilled basketball players that care about winning, care about getting better, etc., regardless of where they're ranked. Not saying you don't recruit highly ranked, NBA type guys, you need some of them, but they need to fit the mold of the first paragraph (Zeller, JHS, TJD, etc).