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  1. Herotime

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Sooooo any transfer news?
  2. Anyone have a link to the presser? Thanks!
  3. He’s not in the pics :) doesn’t everyone pose with their coach as they board their flight?
  4. I’d be more upset with Moser (sorry misread your comment)
  5. Could be beard too, I guess. Kind of forgot about him.
  6. @Chris007 make us feel better! Hahahaha
  7. Could be Brad, tho. Planes from Boston. Road trip over. Ladies not playing...
  8. The timing of this doesn’t make me feel good.
  9. Chris2007, it may be time to shake down your sources... if not for your own peace of mind perhaps for my sanity? My wife thanks you in advance!
  10. Could you all see Dolson dragging this out intentionally until a combination of TexTec, Ark, or Baylor are knocked out thereby allowing BS to have one last chance to say “no?” before Dolson goes in for a 1b candidate? (maybe Bama, too?)
  11. Rumor is Archie caught wind of the decision and began to tell folks which expedited his removal
  12. No, no, no. In the open. No pm’s. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, anyway.
  13. Let’s talk more about this....