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  1. I wonder what Ole Moses Abraham is doing these days... he have any eligibility left?
  2. Herotime


    Any idea what the likelihood TJD could return next year? I know he had one foot out the door last season, but I was wondering if the fact that the team may finally be gelling could persuade him. Also, being over looked in all-American voting may leave him with something to prove. Not sure what his draft stock is looking like. Thoughts?
  3. Herotime

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    In that case— he’s REALLY dense! Lol
  4. Herotime

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    To be fair, I do think that was ONLY after yesterday’s win. But you’re right. He’s dense.
  5. Herotime

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Sooooo any transfer news?
  6. Anyone have a link to the presser? Thanks!
  7. He’s not in the pics :) doesn’t everyone pose with their coach as they board their flight?
  8. I’d be more upset with Moser (sorry misread your comment)
  9. Could be beard too, I guess. Kind of forgot about him.
  10. @Chris007 make us feel better! Hahahaha
  11. Could be Brad, tho. Planes from Boston. Road trip over. Ladies not playing...
  12. The timing of this doesn’t make me feel good.
  13. Chris2007, it may be time to shake down your sources... if not for your own peace of mind perhaps for my sanity? My wife thanks you in advance!