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  1. Kentuckysucks

    Player decisions

    I feel like we ain't done yet.
  2. Kentuckysucks

    Player decisions

  3. Kentuckysucks

    College Bball Thread

    Not surprised. Looks like he had been on the hot seat for a while.
  4. Kentuckysucks

    Assistant Coach Thread

    California is perfect except for one very important thing. Not the cost of living.
  5. Kentuckysucks

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I honestly thought we'd have to pay Fife at least double that.
  6. Kentuckysucks

    Assistant Coach Thread

  7. The time to have hired him was exactly when Sampson was fired and no one decent wanted the job. He's too old now but Dolson made his choice.
  8. Kentuckysucks

    World Wide Wes

    I've always wondered where Wes gets all his money. He's rumored to have a 9 figure net worth.
  9. Kentuckysucks

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Has Ewing been recruiting NY well?
  10. Your administration should've done its homework. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/514524-nba-power-rankings-the-50-worst-coaches-in-nba-history.amp.html
  11. Kentuckysucks

    World Wide Wes

    He's just a new friend of the program. Happy to have him on board.
  12. They hired the wrong alum. Should hire Archie. He's the best.