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  1. MikeRoberts

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker

    And some posters here were not a fan of us even recruiting this kid. Duke isn’t wrong about players very often. If they want him, he is likely a really high caliber player
  2. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    They won’t be they can make the player ineligible to play
  3. Football is a tough sell right now…
  4. I couldn’t agree more. With our roster and the opposing rosters, this has to be a year we finally get over the hump and win 12+ in conference and really should be more
  5. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    I would, of course want to be relevant and fun again. But do we really want another G-League? the NCAA was different than the G -League and NBA and I loved it. Fearful the NCAA comes crashing downs. It’s complete anarchy right now
  6. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    It isn’t dying today but we have leaped closer to that. College basketball and football are no longer amateur sports, they are now pros. We will see a ton of change over the next 20 years that leads the game farther and farther away from what it has been as an ncaa college sport and closer to some hodge lodge of the nba or d-league. we can all adapt until we all die… this isn’t going anywhere good
  7. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    I understand what you are saying but that’s in part why the rules were what they were for so long, so people wouldn’t take advantage. Many were doing It already in the dark and now everyone is. it’s just silly at this point to call it NIL, it’s PFP and everyone knows it and that essentially is the death of the ncaa and collegiate sports. They are no longer amateurs. It may not collapse today but everything has changed and I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of what these changes will mean for IU/the NCAA and everything we have known and loved. It was never perfect but I think this thing is going to go to hell in a hand basket real quick
  8. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    Student athletes and supporters have been fighting for NIL for a long time. I’m not against NIL. But that isn’t what we have here - that is the issue. if TJD wants to sell T-Shirts that say TJD or appear in an EA college basketball video game or star in a commercial he should be able to. That notion exists upon the market wanting him for him, his NIL. Next to none of that is happening. The organic market for these players isn’t strong, what is strong is the schools artificially making a market for them based on other pretenses. That bothers me. A player should be able to capitalize on their NIL and some organically are but the vast majority of the money being negotiated is by the schools in a pay for play scheme and that was not what was fought for nor agreed to. That makes them pros and it is no longer college/amateur. They are effectively now on salary. Fought for NIL for decades, NIL is approved and within minutes it’s gone and replaced with PFP. We can argue that PFP has been around forever and it has but why approve NIL when what you are effectively doing is approving PFP? Just call it what it is
  9. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    The thing that bothers me and is making this all so crappy is that these players are supposed to be able to capitalize on their “name” “image” “likeness” but none of that is happening. these players are not getting deals with nerdwallet or whatever because that company actually wants to use that kid in marketing campaigns, it’s because someone that controls the budget wants to see that kid play at his/her favorite school. So what are we doing here? This is not about “NIL” it’s about pay for play. It bothers me that “NIL” is even still being used as an acronym this early in the process. its “PFP”
  10. MikeRoberts

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    If only we had 2x point guards on the floor to break that pressure
  11. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    It wouldn’t be easy. NIL took decades to take effect and now that it is here, there will be other effects that come from it that will also take years and maybe decades to be implemented. yea, much like some sales roles where someone is on salary (scholarship) but they also get a commission once they reach a certain threshold and only when they reach that. They aren’t getting commissioned on dollar one, they have to cover the cost of employment (their overhead/scholarship). Then once they cover that/pay it back, then the rest they keep. It’s how a lot of business is done.
  12. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    What is the rationale for them continuing to get a free ride when they are getting paid? Why both? that money could be used elsewhere across the school and the state. If Trayce makes $300k in NIL, does he really need that scholarship? Are there other kids that have worked really hard at other things that could use aid that aren’t currently getting it? again, IU won’t eliminate scholarships on their own, but the “scholarship” assumption is an archaic one now, the landscape just massively changed
  13. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    I gave my kid $20 the other day to buy food; he bought candy. I told him I didn’t give you $20 to buy candy, he said “I bought the candy with my own money”
  14. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    All dollars are green. It’s not like when the state hands the school our tax dollars they are a different color. It all goes to the school, it’s one organization. Peter and Paul both work for the school.
  15. MikeRoberts

    NIL and IU

    A school will not eliminate scholarships, it would have to come from above - government or ncaa. Scholarships in part are to acknowledge that the kids don’t have time to work as the sport is their work so relieving them of this burden is helpful to them. However, now that kids can essentially get paid quite handsomely for making a tweet… why would they get both? our tax dollars support these schools instead of fixing roads, sewers, highways etc and in my opinion if a kid is making 6 figures and in some cases 7 figures, those funds that were being spent on scholarships is better utilized elsewhere