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  1. MikeRoberts

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    Sounds like they should call it NBPA Top 60 Camp no?
  2. MikeRoberts

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to INDIANA

    Is this a kid that fills an immediate need, will play right away or is he more of a project that will contribute down the road?
  3. MikeRoberts

    (2023) - SF Myles Colvin

    I just don’t like the clueless staff stuff bubbling up again. How many times did Archie and his staff think we were in a great spot with a recruit to find out later not only was it not us, but that we weren’t really even a contender. This is just one situation, but if Raby is accurate, someone on the staff told him they thought we had a chance the day before he abruptly committed to PU. That screams clueless
  4. MikeRoberts

    B10 Basketball Recruiting Thread

    This year will determine a lot for us and Woody and the trajectory of the program. Make the tourney, get a win there and we should be able to recruit enough to keep building. On the flip side, we miss the tourney yet again... might be too much to overcome
  5. Not sure if you’ve been posting and I missed it but good to see you back
  6. MikeRoberts

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    Chicken or the egg. Kentucky was 100% paying kids and their handlers and that resulted in them getting top talent and winning. and there isn’t a top 25 kid in the country that wasn’t offered something by someone
  7. MikeRoberts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If it wasn’t for Izzo pulling an Alford and burying Appling’s rape he would likely still be in jail and never could have killed someone.
  8. MikeRoberts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He couldn’t do that, his defense takes 3 years to learn
  9. MikeRoberts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He was over signed by 37 so he should be good now:)
  10. I can see how Lander was confused or stymied creatively but no excuses for his shot or lack there of. It needs so much work and the reason he was open so much is because the other team didn’t care if he shot the ball
  11. MikeRoberts

    Justin Smith Declares

    Turning pro means a lot of things these days, lots of options. I imagine he will make a good living over seas
  12. I called BS when people were saying that 4 years ago. I did not see any validity in any of that. This staff is off to a fast start, retaining important players and adding a ton of guys that will all be fighting for starting roles. I feel waaaaayyyyyy more confident in this staff to get things done
  13. Why did he seem like a near perfect fit? All the things you described that were bad about him, has been him his entire career. He didn’t just lose his personality when he arrived in Bloomington. His teams were always poor shooters etc
  14. MikeRoberts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    That’s my point... he knows more about Indiana basketball than any of the additions IU made over the last month. Those kids, when given the opportunity, jumped at the chance to come to IU. did Brooks just learn about the transfer portal? Why now, why wait 3 years, why wait until we filled every one of our scholarships? He’s not geeked to play at IU, if he was he would have come at a million different times when we had scholarships open for him to say “yes”
  15. MikeRoberts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Perhaps, so when IU had 4 scholarships open for weeks... where was he then?