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  1. Me too, but it reiterates what I’ve always said and that recruiting is now global. Gonzaga is nowhere tonight without Ayayi
  2. MikeRoberts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    We have no idea if we can out-recruit those guys or out-coach or out-play lots to wait and see about
  3. MikeRoberts

    Player decisions

    Closer to $22mm and yes, it’s crazy he was paid that much to produce so little. I have nothing against him as a human but his coaching was infuriating
  4. MikeRoberts

    Player decisions

    Anything is possible but there is no harm in racing up the floor, getting to the 3 point line and then slowing it down if there isn’t an opening, but if you are walking it up you don’t even have the chance to make a quick score. TJD is a mobile big. He should be racing down the floor like Zeller for an easy bucket and Phinisee should be pushing that type of transition. There is no way the other bigs in the bigten can outrun TJD in the open court if we were willing to push the pace. I just imagine he didn’t try because our guards weren’t looking to run
  5. MikeRoberts

    Player decisions

    Fair, but unlike Lander, he’s a veteran and should know how to improv. What point guard doesn’t want to push the pace?
  6. MikeRoberts

    Player decisions

    I hated Archie’s offense but it still makes no sense why Phinisee played at a snails pace. Rarely, if ever looked to push it despite seeing Archie on the sideline swinging his arm giving the go signal
  7. They have Lander at 7 and Franklin at 8 and Carr at 1. the writer notes that Lander is all potential, not current production
  8. Where is Marcus Carr going and are we pursuing him? That kid is a bucket and we need to improve our offense
  9. Thanks for the rationale. He might be a good get but I’m concerned looking at the portal rankings and Indiana had 3 guys ahead of Xavier - Lander, Franklin and even Durham. Seems like it might be better to just get Franklin and Lander to return
  10. MikeRoberts

    Player decisions

    I hope Logan spends all summer working on his shot. From all accounts he only plays around the basket and we already have that in TJD
  11. Why do you think we are getting Xavier Johnson?
  12. I’m with you so far but it is a little different recruiting uncommitted, high school prospects vs already committed, already on-campus existing players still a great sign and great start
  13. Will you stop being an arsonist? It’s getting old
  14. MikeRoberts

    General New Coach News

    I admittedly don’t watch a lot of NBA. What is a Woodson coached team look like?
  15. MikeRoberts

    General New Coach News

    The only positive I see is that he would likely bring in a very IU heavy group of assistants. I’m not sure if that pays off but could see some friendly faces on the sidelines