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  1. MikeRoberts

    General Coach Candidate News

    No. He road the coattails of of the previous coach and even with one of the top 5 players in the country that he inherited he got bounced in the first round of the tournament. Now that he has a team of his own guys he may not make the NIT
  2. MikeRoberts


    I’m still not sure what you are even saying? “They committed early because they wanted to go to Purdue” yeah, that is usually why kids commit to a program… Of course they wanted to go there, I’ve never seen a kid choose a school they didn’t want to go to. The point that you are ignoring is that they weren’t predisposed to go there. It wasn’t their birthright. Mike Davis and a million other factors were a part of it including Purdue’s ability to identify under recruited players and prioritize them. these kids weren’t Oden and Conley recruits, but even they were ignored/screwed up by IU. These 3 Purdue kids that changed their program were not blue chip kids but ones that were prioritized by PU above any other school. Name me one school/IU that recruited those 3 kids harder than Purdue. You can’t. That’s the point. IU screed the pooch on them, Oden, Conley and a gazillion other kids due to incompetence
  3. MikeRoberts


    I’m not sure what you are arguing. No team owns an area or kid. Every recruitment is a different situation and each kid has different wants and goals. There was no destiny with these kids, they were just recruited really hard and well by PU and they were hooked. IU could have done that but they didn’t. They were in a state of instability and incompetence from a coaching perspective. Sean May grew up in Bloomington and always planned on going to IU until coaching Instability and incompetence became an issue. That incompetence and instability has been a part of who we are ever since.
  4. MikeRoberts


    I think you are missing the point. They were all in on PU because IU wasn’t the same IU at that point and we didn’t focus on them like we should have. That was a big turning point that had been brewing for years
  5. MikeRoberts

    General Coach Candidate News

    I like the idea of Schwartz at IU but not worried by DePaul. If he goes there, it’s not going to be hard to pry him from there.
  6. MikeRoberts


    True, but what are you supposed to do with that mail? Why does it still arrive at my house after the previous owners changed their mailing address when they moved 2.5 years ago? it’s never stopped coming and we used to email them and they would swing by once a month but this is too much
  7. MikeRoberts


    Pot calling the kettle black. Aren’t you the one that repeatedly said you can’t believe the police when it came to MM? what’s different?
  8. MikeRoberts


    Ok, I wasn’t looking for assumptions. I have heard from some folks that work at IU that Woody had no interest nor plans on a second contract and that his plan was to revitalize the program quickly and hand it off in a good place. So, I have heard that and who is to say there isn’t a coach in waiting already on staff or that they don’t have a plan to bring one in. It’s year 3 of a 6 year contract so there is time. While some have thrown Fife under the bus, I don’t think he was that far off in the things he was saying
  9. MikeRoberts


    If you are to believe a lot of folks that were close to things, yes. Not a popular comment but likely true
  10. MikeRoberts


    This goes back to my question, where are you getting that he wasn’t brought in as a 3 or 4 year thing? I have heard otherwise but all hearsay - I imagine this is too?
  11. MikeRoberts


    Honest question: do we know what Woody was hired to do? Obviously it is to win and restore us to prominence but is the plan for him to be here a long time to do that and keep it there or to get us close and hand it off to someone else while it is in a good place unlike several before him? maybe it is incorrect but my belief was that he was going to hand it off before we ever saw a bad season or stretch of seasons which means walking away while the cupboard is full. It’s hard to make the cupboard full and equally as hard to walk away while it is but coach K did it and so have others. That’s what you do when you love the university and can put it ahead of yourself. anyway, just curious if there was a plan/expectation for Woodson to be here longterm or not.
  12. MikeRoberts

    IUBB vs North Alabama - Thursday, 12.21.23 @ 8:30 on BTN

    9 assists for Galloway and Reneau was a bucket. Glad to finally see them put away a crappy team and leave little doubt
  13. MikeRoberts


    I agree. I don’t think most fans are truly looking for IU to cut ties with Woody right away. What I believe to be true is that fans are concerned that we are headed back in the wrong direction and that if he is not able to right the ship, this whole bridge process will have been for not and we will be handing off the program to the next coach in the same fashion it was left for Archie and then for Woody. we need to hand it off when we are winning/making the tourney every year and many fans are concerned we will not this year and that next year could be even worse
  14. MikeRoberts


    My new IU jacket from Homefield apparel doesn’t give/stretch and I’m worried I am going to Chris Farley it
  15. MikeRoberts

    IUBB vs #2 Kansas - Saturday, 12.16.23 @ 12:30 on CBS

    I already answered this. The description above is what we need to be a good team. We aren’t even close to being a good team, therefore even having a serviceable guard that can do any of those things well is a plus to having nobody. here: https://247sports.com/season/2023-basketball/TransferPortalTop/ I would take any of about 20 guards that were in the portal but if you need a name, max abmas but I have kids so I know how this will go, I’m sure you can find something about him that isn’t perfect