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  1. “Owned” being the key - I wouldn’t say we’ve owned Michigan State. We have played them well very recently but that’s 3 games out of how many? Overall they have a case to say they’ve owned us if anything last 10 games against MSU we are 4-6
  2. There are teams that we have done well against and others that have owned us. Outside of Iowa, the only teams we’ve owned have been bottom feeders. Our record against Wisconsin and Purdue for example is horrendous
  3. Yes, I’m concerned for this position next year. In Archie’s time here we’ve had two nba caliber players in the post in Morgan and TJD. What happens when we go from that to an unproven freshmen and a 6’6” sophomore. we not only need more depth but more talent and experience. We need a transfer and not just a body but one that can/will start over those two. Like Bielfeldt quality at worst or we are in for a world of trouble
  4. I’ve seen a lot of concern over who is going to play center next year including myself. duncomb of course but it seems like Geronimo can do it too. I don’t like 6’6” centers but he can do it from time to time, good to know
  5. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I agree, I think you were mostly in agreement with me too. Crean would still be here if he was making the tourney every year and a sweet 16 every third year. Some fans would be getting restless we hadn’t surpassed the sweet 16 but if we are making the tourney every year and winning a few games in the tourney every other year it would keep people interested, tuned in, caring.
  6. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    You should grab one anyway but I agree. Some of the names being thrown out are worse than what we have.
  7. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Your list is depressing. Scott Drew has Indiana ties, coaches in Waco and doesn’t make much money compared to what he would get paid at IU. Not saying he would leave but unless you know that as a fact I think he is exactly the type we could and should be talking to. Seems from the outside he is a realistic candidate
  8. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Scott Drew with Tonagel and a couple IU guys on his staff would get me excited
  9. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Hmm, I think it is that current expectation that is driving this conversation. I call that tanking. 8-12 in conference is a bottom feeder, like 10th place ish
  10. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Isnt 8-12 tanking? That’s pretty awful 8-12 isn’t getting us into the tourney so that would be 3 seasons without a postseason and 1 where we barely made it.
  11. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I agree. I think talking heads like to say IU fans have too high of expectations but that is so far from true. If crean simply made the tourney every year and a sweet 16 every 3 years abs never further, he would still be here. It was the NIT and CBI stuff that killed him
  12. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    What does a Tonagel coached team look like? Anyone follow his teams closely? Well balanced offense and defense? No gimmicks? His name has come up before and again in this thread. assuming he is a decent human being with enthusiasm and charisma and wants to be on a big stage, if he surrounded himself with assistants that knew D-1 basketball recruiting and even Bigten recruiting like a Lewis, Cheaney, Fife it would be really intriguing
  13. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Archie isn’t bringing in bad kids, bad students, nobody that is going to embarrass the university off the court. That means something but I think it means more to the decision makers at Indiana than it does 99% of the fans. However, we have some new blood in positions of power and they CAN push for more, demand more out of one of the most storied programs in all of college sports. it sounds harsh as Archie seems like a decent guy and a guy that means well but I believe that the absolute worst thing we can do is keep him too long. It bad for him, bad for us and bad for players and recruits. You cannot wait until there is no pulse to make the change.
  14. MikeRoberts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    It makes me sad that we are back here again. I think the thing that is apparent now but that I have been saying for a long time is that his team embodies his personality - stoic, emotionless, quiet, sleepy, boring. I don’t dislike Archie nor do I dislike the players, but they don’t have “IT”. There is no moxie on the court nor on the bench. There is a such thing as a silent assassin but we don’t have those either. on top of just losing a ton of games over the last 4 years, they have just been boring as all can be in all facets and non of that breads excitement and enthusiasm for the now or future. I love IU and if I’m a top recruit I don’t know that I want to go there right now as it looks like nobody is having fun
  15. MikeRoberts

    Names on Jersey

    You bring up drop ceilings over and over and over