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  1. MikeRoberts

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    I think Chris said $500:)
  2. MikeRoberts

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    I’ve always wanted to write a book, do a podcast etc with former recruits to get their recruiting stories, i think our minds would be blown
  3. We have to have one of the oldest rosters in Baskebtall, starting 4 seniors is pretty rare
  4. He had jumper surgery in April, still on the mend but progressing nicely
  5. MikeRoberts

    If You Could Add A Player

    The others made me think, Chris Reynolds was an easy no. We are two deep already at point and both should be really good
  6. MikeRoberts

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    If they spend the night and are hosted by one of the current players - yes, almost 100% certainty they will be around the female students
  7. MikeRoberts

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    I will make sure to give him a bumper sticker
  8. I don’t think you see you like some do. Your posts are more often than not negative - you are the attack police labeling people as doom and gloomers over and over for having any type of conversation on this board. while I find your doom and gloom cut and pastes to be negative you have your fair share of negative standalone posts as well. It’s like you need to convince yourself that you are the glass half full guy by typing it into existence
  9. Even if he is a first rounder it means he was good for us. We all think he will be but there is never a guarantee. yeah, I think we are going to revert back to being average again in 23-24 but not having a returning point guard will make us even worse. A solid point guard can make up for a lot of deficits. I also would not argue that having him go as a 1 and done or even a lotto pick helps recruiting much if any. I think it takes a history of success there to really move the needle.
  10. How so? It will mean turning over our entire starting lineup with a very young, inexperienced group stepping into those roles
  11. If JHS is a top 10 pick it means we likely are also a top 10 team this year as we know what we are getting from the other starters. Top 10 means legit title contention and I will take that possibility all day. Just leaves us super bare for the following season
  12. MikeRoberts

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    I got a text from a friend that is a friend of someone on staff in July saying Woodson told them he was all in - job for Drew, NIL for Flory whatever it took
  13. MikeRoberts

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    We will get him in my opinion. There isn’t anything within the rules that Woodson won’t do to get him. That was made clear to staff several months ago
  14. MikeRoberts

    Basketball ticket info.....

    Anyone have an in to get good seats to the IU vs UNC game? Willing to pony up for some good seats
  15. MikeRoberts

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    Why the negativity?