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  1. maxwell

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    I was just thinking about his improvement as well which lead to thoughts as to how he has improved on blocking out and developing a nose for going after the rebounds. imo He still has room for improvement but I have enjoyed the strides of growth in this area. MR (imo) has made small strides in improvement on the amount of emotions he shows after fouls are called. All of this NIL money being thrown around, I would love Chris Reynolds to be paid to work with Reneau 2-3 hrs just on footwork. *Please put your rocks down. I know Chris was a guard. I just think it would be awesome if Reneau was taking continuous, small steps.
  2. maxwell

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Barrel, That you?
  3. maxwell

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Poorly stated on my part. I don't have a problem with Leal's words. I feel he has absorbed criticism and dealt with it well.
  4. maxwell

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Not sure this applies to Leal, but I listened and watched player comments from another program recently and it sounds like many players are encouraged more and more by coaching staffs to ignore any "outside negative noise" if it exists. So based on his comments he is not silencing outside chatter. I'm thankful and proud of him and others on this IU team to continue to grow and execute through the adversity during the last five games.
  5. maxwell

    2023-2024 MBB Big Ten Tournament

    Patience Killa!
  6. maxwell

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Thanks for this clarification. I didn't realize this was a leak. I assumed some sort of announcement. On a separate note, I'm curious why a couple of new posters joined since last night vouching for the idea Coach Woodson stays if the Woodson camp feels he is safe and is truly coming back. Anyone with ideas?
  7. maxwell

    Liam decomitting

    ^ Of course. I'm the one who should step away with that level of comprehension.
  8. maxwell

    Liam decomitting

    it is a dead horse, but step back and take a couple deep breaths or a couple days away from the board. IU did fire Sampson. :)
  9. maxwell

    Indiana @ tOSU Tonight @ 7 ET Peacock Game Day!

    Luv me some Leal & LCS!