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  1. maxwell

    (2025) - SF Joson Sanon

    Thanks for the investment of time by you and all the moderators. Can't help but think of how I sure do miss me some CCG - Capiche? at the end of that statement. My apologies for going off on yet another tangent.
  2. IU 72-63 Yes. I do like this post. I'm below the middle of the pack in standings & we need to change the momentum here.
  3. Very much agree with Stu here. If you have a coach open minded to learn the "Read and React" philosophy, I know that years ago Bill Self endorsed the idea. I enjoyed teaching the system to 4th & 5th grade boy and girls with a wide range of skills and athletic ability about 11 years ago. There are reads and cuts that he can learn as an individual that could help in his development if not implemented in a team situation. A good system you could promote to a coach.
  4. maxwell

    RIP Coach Knight

    RIP Coach. Quite sure I could not possibly ask for a better example of intensity growing up. Thanks for all the great memories.
  5. maxwell


    https://us.humankinetics.com/blogs/excerpt/benefits-of-jumping-rope-during-injury-rehabilitation Not sure if this is an option you've already tried, jumping helped me years ago. I would start off jumping on both feet and gradually build up the reps of isolation on the injured ankle.
  6. maxwell

    Red vs White

  7. I believe our guys would benefit from more pass fakes when breaking the press and inbounding the ball. GO HOOSIERS!