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  1. reconmkd


    Ahhh poor Timme!
  2. reconmkd

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Interesting that we have yet to hear anything regarding any IU players entering the portal. Did Woody ask them to wait or maybe they are not as anxious to leave?
  3. reconmkd

    I'll Be The Optimist For Once

    Maybe TKR could come here and be our Xavier Jerome Hunter, lol!
  4. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    Another link to the Naismith site. https://naismithfanvote.com/
  5. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    Fan vote is open for NPOY. Edey currently leads.
  6. reconmkd

    #1 IUWBB vs #9 Miami - Monday, 3/20/23 @ 8:00 on ESPN2

    Can someone tell me who is coming back? I know MH is but I can't remember who else said they were coming back.
  7. reconmkd

    #1 IUWBB vs #9 Miami - Monday, 3/20/23 @ 8:00 on ESPN2

    D@mint now I got to sit here and eat this whole box of Tagalongs! Still don’t like the timeout to advance the ball, for whatever reason the ladies just couldn’t get over the hump tonight. Great season and feel bad for Berger! Ugh 10 cookies to go.
  8. I posted it in the game thread. It wasn’t an interview just video showing the locker room right after the game. I will find it again and post it here.
  9. Sometimes it is hard to be in the IU fanbase. So far since last night I have seen the following comments on social media with tags to players. 1. Had to step up when a starter got hurt yet he's a lottery pick? He had one really good game and that's it. 2. Well he definitely won't make the NBA. 3. Most selfish player I've ever seen in an IU uniform. 4. Only tries to improve his draft stock, doesn't care about the team. If you still feel like the above comments are true after watching the video of him after the game last night, go find another team, please.
  10. I think that the rebounding issue is a combination of things. 1. TJD/Race/MR focus on blocking, 2. Overhelping usually leaves at least one opponent uncovered, 3. Opposing teams take a lot of shots outside of the post due to No. 1, leading to shots that bounce off of the rim away from the shot blockers/best rebounder, 4. Guards and wings more focused on getting back and trying to prevent the fast break. 5. Hustle or lack there of (watching the ball hit the floor, instead of going for it) Depending on the roster make up next year, hopefully our rebounding trend improves. Have to have guards rebounding.
  11. JHS is in tears on TJDs shoulder. D@mint now I’m even more sad.
  12. The B1G isn’t going to wake up, it’s all I’m about the money for them. Cram as many teams as possible into the tourney, win a few first rounds, maybe 1 team get passes first weekend and collect a pay check. The B1G, with its endless nothing burger in the tourney is still one of the top earning conferences in the end.
  13. 1 point forward 10 points back. Sad.
  14. Did JHS pull a groin or get hit in the nuts? Watching on a phone since my internet is still out.