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  1. reconmkd

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Geronimo up to 91 in ESPNs last class of 2020 revision. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  2. reconmkd

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Working from home, preparing for one schooling from home, preparing to occupy the other from bothering the one schooling from home, and a cat in heat! It’s time for a drink! And I really miss basketball[emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. reconmkd

    Prayer Thread

    I didn't know where to post this but Pat Graham's mother just posted that Pat is at home recovering from a heart attack he had on March 21st. She says he is doing great. Prayers to the Graham family and Pat.
  4. reconmkd

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Don’t worry it will be there soon. I live in Harrison County. In 3 days we’ve went from 2 confirmed to 9, as of yesterday afternoon, and it seems no one is interested in staying home. My wife went to Corydon yesterday, we need milk, bread, diapers, and such. Walmart, Jay C, Dollar Stores, and gas stations were all packed, usual traffic on the roads, and every fast food place had the drive thru’s packed. A lot of Crawford resident shop in Corydon. County health department released the places that the confirmed have been the last 2 weeks and they’ve been everywhere. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  5. reconmkd

    Archie and Progress

    Exactly, and the reason there were no lanes is due to more than just having the 2nd big in the post. It was also due to the extra 2-3 defenders packing the post because we could not spread the floor due to dismal 3 point shooting. All the defense had to do in most games this season was to guard the ball and pack the post. Later in the season, when more shots were falling by different players, I, personally, think that the offense did get to open up a little and there was a little more freedom of movement. Solution, add shooters, spread the floor, eliminate the need to play 2 bigs, open lanes, pgs can now drive/pick&roll or pop. Hunter was known for his back to the basket skills, thats why I mentioned it. However, if he were to play the 4, even if he was a stretch 4, he would still have to likely guard a post position at some point. Again I said I was speculating at why he wasn't played at the 4 (due to his injury/condition).
  6. reconmkd

    Archie and Progress

    I don't think you are getting what I am saying. We had open 3 point attempts all season long and missed tons. So, that leads to the other team sagging off of our perimeter players cause they knew we were not going to hit them. In turn they packed the paint, causing our bigs more trouble inside with a crowded lane that is already being crowded by playing 2 bigs or 1 big and 1 slasher (JS). I am speculating that the offense that was ran was to try and compensate for the lack of 3 point shooting and lack of a perimeter big. Have 2 Bigs down low to try and power through the defense, whose sole focus is now defending the paint, and for put backs. The purpose of a 4 out 1 in approach is to open the lane, however, this approach will not work if you cannot hit 3s effectively, because the defense doesn't have to guard the perimeter. They can sag into the lane and crowd the lane for the slasher or big. I believe the reason that we missed so many bunnies this season, wasn't just because we had too many guys on the block it was because of the defense sagging off the perimeter helping against the post. Too much resistance for the bigs to finish effectively. Until IU solves the perimeter game, there is nothing, no set half court offense that will solve the issue. Unless we maintain the up tempo offense, that doesn't allow the defense to get set. We have to become successful from behind the arc to make defenses stay with their guy to open the post. To respond to some other things in your post, there would be no reason to put Hunter at the 4 this past year. Yes, he can play with his back to the basket, but he just come off of what could have been a career ending condition, playing as a "freshman" in the B1G. Why would you put him down low, with the uncertainty of another clot or whatever his condition was? Maybe it was the coach watching out for the health of his player, making sure that his condition didn't return due to the rough nature of post play B1G basketball? IDK, but it might be a reason, just speculating. I truly believe Hunter is very lucky to still be playing basketball at this point and wish him all of the success to come. Phinese played all year with what is sounding like a sports hernia, which would account for some of the lack of explosiveness. That s**t hurts, I've had one in basketball and it shut me down. So if this is the case, props to Rob for being able to push through that.
  7. reconmkd

    Archie and Progress

    I've seen what you posted previously about lanes being cut off by other offensive players. But again, how is a 4 out 1 in going to help anything when our previous rosters couldn't hit the wide side of a barn from 3? The defenses are just going to sag off their man packing the paint. In other words, replace the offensive player blocking a lane with 3 defensive players because they are daring us to shoot over them, either way the paint is full. I still believe what you mention as the issue, is more of an issue with the line up. In order to run a 2 big line up, one of said bigs has to be able to shoot from outside. Brunk is not one of those bigs. I think TJD could and should probably work on that this summer.
  8. reconmkd

    Archie and Progress

    I feel that there were definitely issues on offense, like many on here have already stated. However, I don't believe it was a problem with what was being ran. We missed a "metric S**t TON" of 3s and bunnies under the basket. Many of those 3s were wiiiiidddde open, good looks. So how would running a 4 out 1 in offensive scheme work with the rosters that we have had the last couple of years, when we couldn't hit the wide open opportunities we had? Even if you ran the 4 out 1 in, the defense is still going to pack the paint because they know that you can't hit the shot to begin with (We saw many teams pack the post and dare us to keep shooting outside this season, i.e. PUke), so now you have 4 defenders in the post (assuming the opposing defense still guards the ball) and even less room to move in the post, no lanes to drive, no spacing for a pick & roll/pop. Everything will change with the addition of "shooters" injected into the line up, you hit a 3, the seas begin to part then TJD and Smith can go nuts in the post, there was even evidence of that at times this season, i.e. Hunter started hitting at a decent clip, the few games that DG went nuts.
  9. reconmkd

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I still have an occasional deep coughing fit and I had that around New Years, my dad still has the cough. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  10. DeRon was on WDRB down here in Louisville a couple days ago, and he said that he and Devonte had discussed the possibility of the extra year, but both were done and ready to move on.
  11. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    Better lock down the Italian restaurants! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  12. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    Just cancelled according to BTN news
  13. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    SEC cancelled
  14. I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to hear the words influenza type a before! Obviously never good for anyone to get sick, however, Hoiberg basically had a large portion of college basketball fans going bananas last night! Twitter was in full meltdown! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  15. Jeff Goodman tweeted it. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app