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  1. reconmkd

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    I just ordered the 6 game mini series so I will be at at least 6 games. Nice little bonus of the 6th game being Ohio State!
  2. reconmkd

    College Football Thread

    I just looked on stubhub there are several tickets available for the game.
  3. reconmkd

    Music Thread

    WTF, did i just watch?
  4. reconmkd

    Basketball Ticket Exchange Message

    Always interested in tickets. Especially around Thanksgiving Weekend or in Dec. My dad's birthday is 11/27. IU tix are usually his present, well and getting to spend the day with me in Bloomington, lol.
  5. Always do, just starting to get more expensive with more people wanting to go, lol
  6. I have always wanted season tix, I have been on the list for some time now and have missed the opportunity a few times or it wasn't a good financial situation a few times as well. I generally try to go to at least one game a year with my dad and one with my son, now my daughter is old enough to sit through a game. I also believe that my wife is growing a little impatient that I have never taken her to an actual game! She has been to hysteria a couple times.
  7. I have decided that every July, I will check my email at least 5 times a day, even on vacation like I was this time! I'm not playing around any more, LOL.
  8. I missed the opening for new season tickets by like 2 mins. By the time I got logged in, it closed!
  9. reconmkd

    (2018) PG Robert Phinisee to INDIANA

    I think we are in for a few surprises this season. I really think that our former coach micromanaged the hell out of the guys and really took them out of their game. I think that is why Rob has had issues, he was not in control of the game, coach was! That is why I think on almost every possession you would see Rob or however brought the ball up the floor were constantly looking at the bench to see what he wanted them to do.
  10. reconmkd

    Music Thread

    This week can go to hell! First Joey Jordison (Slipknot Drummer), now Dusty Hill (ZZ-Top)!
  11. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    A little star struck! Both were extremely nice, Tom was picking on my son (which had an IU jersey on) about being an IU player. Coach was nice, talked for a few minutes. Absolutely made my day, on top of celebrating my daughters birthday.
  12. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    Just ran into Tom Abernathy at the Indy Children’s Museum! Edit: Just ran into Coach Woody at Mother Bears.
  13. I maybe completely wrong on this but with the addition of a true 7' post player, I don't see TJD playing the 5 as much anymore. Durr's career definitely doesn't jump out of the stat sheets but he was a starter against some tough competition. With all of the comments from the new staff and TJD, Woody wants to help TJD get to the next level. IMO, if TJD wants any sort of career in the NBA, it is not going to be a the 5. I could see TJD at the 4 more this season with Durr at the 5 and Logan backing Durr up, if he is ready or TJD/Race moving to the 5 when Durr is off the floor. Again, I don't know if Durr is ready to start or not, just fitting pieces of the puzzle together. And I too hope to never see a "small" ball at center again.
  14. reconmkd

    College Bball Thread

    Just got an ESPN notice that Arkansas has hired Keith Smart as an Assistant Coach!