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  1. Hardwood83

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    It's very cool that Dunbar and Randle El are on the College HOF ballot....but why do I have NO recollection of IU being a Nike school in the early-mid 90's?
  2. Hardwood83

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    The same Iowa staff that struck out 672 IU batters in a row? That Iowa pitching staff?
  3. Eclectic mix of schools. He feels like a Nebraska guy to me. A line-up of 6'3", 6'8", 6'8", 6'8", 7'1" would be something to see!
  4. Hardwood83

    College Bball Thread

    So what is the plan. Enjoy the ambiance of West Laffy for another year then get a contract in Poland or Egypt? Or does he think he can improve his stock and slip into the 1st round?
  5. Hardwood83

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Clearly you haven't held your nose and checked out their boards. They insist Heide and Colvin will revolutionize college basketball with their pure, dazzling athleticism. :) Also, their new 7'2" stiff Berg is a Ginger. I thought that needed to be stated.
  6. Hardwood83

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    So what is the dream class for '24? Fland, Perry, McNeely, Newell and Bidunga sounds good to me! Tyler Betsey, 6'7" 3pt shooting specialist, sounds very intriguing too.
  7. Fixed it for you :) and it needed to be stated again. One of IU's biggest recruiting wins of this offseason was NOT getting Love.
  8. Hardwood83

    2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament

    I appreciate the perspective and context. I haven't watched much until the last couple of weeks and frankly they have looked bad. Really bad, so it feels like they are fading. Hopefully a solid showing in the NCAA's leaves a good taste for the off-season.
  9. Hardwood83

    2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament

    It's on, Now 0-1, Meat-chicken, still bottom of the 3rd
  10. Hardwood83

    2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament

    I've gotta stop watching IU Baseball. When I do all they do is strikeout on offense and make errors on defense :( I know it's a small sample size, but they have looked horrible (@Mich St, Iowa and so far today.) Young team that has hit the wall?
  11. Hardwood83

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    Why is he working out in Atlanta?
  12. Hardwood83

    2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament

    wow, that was a discouraging inning.
  13. Hardwood83

    (2024) - PG Curtis Givens III

    From that on3 article: Givens also knows what he’s looking for in a college. “The atmosphere is going to be big for me,” Givens said. “The culture of the school will be what I’m looking at on these visits. When I’m looking at a college, I’m looking for a place that will give their guards some freedom to make plays.” IU has a pretty strong case for those criteria
  14. I still have some reservations about IU for next season too. BUT many other teams have 3 FIVE stars starting in the frontcourt and Goodman would be getting callouses on his knees slobbering over them.
  15. Hardwood83

    IU Baseball @ Michigan State - May 18-21, 2023

    Nice to get the win. A Conference championship woulda been even cooler!