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  1. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    Show's what I know. CTA needs to throw some guys under the bus this week!
  2. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    Very likely, but I don't think they are in the same league as the others. Cincy has nothing to be ashamed of, but I think any of the top 3 spank them good and send them to bed without supper.
  3. Hardwood83

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Who are you projecting to stay? I agree with your point and was even thinking 6-7 could go: Johnson, Parker, Kopp, Thompson, Jackson, Phinisee. Always a chance for another that isn't the best fit or disgruntled too.
  4. Hardwood83

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Good observation. We have several examples just in the B1G what a solid, cohesive team can accomplish even if not the most talented. You take that model and step up the talent a level or two, might be on to something!
  5. Hardwood83

    (2023) - PG Jeremy Fears

    Screwed the pooch on that one.
  6. Hardwood83

    College Bball Thread

    I agree 100%, as I stated in the NCAA Football thread. ESPN doesn't care about the quality or sanctity of the playoff. They care about more games to sell advertising.
  7. Hardwood83

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    I have no idea, but am hoping for Parks. I'm a sucker for traditional bigs.
  8. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    Well that speech will sure motivate them! I'm fine with some brutal honesty and tough love, but pretty sure he just lost his entire team's confidence and loyalty.
  9. Not without better QB, OL and WR play. The offense is bad.
  10. Hardwood83

    IUBB Recruit Rankings

    3 top 100 kids seems like a pretty good recipe for success. I'm not a fan of one & done types in general, so this looks like a great mix to me.
  11. Hardwood83

    College Bball Thread

    Goodman is way taller than I would have guessed. Will he still troll IU or is he coming around?
  12. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    I disagree. If the purpose of the Playoff is to determine the best team, why does the #14 team even deserve a shot and why should the number #3 team have to beat them? I know the field will expand because ESPN has decreed it, but when was the last time TV actually improved a process?
  13. Hardwood83

    College Bball Thread

    0 scholarships for a couple years, make them play with all walk-ons. A couple 0-20 ACC records might adjust their attitude a little.
  14. That's about where I am. The TO's are just devastating and I don't see that changing. Not sure the highs are worth the lows when there are other options. Kinda feels like injuries have derailed Penix's career.
  15. Hardwood83

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Was before I was born, but those are amazing numbers. Imagine if he would have stayed around a couple years under RMK! Appears I am the first to say Alford. His last couple seasons are when I started following IU basketball. He just embodied Indiana basketball. Too bad he didn't have the 3pt shot his whole career! Loved him as a player but am thrilled he's NOT the coach, btw. I am SHOCKED no one has said Cody yet.