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  1. Dave from Dayton

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I agree with Aloha. Except for his decision to leave HI. But it is not only lack of shooters. TJD needs to progress. He arguably has been playing out of position as an undersized 5. But, the PG needs serious upgrading. Maybe Phin will shake off the apparent lack of confidence. A lot of it was Archie's apparent desire to control him. Either that or Phin would take his time, look over at the bench, and not penetrate or make the fast entry pass or reversal pass. Maybe Lander will step up. Maybe not. Maybe Phin will get the magic elixir and do everything right. Maybe not. Defenses were always set. And they would challenge all ball reversals thereby shutting IU down. If we don't have an upgrade in PG then the offense is a non-starter. If we don't have shooters, then the offense plays uphill all season. If we don't move on offense then...and screens and assists? So, who is the shot doctor on staff? Gotta fix Lander and Phin and Race and TJD shooting. And the defense is going to be totally different. This coming season is not likely to look pretty at the start. Hope that we have a whole season with a significant non-conference schedule. Without Covid maybe this will work. IU had to make changes. But, to get significantly better is going to take more than I am seeing so far. Coach Woodson and staff have their work cut out for them. They seem to be doing what they have to do. It just may work. Hope it happens. Best of luck to all.
  2. Dave from Dayton

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I would not be surprised when IU lands additional talent from the transfer portal. Really depends on how one defines top talent, though. Indiana basketball and Indiana University have a lot to attract the student/athletes. Everyone knows that IU was really close in many games to winning. Everyone knows why IU didn't win those games. Corrective actions are taking place. Plus, if the prospective transfer wants to play against the best in the B1G, IU provides that. If one is a shooter, he will likely start. If one is a stretch 4 that can shoot, then he will likely start. I think that there are so very many coaches and teams that pursue the top talent that it would be difficult to get one of the very top talents regardless. More important to me is the development of the players. Reflecting on what Race did before last year to get ready, that is what I envision our players doing in the off-season. Correcting shooting including the free throws are really important. Putting some beef on some of the players so that they can handle the rigors of B1G play is important. I just wonder if Brunk can see the court again. I wonder if IU really has a PG that is one of the best in the B1G. I yearn for shooters and some wings that can create and hit 3's. I hope TJD finds his right hand and jumper. I hope that the new players and the coaches make the players get motivated to improve in all aspects of the game. If we really believe that we can land a Dean Garrett or a 6'8 AJ Moye....yeah, right. But then again we could.
  3. Dave from Dayton

    Player decisions

    Out here in fandom, we do not know. But, it seems that he wanted to not play on the court last year. Maybe, his grieving for loss of his father and his coach was really too much. Maybe he wanted to get settled at IU. Maybe he had other things to work out...like family, Covid-19, schooling, life plans, etc. His life seems to be all very significant changes in the last two years. That maybe was a lot for him to get his arms around. He did practice with the team. He did stay with the team for this year. Hope that he does well.
  4. Dave from Dayton

    Player decisions

    As a multi-year player and a starter at IU, I doubt that Armaan Franklin was too worried about his role on the IU team. Sure, he could improve. Maybe even jump big like he did between years. I see it as he wanted a change. He wanted to go to a program that had an established coach. He wanted to do very well in a program in another conference that would raise his visibility. He wanted a team that wasn't down on themselves. One poster has stated that Armaan was not happy during the last couple of weeks. Maybe losing the last bunch of games turned his head. Maybe the players getting boo'd off of the court in their last game was the last straw. He is going to a program that has the pack-line defense. So the transition won't be too tough on that side of the court. He is a talent. He is well liked. He puts forth the effort. He can score in transition, shooting the 3, and is a good teammate. He will be missed by yours truly. IU really needs shooters. Among other things.
  5. Dave from Dayton

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Well, it sure has been a very interesting week in this basketball off-season. I'm glad for the coach change. Happy that the majority of the players came back from the transfer portal. Pleasantly surprised Race is back...love his effort and rebounds. Goodbye Al, and good luck. Goodbye Armaan, good luck. Lots of questions remaining. Seems the problem at PG is partially answered, I hope. Xavier Johnson seems to be a scrapper that can create and likes contact. Here is an article about Xavier Johnson leaving Pitt with games remaining: https://www.cardiachill.com/2021/2/24/22299274/xavier-johnson-pitt-panthers-basketball-leaving-program-enter-transfer-portal-jeff-capel-point-guard So, XJ doesn't shoot the 3 with efficiency, can create with his quick moves, likes to have the ball, can and will go to the hoop and likes contact. As a freshman and sophomore he turned over the ball a lot, but the numbers are trending down and he handles the ball a lot. He also seems to have a penchant for talking to the refs and getting T'd. And leaving the team with games to play is, on one level, a bad look. Well, IU coaches know what they are getting. It will work out. Welcome XJ, good luck. Lets get some shooters. Or develop them over this summer.
  6. Mark Twain: Ladies and gentlemen, how solemn and beautiful is the thought, that the earliest pioneer of civilization is never the railroad, never the newspaper, never the missionary, but whiskey.

  7. Dave from Dayton

    Player decisions

    Lot's of postings on the U of Virginia fan forum but no news. It is all speculation. It is interesting that Virginia uses the pack-line defense. Wonder if Armaan Franklin likes that. I predict that Franklin announces in the next 2 days that he will return to IU!
  8. Dave from Dayton

    "Perfect in 76" Documentary Question

    Google the title of the documentary (ie. perfect in '76 reviews). There are some reviews online. One hour long is not enough to show games develop during the year. But it seems to get decent reviews. I have not seen it.
  9. Dave from Dayton

    This really sucks...

    Never give up! Go Hoosiers! Graduated in '77. The team that refused to lose went undefeated and won the NC! Dancing on Kirkwood. People on cars. Didn't jump in Showalter Fountain. But people did. Cheered for IU when attending UW-Madison in Civil/Environmental Engineering. Upset at IU and RMK. Still watched HC Davis and attended IU's 2 games at Rupp including the upset of Duke. Upset at coach "he who must not be named" and IU's lack of oversite. IU self penalized...stupid...stupid... Just do not let Dakich be HC, please. Oh, no, not Crean. Still watching.... Archie Miller was not my first choice but thought it was an interesting selection. Cheering and watching...needing a good point guard, shooters, team disfunctioning...Holy crap, Hoosiers?! Went to OSU at IU and watched IU throw the game away. Seemed Archie lost the players over a year ago. Alleged fight in the lockerroom? Really? Watched most of the games...but some things are more important...life? IU has been on double-secret probation for over 20 years. I have to have BTN. I still watch. But...my wife gets more pissed than I do when things go wrong. I will watch. But the game of basketball has changed. IU basketball has been deemphasized by IU administration. The 3-point shot, the shot clock, the emphasis on offense in the rules, the expansion of the NBA has sucked the best players from the college ranks, the Indiana high school situation, entertainment options devalue basketball, parity, NCAA goofiness, $$$, ...all of that has hurt basketball in college. And people ask, do you still watch and cheer for IU like you did once upon a time? Well it is not the same. And I will wait for news. And I will watch the games. But, no...I do not see IU basketball players refusing to lose. For instance: The Wat Shot does not equal the undefeated team's National Championship. BTN does not equal Channel 4. Crean and Miller and those other coaches do not equal RMK. Very happy to see Coach Woodson brought in Xavier a really gifted PG. Man O Man have we needed one. But plugging the other holes and making the team refuse to lose...
  10. Dave from Dayton

    2021 Transfer Portal

    There are all sorts of portal related questions. From postings on this site, those that are in the portal have lost their scholarships. Players only may get scholarships if the coach approves. Do the player and/or his parents and the coach have to sign off on this (ie. commitment) ? So, let's say a player is allowed to return after entering the portal. Coach gives the player the scholarship. Then the player changes the decision...can he go back into the portal? I just wonder when Coach Woodson will draw the line. And, it may be flexible considering the decision thought process and meetings with player and parents. Heard it was today...but not sure. On a side note...hope this team jells, hits shots, plays with intensity, help each other, and wins and wins...and represents Indiana University in a very positive manner....banners galore!
  11. I'm cheering for Baylor. Didn't want Houston to win. And they didn't. I want anyone to beat the Zags. But, wouldn't mind a great contest between one seeds: Baylor vs Zags.... With Baylor coming out on top.
  12. Dave from Dayton

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I tell ya, my wife likes to talk during s*x. Last night, she called me from a motel. - Rodney Dangerfield. Wonder if Phin will have a breakout year. And Brunk... And I really like Race. Maybe he won't fit. Maybe he won't come back. But, he got prepared and gave his all. We need a glue guy. A big glue guy would be great.
  13. Dave from Dayton

    Player decisions

    I say: "Yah!".
  14. Dave from Dayton

    2021 Transfer Portal

    My wife has a lifetime contract. Well, the buyout is huuuuge. But each of us could use professional training. Thinking about a recruiting trip, though. I do have to be somewhat careful about my back. (Just kidding, sort of...) Back to the transfer portal. Who thinks that IU's PG situation is clear, settled, and ready to compete with the best in the B1G? Well, I don't. Veteran PG Rob Phinesee has lots of experience. Can he get across the timeline and distribute the ball? Can he cause some disruption in the opponents' defenses? Can he get the entry pass more quickly? Can he recover his shot and his drive? Can he stop that first quick step of the opponents' guards? Will Rob share the spotlight with Lander? If not him, then is Lander ready for prime time? Is he working hard during this break? Is he coming back? Will he share the spotlight with Rob? If both of the above are in question, who is the likely next man up? Stewart? A transfer? The Pitt PG? Hopefully better than Josh Newkirk. Will Phin and Lander get an answer from Woodson and vice versa on Monday? How will they react when Woodson says he is still going for a new PG in the transfer portal? Is Stewart a decent CG and will he be THE answer for a part of the year?
  15. OMG! It's The Big One! https://www.si.com/college/indiana/basketball/april-fools-indiana-mike-woodson-quits-at-indiana-to-record-bedtime-stories Sorry, SI deleted the link.