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Dave from Dayton

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  1. Dave from Dayton

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Going to the top of a volcano today in Maui. Tuesday snorkeling. Saturday I will score 150. IU basketball preseason continues as traditionally as ever. IU could and should be better than it is today. Maybe we need a different hat. On the other hand, that would not be Indiana.
  2. Dave from Dayton

    If You Could Add A Player

    Tough assignment. If RMK was coach, Laz. If MW was coach, Vonleh. (Maybe.) Or McGinnis, heh. Or Steve Alford. Or...I. Thomas. Or...
  3. Dave from Dayton

    If You Could Add A Player

    George McGinnis... (By the way, I read the instructions and I still want big George. Heh.)
  4. I don't know about all of that. But you definitely have the score right.
  5. Dave from Dayton

    IUMS vs Northwestern - 9/27/22 @ 8:00 on BTN

    Watched it. Could not believe that NW scored quickly after the half. IU had opportunities in the 1st half. I went: Whoa! Then IU scored 3 goals so quickly it was unbelievable! Stunned! Left side on offense is a treat.
  6. I hope that your prediction doesn't cost you much. You just have 3 points too many for each team.
  7. Dave from Dayton

    IUMS vs Northwestern - 9/27/22 @ 8:00 on BTN

    Packing for a trip to Hawaii...Maui. I will be watching IU soccer tonight. Go Hoosiers!
  8. If and when IU overcomes the first half of these football games, IU will become a decent competitor. Right now, IU's identity is that we do not quit. That's something. Nebraska is broken. They are concerned about IU's run defense. They are concerned that IU can control the pace of the game. Nebraska could do some damage against a defense that sleeps. So, IU has to change what we have been doing in the first half on defense. Will Nebraska be able to fix themselves in these two weeks? Uh no. They just fired their head coach. And they want to hire Urban Meyer or Lee Corso or Aaron Rogers or anyone who makes eye contact. IU 27 Corn Dogs (Huskies?) 24 (I will be in Maui Saturday afternoon.)
  9. Dave from Dayton

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    In previous years I almost never predicted an IU loss in football. Last week it gave me no pleasure predicting an IU loss to Cincy. I remember being excited when in High School. Football was really fascinating. Looked forward to competitions on Friday nights. Then I attended IU. Met Jade Butcher and others in classes. This was just after the Rose Bowl. I had season tickets as a student. I may not remember correctly but I attended about one winning game a year...after joining the Navy in '71. So many losses through the years. Drove up to Bowling Green OH a few years back. Knowing that IU would win. We didn't. Matador defense, no pursuit, mailed it in. I have a theory about IU football. Why IU loses so very many games. It is kind of simple but it is based on a few contributing factors: "The key is not the 'will to win'... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important" -Bob Knight; Demographics - IU should be able to recruit favorably especially in Indiana however the 3 major universities in Indiana puts each of those teams at a numerical disadvantage (inside the state of Indiana) to the likes of an OSU and the larger population in Ohio and the lack of another major; and The inability or unwillingness to attract and keep a head coach and assistants that are of top quality in recruiting, in game generalship, and have the other attributes necessary for success. Plus, being in the B1G east is really daunting and puts a crimp on post-season achievements. Just remember what Lee Corso said: "When you are lousy, you have to learn to be funny."
  10. Dave from Dayton

    Who leaves the program first; Darren Hiller or Tom Allen?

    We need recruiters. We need defensive secondary. We need to get to their QB. We need a QB that is accurate in throwing and can run some. We got in a hole yesterday because of an attempt to stop the run but not the long pass...against a team with a record of good passes and questionable ground game. Without a good defensive scheme in the first half...and without an accurate passer...it was game over. At one time IU had twice the offensive plays than UC. It was evident that field position was in UC's favor for the whole game. IU had to go 90 yards to score for a lot of possessions. To me that means getting a QB and beefing up the DL and DS. Sure some calls by IU to go on 4th down with rotten field position may be questionable but trying to get momentum changed is arguable. Does all this mean IU needs to change coaches? Not sure. There are reasons to change coaches. One has to have a plan. One does not change coaches after 4 games in a season. Typically, one lets the season develop. Maybe our QB and OL will learn something from this and improve. Maybe the defensive coordinator will too. Maybe we will not try to get 4th down yardage with bad field position. Maybe the turnovers will not be against IU. Play the season out.
  11. Game Day! Well, who is up for some recreational drinking. Not me. I am on the wagon. Trust me.
  12. Dave from Dayton

    9/24 Game Thread: IU at Cincy @ 3:30 pm ET on ESPN2

    Does anyone know of injury reports for both teams? Please link or let us know. Thanks in advance. I really want to change my prediction to IU wins. Give me a bunch of reasons. I heard that Coach Allen always looks in the coin slot. Trying to get a quarterback. Hey. It's a joke, right?
  13. Dave from Dayton

    Music Thread

    Looks like I have some interesting music to appreciate. Thanks bunches. Fun to stretch at my old age. I missed so much. I had excuses. But now I don't. Enjoyed both Kenny Wayne Shephard and Buddy Guy here about 2 years ago. Kenny Wayne Shephard was something else. Buddy Guy is an entertainer but a little past his best. Live music is to die for. If in the Dayton area and you get a chance to see a local blues guy live...try Doug Hart Band. Plays at Nick's in Xenia. Doug Hart Band
  14. Too bad it's a road game. Limit the turnovers and it becomes a possible win. Cincy made lots of mistakes in their first game loss to rated Arkansas. They may not make those against IU. Cincy has one heck of a QB. But IU's pass defense usually allows the receiver to catch the ball. Then IU tries to take it away. Not the recipe to win against a ranked opponent. And who has a ground game? IU 24 Sin City Flying Pigs 30 Hope that I am wrong.
  15. Dave from Dayton

    Game Thread: vs Western Kentucky @ Noon on BTN

    Never any doubt. Great stuff!! I mean the Elijah Craig barrel proof.