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  1. 8bucks

    IU Women's Soccer

    Physical second half. Wasn’t always beautiful soccer but it was what was needed to get the road win. Gerstenberg was great.
  2. 8bucks

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    Probably our recent history of not getting a big class and missing on the long recruits for 5* kids but I worry that we are in a “all eggs in one basket” position. Give Woody and the staff credit for getting the 5* kids to officially visit but if we miss, we miss big. There is that saying, Lose big, lose close, win, then win big. Hopefully we aren’t in the lose close stage but have moved to win or win big.
  3. 8bucks

    IU Women's Soccer

    My daughter plays at the NAIA level, which is between D2 and D3, but they are too young a team to consider something like this.
  4. 8bucks

    IU Women's Soccer

    Hanover College? Aren’t they D3?
  5. 8bucks

    IUMS @ USF - Friday, 09.08.23 @ 7:00

    We sat about 10 feet behind the bench and could hear Yeagley trying to find something. Second half we had more chances but still a ways to go
  6. 8bucks

    IUMS @ USF - Friday, 09.08.23 @ 7:00

    We possess well and get upfield but can’t turn that into a real threat. Then they counter and beat out midfield upfield. They should be up 2-0 at least. Could be 4-0 if not for a great couple of stops
  7. 8bucks

    IUMS @ USF - Friday, 09.08.23 @ 7:00

    0-1 USF. We are giving them a lot of chances.
  8. 8bucks

    2025 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    has he been ranked yet? could not find anything with that
  9. 8bucks

    IUMS @ USF - Friday, 09.08.23 @ 7:00

    Could be a wet night here. Looks like a grass field so hopefully it drains well.
  10. whew this really made my eyes tired. hopefully their real board is easier to read
  11. 8bucks

    (2024) - PG Curtis Givens III

    If Givens helps to land DQ and LM then his value goes up right
  12. 8bucks

    IU Women's Soccer

    I think this is an important year to see what this staff can do. Can they get to another level or become more consistent? I am hopeful but skeptical
  13. For a school like IU, Tom Allen is a very good DC. He just unfortunately has the wrong job.
  14. Missed it earlier but it looks like IU will play in Tampa next Friday. Might be warm but looking forward to having them in town on the one weekend we were wondering what to do.