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  1. WayneFleekHoosier

    (2023) - PG Elmarko Jackson

    X is gone. Bates is possible I suppose. JHS is possible. Gunn will be back if no transfer. Leal/Galloway. I could see a push here. Very likely to have 5 return and 2 coming in. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. WayneFleekHoosier

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    Pretty reasonable idea here. If I’m being greedy, you take Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Notre Dame. I feel like ND, PU, IU need to be together. Probably with The Michigan teams. I don’t know what to do with the East. From a athletic standpoint, dump Northwestern and add an East team (Clemson, Virginia, Syracuse-yuck,). Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. WayneFleekHoosier

    (2023) - PG Elmarko Jackson

    Interesting. Another guard? Figured we were done with guards in 23. Hmmm
  4. WayneFleekHoosier

    (2024) - C James Brown

    Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now I feel good, I knew that I would, now So good, so good, I got you! Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
  5. WayneFleekHoosier

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    Just Bonkers. 2 high quality athletic programs without question. Exciting matchups, without question. But losing the entire identity of the conference is a major bummer. So, strong dislike. BTN money is too big for them to pass on. Expanding into that market equals huge bucks. whatever, I guess! I find myself thinking this a lot these days. Our world is upside down, so sports might as well follow suit.
  6. WayneFleekHoosier

    Kokomo Monster (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    Phenom…. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
  7. WayneFleekHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Yeah, besides at one point he was pegged as the next Lebron/KD, then a drop to top3 in his class, then to a ineffective college piece at Memphis, then to a non power 5 team. I watched his HS games. He was very talented. An amazing drop and story. I’m ready for his 30/30 story.
  8. WayneFleekHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Most precipitous drop in expectations I think I've witnessed. Crazy
  9. WayneFleekHoosier

    Summer 2022 IU Basketball News and Notes

    0-4 would probably drop us out of the top 25. 1-3 puts us on the fringe. 2-2 has us 8-18 range. 3-1 get us 5-12 range 4-0 puts us in the #1 range
  10. WayneFleekHoosier

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    Funny and ironic that Archie didn’t want to play Sean/Arizona, and this season we get both Arizona and Sean Miller at Xavier. Xavier will be tough. Sean is a tough coach but not the best. They return a fair amount of talent. Nunge is one of their stars with Indiana ties, then of course Jerome Hunter. going to be a crazy non-conference.
  11. WayneFleekHoosier

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    I’ll “settle” for : 1. Missi/Bidunga 2. Asa Newell 3. Powell/Perry/McNeil/Harper 4. Will we go for 4? If so, I’ll be happy with Burgess, but anyone on the list. I love the BIGS so Bidunga, Missi, Newell tops for me. I don’t think Tucker is realistically an option.
  12. WayneFleekHoosier

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    New Rivals for 2024 #4 Bryson Tucker #6 Flory Bidunga #10 Fland #12 Yves Missi #17 Dylan Harper #18 John Bol #19 Asa Newell #22 Derik Queen #27 Liam McNeely #30 Paul McNeil #43 Jonathan Powell #64 Travis Perry #65 Khani Rooths #72 Jaeden Mustaf #120 Raliegh Burgess I might have missed some, but that is a lot of talented targets.
  13. WayneFleekHoosier

    Kokomo Monster (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    and there it is.... #6 on new Rivals top 125 for 2024. Wow. That matches the reporting.
  14. WayneFleekHoosier

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    I am not one to complain about the cupcake games but yes, you are correct. 2 top 5 programs and a borderline top 10. Impressive! Get these boys ready!
  15. WayneFleekHoosier

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    Won’t that be a road game too? I hope we win all the cupcake games. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app