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  1. WayneFleekHoosier

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Condolences to your family’s experience. I know this is always harder on the family than the fans. 2 thoughts, and I might be wrong on 1 or both. 1. It seems rare anymore that players want to “wait” their turn. IUWBB definitely pushes their starting 5 hard. Was her experience different? 2. Didn’t we do really well in the tournament and advance the furthest in our history? clearly, lots of turnover and this is a trend. But winning is also becoming a trend. So, I’m enjoying the quality of basketball on the court at the moment. Surely there is more to it, but the starters are all very good players.
  2. WayneFleekHoosier

    High School Basketball Thread

    CJ Gunn has all the measurables. But he’s really going to have to improve as a shooter to be the player he wants to be and we need him to be. I think his ranking is a pretty fair assessment. Great length for a guard but ball handling isn’t tremendous and neither is the shooting. I’m not basing this post on an All Star game.
  3. WayneFleekHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    You guys and Woodson are making me a believer! Love the moves and trajectory of everything so far. Beyond thrilled to see a new direction for Indiana basketball. The roster moves, the player retention, the coach retention, the coach additions, the recruiting targets. It all looks, so very promising!
  4. WayneFleekHoosier

    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to INDIANA

    Gotta love the mullet. Or not. great seeing these off season pictures.
  5. WayneFleekHoosier

    2020-2021 NBA Thread

    Maybe Stevens wants the Indiana job in 5 years after Woodson is done. But to me his stock just took a pretty big hit. I can’t blame him for wanting a front office job. Much easier job.
  6. WayneFleekHoosier

    IU Trustee Election

    If you research McRobbie and his past you will have many more questions and you won’t think this is a loony theory whatsoever.
  7. WayneFleekHoosier

    IU Trustee Election

    Follow the path and research McRobbie. He got gamed. Or he was in on it.
  8. WayneFleekHoosier

    IU Trustee Election

    For Fun, research McRobbie and his affiliations and any connections to the Chinese student population growth. And not just population growth. Connections are curious to say the least.
  9. WayneFleekHoosier

    IU Trustee Election

    Interesting. Very interesting
  10. WayneFleekHoosier

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Love it all. Stay confident, young man! We need all of that. Someone should have put in some dryer sheets in with that fresh Uni.
  11. WayneFleekHoosier

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    Not bad at all. Would love Clowney or Washington in the mix if room. If it’s Flip vs Clowney vs Washington it gets interesting. All great options. 5 man class doesn’t seem realistic to me, but who knows.
  12. WayneFleekHoosier

    Bloomington Food Choices

    I’m similar. Graduated in 2003. I was a full scholarship student with a very limited budget. I worked in the kitchen at several sororities as a “meal job”. We could get breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. When we ate out or ordered in, it was La Charreada, Dagwood’s, Avers, Pizza Xpress, Dragon Express, Subway on 3rd?, Mother Bears some and that was about it. Little Zagreb’s on special occasions. Spent lots of time at the Bluebird, Nicks and Sports. Less time at Killroys. And even less time at Uncle Fester’s. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
  13. Passing every preseason test and recruits and players seem to love him. I wanted a splashy hire to be able to sit at the table with the best players. It appears Woodson can get a seat. That’s huge in my book. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  14. WayneFleekHoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    One of coolest, craziest plays I’ve ever seen. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  15. WayneFleekHoosier

    2022 General Recruiting Thread (Bball)

    So is Banks and my main man “Flip”! Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app