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  1. IUsafety

    2021 Transfer Portal

    What’s her stats like? I’ve been looking to upgrade that position and would be willing to Crean my wife. lol
  2. Currently is a coach at Indiana University.
  3. For those wanting to rekindle their hope for Stevens. My old college roommate is a coach at IU, not basketball. He said Brad Stevens is going to be our next coach. It doesn’t move my needle but if any of you want to run with that, go ahead.
  4. IUsafety

    2021 Transfer Portal

    With an extra year of eligibility being granted and a whole new class of Freshmen coming in, there should be less scholarships available. Finding a landing spot for the average player may be difficult.
  5. IUsafety

    General New Coach News

    I’m ready to play dirty. Tired of losing. Might as well try to compete on an even playing field. Crucify me now.
  6. IUsafety

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Another one.
  7. IUsafety

    BTown Banners Bracket Challenge

    WRONG!!! My allegiance to the B1G has greatly impacted any chance of winning or finishing anywhere in the top 75%.
  8. Your kid has some high basketball IQ.
  9. IUsafety

    College Bball Thread

    Good first night of basketball. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the tournament has in store for us.
  10. IUsafety

    College Bball Thread

    MSU has had some horrible turnovers in OT.
  11. IUsafety

    BTown Banners Bracket Challenge

    I’m in. Might actually have a chance since I wasn’t able to put the Hoosiers as the champs.
  12. IUsafety

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Friday - Arkansas Saturday - Florida State
  13. IUsafety

    High School Basketball Thread

    That’s awesome! I would probably do something like that. Make it feel like a home game for my team.
  14. IUsafety

    General New Coach News

    Stevens is the only name that gets me excited about Indiana Basketball. I will not waste another minute on the Hoosiers again unless he is hired or we start winning again. I have almost converted to being a Bellarmine Knights fan. Scotty Davenport invites my son and his team to come watch games. The Bellarmine players play hard nosed basketball, compete every possession and are fun to watch.