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  1. MoyeNeeded

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Coach Scott Davenport of Bellarmine stated on a program out of Louisville that D-1 programs are averaging 4.2 players per team entering the portal. That's crazy!
  2. MoyeNeeded

    Red vs White

    Leal isn't going anywhere. Willing to wager on that.
  3. MoyeNeeded

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Fans would be at a high majority that getting rid of Leal is highly unacceptable.
  4. MoyeNeeded

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    Any numbers for Cupps this past weekend?
  5. MoyeNeeded

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    I don't see it much more than last year. Maybe 2-3 wins.
  6. MoyeNeeded

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    Game time at 12noon on ESPN.
  7. MoyeNeeded

    High School Basketball Thread

    Getting shutdown in the Championship game.
  8. MoyeNeeded

    2022 NCAA Tournament / Bracket Reveal

    Dude, AL carried them!
  9. MoyeNeeded

    Michael Lewis to Ball State

    He best keep Luke Brown or that will be another 50 pages of this thread. Lol!
  10. MoyeNeeded

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Legend? Lol!!!
  11. MoyeNeeded

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Runner-up again for 2 of the last 3 seasons. Maybe next season I will get lucky. I doubt it lol!
  12. MoyeNeeded

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Congrats Natty!
  13. Don't you just wish some people would just STFU!
  14. MoyeNeeded

    2022 NCAA Tournament / Bracket Reveal

    State of Indiana has not been good to pUKe here the last few years lol