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  1. HoosierHoops1

    2023 SF/PF Mackenzie Mgbako to INDI-F’N-ANA

    Convertible Rolls.
  2. HoosierHoops1

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    I think that could be throwing Logan a bone and letting him regain that year of eligibility back die to illness
  3. HoosierHoops1

    Trayce Jackson-Davis career stats

    Greatest of another time? Yes, GOAT is way over used.
  4. HoosierHoops1

    NIL and IU

    Because the cheat or don't cheat mentality of people didn't change with NIL. Non-cheat boosters would likely still want to not cheat (stay within the proposed rules) 2 teams have 100 rich boosters. 1 team had 50 of them always paying recruits under the table, earmarking it for whatever the F. a 2nd team had 2 always paying recruits, but many of their boosters never considered illegally paying recruits and their money went to whatever the F but not recruits. The rules changed, but there are STILL RULES! Team 1 shifts their illegal efforts to "legal" but not really because it's still against the rules. Team 2 boosters create collectives, hire players to represent their banks, real estate companies, car dealerships etc, while staying within what is SUPPOSED to be the legal boundaries. Where's the list of Crazy a$$ deals that have been made? Not 5 or 6, but the 150 that are supposed to make all the difference.
  5. HoosierHoops1

    NIL and IU

    where are they?
  6. HoosierHoops1

    NIL and IU

    To my knowledge, you're the only one espousing woe. I was talking about dozens of illegal boosters at school 1 seamlessly continuing. Where no (or few) Illegal boosters at another, started to weigh their involvement and didn't have money earmarked for "boosting". IU didn't have a booster pipeline and started creating collectives etc, in following the rules. There are rules and Miami and others have violated them. While whatever is legal, is legal, some schools had the pipeline, because before there was little funneling at many places. i
  7. HoosierHoops1

    NIL and IU

    You're wrong
  8. HoosierHoops1

    NIL and IU

    Indiana is using collectives and it seems legal methods and money. The same old cheaters are still using the same old boosters. Money from those boosters have been earmarked for years for 2023 etc.