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  1. hoosierbgh

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I'll go with 6, because he very well could have gone to Purdue's campus... such a visit would have had no bearing on a list of the top 5 most scenic campuses in the BIG.
  2. While it is always fascinating to read opinions on exactly what Coach Woodson is going to do and how he is going to do it, I doubt even Coach knows that yet for certain. He certainly knows what he wants to do but so much of what he is able to do will depend on the development of every player on the roster. Right now he has options, which is great but there are also a lot variables and moving pieces. I think or hope at least, that for the first time in quite awhile we have a coach that is flexible enough to do what will make IU the most successful it can be instead of rigidly sticking to the same plan despite glaring flaws in that plan or lacking critical components to execute it effectively.
  3. hoosierbgh

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    I would like to see UK back on the schedule but not so much that I want to see IU bend over backward to accommodate them yet again. If the series resumes it should be on mutually agreeable terms, not with whatever terms UK demands. I also don't think Calipari is willing to schedule IU under almost any terms
  4. hoosierbgh

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Until Calipari is gone it isn't going to happen nor should it.
  5. hoosierbgh

    The Player That Defines Each IUBB Era

    I'm trying to figure out who JaMarcus Ellis's disciples were and why they were allowed on the court.
  6. hoosierbgh

    Next Year’s Roster

    Yes, it is kind of odd to think with that kind of height in players that can fit the needs of the spot to varying degrees, Woody would use lineups that don't take advantage of it for significant amounts of time. People are too hyper focused on 3 point shooting percentage to the exclusion of everything else. Defense and rebounding are just as important, possibly even more so in this position considering IU can have at least two and most likely 3 other very good shooters on the floor at the same time. IF, Race develops a respectable 3 point shot, then he'll likely see a good amount of time at the 4 since, unlike the other options, he is a proven rebounder and defender. He doesn't have to be a great 3 point shooter, merely good enough to keep opposing defenses honest. Geronimo may end up being the best option of the bunch and eventually end up taking on more of the minutes but he has plenty to work on as well. Ultimately, it will come down to which of the players improves their deficiencies the most and fits in with the other players on the court the best.
  7. hoosierbgh

    College Bball Thread

    I'm sure most other students would gladly accept the transfer restrictions if they were given scholarships and the tutors that athletes get. Athletes are treated differently because they are different, with greater benefits come greater requirements.
  8. I could not agree more and wish I could like this more than once! Adding shooters is a much needed and long over due improvement but that is not all Coach Woodson is doing. So far he has added XJ, an intense competitor with a good work ethic, Bates, also an intense competitor with a strong work ethic, and now Kopp, who also competes and is willing to work hard. I'm liking the other trends I see developing in addition to adding shooters. Woody is building a team with players that fill roles and will push other players, not just collecting shooters or assembling talent.
  9. hoosierbgh

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    IMO, that is preferable to the leaving multiple scholarships unfilled for no intelligent reason phase we were in with Archie. Transfers have been the rule not the exception in college basketball for a long time, now that there is no requirement for kids to sit out a year after the first transfer its going to happen even more frequently. Crean was, perhaps, a little too aggressive for his time at IU but it looks like that is going to be closer to the norm going forward.
  10. hoosierbgh

    Player decisions

    If you look hard enough you can find a few comments to support most narratives... that doesn't mean it's an accurate picture though. Verdel Jones used to get worse comments than that after playing a decent game that IU won. Same with several other players that I could name. If anything it is kind of interesting that a young player that made the jump that Franklin did this past season, didn't get more comments, positive or negative, than he did.
  11. hoosierbgh

    Player decisions

    Leal and especially Galloway are the kind of guys that not only push more talented players in practice but do the little things that help a team win games and make deep tournament runs. At this stage in their careers they are not starters on a really good team but they are good options as the 3rd and 4th players off of the bench, which they'll likely be. Writing them off after one season with a bad coach is beyond silly in my opinion.
  12. hoosierbgh

    Next Year’s Roster

    I'll add this, our focus seems to be entirely on some combination of getting better shooters or improving the shooting of those we already have which will certainly help but so will improving the teams rebounding. A team full 30-35% shooters can do a lot of damage if they rebound the misses at a high rate and improvements in rebounding will help win games when even a great shooting team has a bad night. Everyone is enamored with Baylor's 3 point shooting but the offensive rebounding performance was just important.
  13. hoosierbgh

    2021 Transfer Portal

    So far in limited trials the potion has only produced a player with a bum shoulder, Moye's height, Newton's aloofness, and Evan's foot speed. That's not exactly what I intended but work continues.
  14. hoosierbgh

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If we are making our grocery list of players we want regardless of reality then I want an Evans/Newton hybrid with some Moye fire thrown in as another big and a clone of Cheaney on the wing. All joking aside, the team can always use more talent and anyone that Woody thinks will fit and is interested in playing at IU is a welcome addition, IMO.
  15. hoosierbgh

    Player decisions

    Certainly the best roster a new coach has had at IU since Sampson. Maybe I'm greedy but I get the feeling it is going to get even better, possibly with another addition but certainly with player improvement.