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  1. hoosierbgh

    College Football Thread

    I'm not sure you could tell the difference if he were in attendance.
  2. hoosierbgh

    IUBB @ Nebraska - 1/10/21 @ 6:00 ET on BTN

    Just to get Morris. When it comes to terrible announcers, I'm pretty sure that is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  3. If it is anger that motivates them, then I'm sure there are at least a couple posters that could provide a pre-game critique guaranteed to leave the team PO'ed.
  4. hoosierbgh

    Guards more conifdent, on to Maryland

    I don't know, I'm old enough to recall another, much worse win over PSU. One where IU was ranked #1 in the polls and had to have the benefit of an absolutely terrible call to even make it to overtime before escaping with the win. Although, I'm not old enough to remember a lot of that long period of excellence I do remember enough of it to know it wasn't uniformly excellent. Time plays funny tricks on us all, it tends to make us think the past was better than what it actually was and that the present is worse than what it is. Personally, I've seen enough IU teams of several eras lose games that they had no business losing to lose my mind over a closer than expected win.
  5. hoosierbgh


    Hog hunting is probably a good way to dip your toe into hunting. In fact, lack of other big game hunting experience is probably a benefit to hog hunting in some ways. Hunting with dogs is probably not the best way to start for a beginner but can be a lot of fun. IMO, spot and stalk is the most enjoyable method but hunting out of a stand or blind with or without a feeder is probably a better way to start. A good setup should give you plenty of opportunities, a solid rest, and time to wait for a good shot. You don't want to wound a hog, not because of potential danger(it's real but over blown, IMO), because they can be very difficult to track and recover with poor hits.
  6. hoosierbgh

    Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA

    Probably a topic for a whole other conversation but the way to maximize points per possession hasn't evolved so much as our understanding of it has. The way to maximize points per possession is still and has always been to take the best opportunity available, our understanding of that has stuck on "rim or 3" as always being the best opportunity. Defensive understanding evolves too and even if it didn't the theory of"rim or 3" only works if you can get to the rim and make 3s.
  7. hoosierbgh

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    The discussion is of need vs. talent, even necessity vs. luxury, not of the relative talents of both players. Considering such debates are long running and in nearly every sport, it's fairly obvious that it is a valid discussion. Less obvious is how one manages to see that as a talent comparison or why one would go out of the way to do so.
  8. hoosierbgh

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    Figments of the imagination in those that enjoy nothing so much as anticipatory b****ing and moaning?
  9. hoosierbgh

    Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA

    I haven't seen anyone say Stewart makes us BIG title contenders and I would hope no one seriously thinks that is the case. The roster is not full of Parker Stewarts either. So while it is a lovely strawman that you've constructed it has absolutely no bearing on the actual situation. IF, and it's not an insignificant if at this point, Stewart can play competent defense and make some shots then he will help fill the most glaring weakness of this team. Often enough one small piece can make a big difference if it is the right piece. Can Stewart be that piece? Before he's even played a game for us is just a bit too soon to determine that. However, given that the current team often doesn't have the confidence in itself to even make open shots, I like the addition of a player that not only has shown some ability to make open shots but has demonstrated the confidence to keep shooting and at least some ability to manufacture and make tough shots as well. As it stands now this team plays pretty solid defense and has a very, very talented post player. A team like that which has a hot shooting game or two can do a lot of damage in a win or go home tournament. Anyone that can possibly contribute to the team getting hot is a worthwhile addition, especially when we have the room.
  10. hoosierbgh

    Game Thread vs Purdouche - 12/12 @ 3:30 on BTN

    It's Purdue. Football players, basketball players they all share the same livestock.
  11. hoosierbgh

    IUBB vs Stanford - 12/2/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    I'd take Bardo over Walton any day. Bardo may suck but at least he actually talks about basketball, granted it's frequently Illinois basketball instead of whoever is actually playing.
  12. hoosierbgh

    IUBB vs Providence - 11/30/20 @ 2:15 ET

    I'd like to know why ESPN hates his partner so much. He put in a Herculean effort trying to keep Walton's train(s) of thought on track all to no avail. I really feel for the guy since there was never any real hope of him succeeding. Sadly, the 10/8 second discussion was one of the more coherent comments from Walton all day. He was merely awful 20 years ago now, he is an embarrassment and someone should have enough sense to not put him out their in his current condition. .
  13. No one's legacy is going to survive that association unless their name is Sanger.
  14. hoosierbgh

    Has Archie said anything?

    The part in bold is exactly the point I was largely trying to make, I just didn't do it as succinctly as you. Words should matter I agree but so does context and experience with the source. Unless you are speaking of a subset of people approaching one, "all" is rarely going to be the accurate way to describe them yet often people do so, ether for emphasis or because they tend to hyperbole. No, I don't think it's trivial at all, that is exactly the danger when someone communicates in hyperbole mo'st (I had to catch myself here as I was tempted to use "all" instead of most) of the time. In any case you're also correct in that the conversation has ran it's course.
  15. hoosierbgh

    Has Archie said anything?

    Let's not be too pedantic, you're fixating on his hyperbolic use of "all" to discredit his entire point, which is a valid one. We'll never know exactly what the percentage of sincere people to those with ulterior motives is but it's not even relevant. It is no fairer to judge the motives of those that choose not to speak publicly than it is to judge the motives of those that do. It is important that Archie, and by extension anyone else, has the right but not the requirement to comment publicly or not as they see fit. It is even more important that those like Tom Allen continue to live it regardless of commenting publicly. IMO, too many people are focused on who is or isn't saying what, that the real message is getting lost.