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  1. mjtavier

    (2021) SF Trey Patterson

    Yeah these could very well be when he came for the official visit. Still believe its Nova but would be very happy if I'm wrong....
  2. mjtavier

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    Columbia grad transfer Mike Smith committed to Michigan.
  3. mjtavier

    A Transfer Coming?

    Al has increased his stats every year. Now maybe that is because of more playing time but his shooting percentages have increased every year as well (3 points % - 29/35/38). Another offseason will be beneficial for him. I believe Leal as a freshman will not even be close to Al as a senior, everyone always under estimates big ten basically and the physicality...so yes I don’t want him to transfer.
  4. Interesting conversation. I personally would include Leal (fr) with the bench reserves as we don't know how any of those guys are going to come in and contribute. 1 Guard / 1 Big / 1 wing for bench rotation players with room for Lander and some freshman to get some experience, yes please! I also can see Al and / or Smith transferring this offseason, though...
  5. Heard from someone in btown that RMK won't be there today. Chris can you confirm?
  6. Yeah didn’t say too much. He talked briefly on his 3 official visits so far. Said IU / Louisville / Michigan were the three schools in contact with him the most and that Leal and Galloway talk to him about coming to IU. He was asked if there was one school that he hopes he gets an offer from and he said Duke. No shock there.
  7. mjtavier

    You be the Committee

    Well Murray state is in since they won their tourney...
  8. Any word if Keion is visiting tomorrow?
  9. Wow. It wasn't even close. Gonna be another stud for IU in the breaststroke.
  10. Not sure if anyone has heard similar but heard that we are looking at Max Christie out of Rolling Meadows, IL. 6’5 G and ranked top 25 nationally. Name to watch potentially for 2021. 247 Rivals
  11. mjtavier

    College Bball Thread

    We are 3-6 according to Sports-Reference
  12. mjtavier

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    why nervous? Lousiville just offered him, and AZ and UK looking at him too. Not nervous at all, probably will shoot up the rankings.
  13. mjtavier

    Getting Rid of Cable...maybe

    I use YouTube tv. $35 a month and get all the channels you would want. All ESPN, FS1, BTN, etc.
  14. mjtavier

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Derrick Rose MVP season (2011) was probably the best team. They also would have beaten the Mavs in the finals.