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  1. RaceToTheTop

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    Maybe the real Trilly is the friends we made along the way.
  2. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    Getting really chippy in the Minnesota/Nebraska game. First a tech on Minnesota's Mitchell for standing over a player and taunting him (he did it for like five seconds, no way it could be missed) then a flagrant one on Nebraska a little later as a player grabbed a Minnesota player's foot while he was trying to dribble.
  3. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    Live view of DePaul getting a defensive rebound.
  4. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    Texas A&M 62, DePaul 30....at half. A&M had no turnovers, made 24 of 37 shots including 11 of 18 from three.
  5. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    See above. Believe that was just a fake tweet.
  6. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    Do not believe that is true. It was reported on one ‘site’ and a tweet from ‘Jon Rothstein’ but the account spelled Jon with an m. Fake account.
  7. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    My Big Ten WAR ratings through today (WAR is a measure of the team's wins minus the number of wins I would expect the last at large bid in the tournament to have based on the schedule the team has played). SOS measure is the minimum winning percentage that would be needed based on their current schedule, so good SOS are low, not high). Team W L Min wins WAR SOS SOS rank Purdue 8 1 4.92 3.08 0.547 1 Wisconsin 7 2 5.2 1.8 0.578 2 Indiana 7 1 5.55 1.45 0.694 6 Illinois 7 1 5.79 1.21 0.724 8 Northwestern 6 1 4.91 1.09 0.701 7 Ohio St 7 1 5.96 1.04 0.745 9 Nebraska 7 1 6.67 0.33 0.834 14 Iowa 5 3 4.93 0.07 0.616 3 Rutgers 5 2 5.55 -0.55 0.793 13 Michigan St 4 4 5.11 -1.11 0.639 5 Minnesota 5 3 6.27 -1.27 0.784 11 Michigan 4 5 5.58 -1.58 0.620 4 Maryland 4 4 5.98 -1.98 0.748 10 Penn St 4 4 6.33 -2.33 0.791 12
  8. RaceToTheTop

    College Bball Thread

    Wake Forest drilling Rutgers at the first half under 8 mark, 29-16.
  9. RaceToTheTop

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Going to do my bracketology calculations tonight for Big Ten teams (it compares # of wins I project a team needs to make the tournament based on their schedule). Rule of thumb is any team that finishes at a +1 or better on my system is close to a lock for the tournament. FWIW, based on current Pom team ratings, my project for minimum record based on IU's schedule and Pom ratings of teams would be 19-13 in the regular season.
  10. RaceToTheTop

    (2024) - CG Dylan Harper to Rutgers

    How long until U Conn steals him away?
  11. RaceToTheTop

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    FWIW, one of the ranked long snappers on that list is in a class I teach. Great kid. I can tell you that people would be impressed with how much work that the ranked long snappers have to put in get the accolades. For most of them, long snapping is all they do for their team. Kid in my class has been at tons of long snapping camps. Snapped for us for four years and never had a bad snap in that time.
  12. RaceToTheTop

    IUBB @ Michigan - Tuesday, 12.05.23 @ 9:00 on Peacock TV

    You win the internet.
  13. RaceToTheTop

    IUBB @ Michigan - Tuesday, 12.05.23 @ 9:00 on Peacock TV

    2-1 in neutral court/road games, all against P5.
  14. RaceToTheTop

    IUBB @ Michigan - Tuesday, 12.05.23 @ 9:00 on Peacock TV

    TEAM win. That was the best part. Nip and tuck all game and any time it looked like Michigan could pull away, IU answered. 77 points and no one with more than 15. 8 players with 6 or more, 28 points off the bench.