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  1. BA47591

    2025 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    Years ago I'd argue relentlessly on a now defunct board that if IU took the best players every year off the Heat/Elite teams only, we would consistently be a top 10 team and compete for the big ten championship. I'm back round full circle again. I think if I squint it might be happening. I can rattle off 8 names on those teams or adjacent that have staggered levels of D1 talent. Even if we only got Windham, Robinson Brisco and Kohler that would be a really good class with 3 high end transfers. We will need 7 more players next year. I know Woody is trying to pin down a fab 5 but what would that cost? What's the right mix? After the big 3 would a Kohler or Brisco be better + 3 high caliber transfers. A top 10 high school kid is gonna cost you close to 1m.
  2. BA47591

    2025 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    I'm telling you brother. The last year watching him has been like watching a movie when a man turns into a werewolf. If you go see him and hear someone yelling Ray Allen, come say hi. If he ends up a legit 6'6" and 200 lbs he could start day one and be gone in a year. Clif Marshall will be who puts him in the lottery.
  3. BA47591

    (2025) - PF Caleb WILSON

    Woody is the Mom whisperer. You do have valid points. I think we should pass on both the more I watch a couple of local guys. Brisco and or Kohler would be 4 year guys. I'm convinced as we move more to 4 out that Sisley at the 4 would really fit well with Tucker.
  4. BA47591

    (2025) SG - Braylon Mullins

    Mullins jumps up 57 spots. WHHHAAAAMMMY!
  5. BA47591

    2027 General Recruiting Thread (IUBB)

    Wait til you get a load and I mean a load of Darius Wabbington. 27' class is loaded in state. The Fishers guards. Ben Ly from Brebeuf will be a star in two years.
  6. BA47591

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    If we return Carlyle, Tucker, Rice and Reneau he would be a great compliment to Tucker. He can defend at a high level on the perimeter.
  7. BA47591

    (2025) - (C) Malachi Moreno

    It will be interesting to see what we look like going into 25-26. Moreno next to an elite PF and dynamic perimeter players would have a really impactful freshman year.
  8. BA47591

    (2025) - PF Caleb WILSON

    I prefer Wilson over Tiller. There's no worries about his motor. He can defend on the perimeter.
  9. BA47591

    (2025) SG - Braylon Mullins

    Sounds like Champ Kinds........WHHHAAAMMMMY!!!!
  10. BA47591

    (2025) - (C) Malachi Moreno

    Brad Daugherty
  11. BA47591

    (2026) - (SF) Gabe Weis

    He looks like a gamer. I'd like him alot more at 6'9".
  12. BA47591

    (2025) SG - Braylon Mullins

    +1 for Mr.Bozich and Jim "Champ Kinds" Coyle. WHHHHAAAMMMMY! Brady Koehler has won me over. Can we get him too?
  13. BA47591

    (2025) - G Meleek Thomas

    Good take. I think there's a world where Rice could be a late 1st rounder after this upcoming season.
  14. BA47591

    2024 (F) Kanon Catchings

    I have a strong reasonably educated hunch that OTE offered about twice what Purdue's NIL deal was for him to go with the professional side of their program, and he wanted Painter to get close to that figure and he wouldn't. When he signed he was 6'6" 175 lbs. OTE listed him this year at 6'9" 215. Probably a slight exaggeration but if he'd agree to the two year Tucker plan for professional readiness, IU would come up with necessary funds. I would ask he reads the Matt and Ryan Bewley story before he does anything further with OTE though. It would make Woody look like genius if we would pull this off. Lol,