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  1. lillurk

    College Bball Thread

    Not sure it would’ve made a difference, but surely no one thinks he was wrong about the CAM staff’s offense
  2. lillurk

    IUBB vs #13/12 Ohio State - 01/06/22 @ 7:00 on FS1

    Good spirited discussion. Couple things: 1. This is trite but this team needs all three of Stewart, Kopp, and Galloway at the 2/3. In Galloway’s two games back, total minutes: Stewart 48, Kopp 43, Galloway 41. If anything the return from injury and his late entrance vs. OSU probably mean that understates where he stands. Who starts is interesting, worth thinking about, and Galloway has a different skill set than the other two. But I like him as a spark off the bench, and if the X/Rob/Gallo/Race/TJD lineup continues to suffocate teams, I LOVE it to close with a comfortable lead. 2. there have been some oblique comments from CMW, TJD, and Rob himself about being less than 100% until recently and it really seems like he’s getting there. Also lol’d at Woody saying something like “it’s okay to be good,” as a thing he’s told Rob. Someone (we know who) really wrecked his confidence. As @Stuhoo said, his ideal role is probably off the ball on offense, and wrecking your opponent’s ability to get into their offense by guarding the point. Galloway’s ball-handling and passing means you can almost keep Rob in that role all the time: keep him alongside at least one of Galloway or X.
  3. lillurk

    (2025)-PF Bryson Tiller

    They’ve got a similarly small commit in ‘22. Listed at 5’11” but the scouting from Endless Motor says that’s…generous https://247sports.com/Player/Dug-McDaniel-46079207/
  4. lillurk

    Coffee Geek-ery

    Yes, the nespresso is primarily for the wife.
  5. lillurk

    Coffee Geek-ery

    New year has brought nice write-ups on coffee’s health benefits in both Inc and the NYT. I usually hit 3.5-5 cups/day, which seems the health sweet spot. But I drink it because I love it. Black, usually central/South American Intelligentsia beans through a Baratza Encore, OXO drip brewer. Before we had kids it was chemex, and I still occasionally make a pour over in the office. My go-to espresso drink is a cortado. We’ve got about all the gadget methods: drip, chemex, pour over, stovetop espresso, aeropress, nespresso*, the Baratza and a cheaper burr grinder for dedicated decaf, hand crank grinder. No @Stuhoo-style pro home espresso rig yet — maybe in the next house’s kitchen, or when the kids are older. *If you’re looking for a single-cup brewer, I’d say go pour over, but the nespresso is a pretty versatile alternative. Avoid Keurig-style machines if at all possible. Nespresso will let you make a pretty good facsimile of any latte-style drink at a much lower cost if you have milk frother options, recyclable pods, their brewed-style drinks are good-not great.
  6. lillurk

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to INDIANA

    are the stationary shot-making, defense, and awareness high enough for him to contribute next year? Numbers seem to say so but I haven’t watch a full game
  7. lillurk

    (2023) - PF Coen Carr

    I would guess they expect two or fewer years from some or all of Bates, JHS, Little
  8. lillurk

    (2023) - PG Miro Little from Finland

    Last visit and best environment is a great combo.
  9. lillurk

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Tomorrow’s six weeks from the initial 4-6 week injury but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be back tomorrow from CMW’s radio show. Maybe sometime next week?
  10. lillurk

    (2024) G - Paul McNeil Jr.

    Eh I get that and in the abstract of course you’re right if it literally limits you; in specific being called a “wing” vs. “forward” or “guard” means very little from a scout (someone who has literal impact on your deployment like a coach is a different story). I was thinking about insisting you’re 6’ (a million dudes) or that you’re not 7’ (Durant) or that you’re not a center (most bigs at every level since about 2009).
  11. lillurk

    (2024) G - Paul McNeil Jr.

    Always strange to me when hoopers care tons about positional labeling or height listing
  12. lillurk

    Point Guard Play: 2021-22

    No one needs my take but here it is anyway: 1. In sum, KL has seen only spot minutes because defense, TOs/decision-making, and fouls need improvement. 2. Rob had a pretty rough stretch and coupled with decent-to-good pressure performance against SJU and Cuse made me think it was time to switch roles, but Rob’s been better lately. 3. Some of KL’s defensive limitations are size/strength related, which is fine as he develops. But not all of the problems are there. 4. CMW has been pretty true to his word that defense is valued in playing-time decisions. I think obviously it’s a cost/benefit analysis; you’d play Steph Curry over Tony Allen all day. But the benefit on offense from KL doesn’t yet outweigh the cost on defense. 5. I think those that have questioned KL’s ranking or potential are telling in themselves. He has a ways to go, clearly. He may never reach it. But he can and has helped this team this year, and he could blossom in time. 6. In general I’d like to see more staggering of the starters with bench units and I assume we’ll see that as we enter conference play. Rob will benefit from more time with players who can score around him. 7. I’ve been encouraged how X has responded to poor performances and coaching. He needs to quit the dependable, preventable early TO or two but he’s clearly the best option.
  13. lillurk

    Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA

    Yes, probably fair. He’s in a nice spot as the roster shapes up this year and next, to the extent we know it. There are niches he can fill as a dependable wing defender or downhill creator on a bench unit that can earn him some time. I like Leal but Galloway brings different things to the table.
  14. lillurk

    Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA

    Galloway’s shooting is one of the bigger swing skills on this roster this year (and beyond), I think. Probably a 3 who can handle enough to play the 2, and guard most teams’ 4s. If his shot is a threat that’s a valuable upperclassman. If not he’s a nice bench piece.