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    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

  2. I believe it is administration and BOT. But behind all of that over the years is incompetent BIG MONEY.

    College Bball Thread

    Up here in Portland Ind at a beagle club with no Wi-Fi or cable. I didn’t get to watch the trees play but glad they won. Hopefully I will see our team excel again in my lifetime.
  4. I think he was also our best FT shooter

    College Bball Thread

    My wife threatened me with the iron skillet.
  6. If Woodson gave all the players who stayed big ataboy raises and has to over pay his picks of new players.How far will the reported 6 million go and how many scholarships will he have to leave open when he runs out of money?
  7. I always enjoy seeing quality players come in. I watched ISU play and it would be great to see IU play like that.
  8. Not to be disrespectful but what is your idea of normal?
  9. I thought I read that Woodman looks for players who are NBA caliber. He doesn’t want to spend his time teaching. He is the Coach and he is doing his job when his asset is on the bench. I could be wrong but fire him anyway
  10. I live in the deep south and only get my information from this board. Thank you! Every year I read about IU has turned the corner and the new season is going to be soooo much better.BS! New players and 5 star players won’t impress me anymore with this coach. Please get rid of Mich Wooden!!!
  11. Does it really make a difference. After a year under Woodson Mack would probably transfer anyway.
  12. He had red beans and rice for dinner.
  13. That is probably the only reason why he would be there.
  14. What caught my eye was the guards would get all the shots themselves,not having plays to give them open shots