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  1. Cd71

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Looking at the schedule, with the way this team is playing they could possibly lose the rest of their games. The environment would be nasty. To the ones that say Woody will get another year, do you think losing the rest of the games on the schedule would change that? I mean this could get really bad after seeing how they played yesterday.
  2. Cd71

    Fire Coach Woodson

    This program doesn’t deserve their fan base.
  3. Cd71


    I do not post much, but fire this guy. This is embarrassing. TJD made this guy not look like an idiot the first two years.
  4. Cd71


    We may be a passionate fan base but I don’t want to hear anything about us being lunatics from UK fans.
  5. Cd71


    I think Chris Beard would absolutely kill it here. He would be loved by the old guard fans and I believe he could bring the recruits as well. Texas was about to be a monster before his demise there in my opinion. The guy can coach. I have no faith though if things go south even more for Woody that the admin would make a hire like that.
  6. Cd71

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    So I read on 247 that Derik was at Maryland today for an unofficial. Maryland will host its top recruiting target, five-star center Derik Queen, for an unofficial visit today, sources told IMS. Queen, who is back home in Baltimore for winter break, will attend the game against Coppin State along with five-star 2025 point guard Tyler Jackson, his former teammate at St. Frances Academy, who's taking his second unofficial to Maryland in the past month. I'm also told Queen's mother, who has attended a few Maryland games by herself this season with their sonat school in Florida, will also be attending.
  7. Cd71

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Something happen with XJ last night?
  8. Cd71

    Player decisions

    Was just thinking the same thing. I am a wait and see on Stewart.
  9. Cd71

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    T.J. Walker (@TJWalkerRadio) Tweeted: If/when there’s a Friday news dump let’s just all remain calm. It may not be the best news day. https://twitter.com/TJWalkerRadio/status/1380515272646352900?s=20 Kentucky expecting bad news today maybe? Brooks maybe?
  10. Cd71

    Player decisions

    I just don't understand this decision. Would love to know what went on behind closed doors. It was all set up perfect ready to roll. My only thinking was he was worried about getting minutes here. Makes me think PS might be pretty good. Wait and see I guess.
  11. Cd71

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Illinois Loyalty had a few posts saying Indiana was on Miller. Don't know their sources but it was brought up there. Was back on Tuesday I believe on their transfer thread.
  12. https://twitter.com/accmbb/status/1362182438919823363?s=21
  13. Cd71

    Player decisions

    Did he ever, some of his teams were stacked. I just needed one more reply to get the purdue jock strap off so I'm good now.
  14. Cd71

    Player decisions

    Just when I was starting to get some work done and not look for updates.
  15. Cd71

    Player decisions

    One question I had was players coming back breaking records. Is it really fair for players getting an extra year to break records of 4 year players? Not just at Indiana but everywhere and all sports.