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  1. tkbbn

    Next assistant coach

    If he is really tight with Payne and his current coach doesn't listen from what we are hearing then that is a concern for sure. If he leaves and CMW does go with his NBA assistants then that could be a huge mistake with recruiting going forward unless they start winning big in the next couple of years and kids want to come here and don't have to be really recruited to come here.
  2. tkbbn

    Next assistant coach

    Oh no get the flight trackers out, we need more on this.HaHaHa
  3. IU 61. GO BIG RED Mary 58
  4. IUs first title you was 13. You are old:)
  5. IU 77 GO BIG RED them62. I think we are fired up and passed off.
  6. tkbbn

    Memorable March Madness Moments

    The Bird and Magic game is one of the most memorable for me. Smarts shot as well of course.
  7. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    It would be funny for sure, Crean is available also and he has experience cleaning up just such messes.
  8. tkbbn

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Always appreciate the insight from you as well as a lot of the other guys here. Thank You.
  9. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    I thought it was Archie and not Sean. I can't imagine they would go after Sean at this time? It is LSU I guess.
  10. tkbbn

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Been an IU fan for a long time, witnessed 3 National Championships. I don't ever remember the committee doing us any favors. Seems like we have been seated worse or stuck in a terrible draw more times than not. Is my memory accurate on this? It all makes me a little nervous actually.
  11. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    Miller mentioned as Wade's replacement. That is interesting for sure.
  12. IU 73 GO BIG RED fran 68
  13. IU 72. GO BIG RED ui 69
  14. IU 73. GO BIG RED mi 68