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  1. Problem is he thinks Hill is a great basketball mind.
  2. tkbbn

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Then Quinn better start dumping some major money into NIL, we need elite talent to compete. Our coaching isn't going to cut it.
  3. tkbbn

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I think we should all guess how many pages this thread goes to before we actually fire CMW. My guess is 36. Probably low.
  4. tkbbn


    Lume deodorant commercial just gets me. Also how do they rate your bottom odor after the day on a scale of 1 to 10? Must be a Purdue grad doing the sniffing as I'm sure they are experts on stench.
  5. Hawkins is always whining about something. To the officials or his teammates. No you just got beat don't look at your teammates.
  6. It's not a hump any more Woody it's frigging Niagara falls and your in a kayak.
  7. tkbbn

    General Coach Candidate News

    Jeez, we are sounding more and more like Georgetown.
  8. tkbbn

    IUBB @ Wisconsin - Friday, 01.19.24 @ 8:30 ET on FS1

    Truth is we don't know what the discipline has been for any of these players behind the scenes and that is how it should be in my opinion. We see the ones that are game related but that is all.
  9. tkbbn

    General Coach Candidate News

    I like it but I don't think it will happen. Woody wouldn't give up his power, Dusty may go for it if it is in fact his dream job.