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  1. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    Don't know if it's been mentioned but just seen that Clemson and Florida St. to the Big 10. Bronny James to Penn St.
  2. tkbbn

    2023-2024 MBB Big Ten Tournament

    The officiating is terrible and if I was Gard I would blow a gasket.
  3. tkbbn

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    I love that kid I hope he goes on and has a fantastic career. Glad he was a Hoosier.
  4. Great game for the players and glad they held on for the win.
  5. tkbbn

    Liam decomitting

    Can't blame him myself. Surely he can see the product on the court and has said all along he wants to play for a winning program.
  6. Well they have saved me a bunch of money with this decision to keep CMW, no more tickets, traveling to games or apparel until they get serious as a program.
  7. tkbbn

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    It will be well over 600 before CMW is fired.
  8. tkbbn

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    If you took me to hooters I would hold it against you.
  9. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    They can steal Woody. I don't know if very many would be upset and his new glasses would match his Michigan attire.
  10. Good lead built up and here comes the 2nd uniit.