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  1. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    Very chippy and fast paced game. Lots 3pt shooting of course. Intentional elbow on a free throw resulted in flagrant 2 and ejection. Was an easy call for the official. After this the officials started calling the game a lot closer. Free throw shooter said something to opposing player and was called for a technical, seemed like a benign situation but obviously couldn't see what he said but official didn't hesitate. Pretty exciting game but looked like aau.
  2. tkbbn

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Thank you, I wasn't for sure how that works.
  3. tkbbn

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I dont understand this situation as far as transferring would go? Is he not under an obligation to the Air Force?
  4. tkbbn

    I'll Be The Optimist For Once

    You want those kind of numbers then you have to be putting up some good numbers. Get your butt in the gym and earn it, make yourself valuable. Its free enterprise out there. Become valuable.
  5. tkbbn

    I'll Be The Optimist For Once

    I hope you are correct on this.
  6. tkbbn

    I'll Be The Optimist For Once

    Very much so, if not we will miss on lots of hs talent
  7. tkbbn

    I'll Be The Optimist For Once

    My concern is that we don't fill the gaping holes that we have with the portal and really struggle next year. That will make recruiting spiral downward quickly. We have seen that in the past with recruiting and prior coaches.
  8. tkbbn

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Bird coming in as an assistant I heard also.
  9. Well crud, fought hard after a sluggish start. Tough ending to a great season.
  10. Not our best performance but a good chance to win it.
  11. Make the free throws and solid D. Keep chipping away.
  12. Wasn't the ending any of us wanted but overall a pretty good year with everything considered. Some good wins, purdoodoo 2x, #4seed in tournament, key injuries hampered us some but a move in the right direction. TJD is awesome and we won't have 1 that good for a long time. We have all had our doubts about Woody at times but I think he is going to get us back where we want to be. Lot more positives than negatives in just 2yrs. Let's hit the portal now and get some help for next year. We aren't bare bones so let's add pieces and continue to improve. Indiana is coming back.
  13. Lots of game left but terrible start.