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  1. IUrocker

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Gotcha, yeah that makes sense. I guess he would have indeed been a different scenario for us since it would have been staying at same school.
  2. IUrocker

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I was thinking maybe since the kid is a senior at his school, he’s using his transfer as the free covid year thing which means it wouldn’t count against our scholarship numbers anyways....kinda like keeping Brunk and how he wouldn’t have counted against our numbers. Could be wrong though, not 100% sure on that.
  3. If I was a current IU player and saw those clips of Coach in NY with his former players and how they reacted and how Woodson treated them, I’d be so happy and excited. I’d think to myself “wow, that’s cool, and that’s MY coach”. Having the family atmosphere of being there for each other, letting each other know you care and would run through a wall for each other should really show a change in the way our guys play on the court. The passion and hustle levels are gonna be noticeably different, and my gosh it’s gonna be a sight for sore eyes.
  4. IUrocker

    Player decisions

    “Parker is a hooper. Parker shoots the ball at a very very very high level....he puts the ball in the hole and I’m really glad he decided to stay....he’s gonna space the floor and shoot that thing at a high clip.”
  5. I wonder why he all of a sudden tweeted that info about Lewis? Did he just now find it out so he’s letting people know, or did he know it already and is putting it out there because the announcement of who it’s gonna be is coming?
  6. IUrocker

    Player decisions

    I just don’t see how Armaan would be the only guy to say no thanks now at this point...prob just gotta wait for his own announcement. I could be wrong and he goes elsewhere, but doesn’t seem like he’d take off if everyone else wants to come back.
  7. IUrocker

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Why does it have to be only April? November too far away.
  8. IUrocker

    Player decisions

    Lol, oh Trayce...you make a grown man giddy.
  9. Well I know it’s looking like we could get a Johnson commitment at 5:00 today, but what about this thread...what’s the chance this one could blow up with excitement of the 3rd coach today too?
  10. IUrocker

    Player decisions

    “Trayce, I know you’re excited, but there will be no tweeting emoji’s during team activities, understood?”
  11. IUrocker

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Yep, definitely don’t see “brace yourselves” as a bad thing. Probably gonna get a big ol’ wave of goodness. Multiple announcements...maybe assistant coach and couple players would be my guess.
  12. Man, the way TJD has been acting with his hype, and then the things he has said in his interview about how he thought last season went and how this year is gonna be better for them with a new style, I’d like to think the days of him looking like he doesn’t give a crap on the court are over. I bet we see a new and improved Trayce with some fire and passion he seemed to lack on occasion last season. Really cool seeing him act this way about the direction this program is headed.
  13. Yep that did it, thank you!
  14. Yep this is exactly what is happening with me.