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  1. BtownStrength

    Ole Miss WDE Ryder Anderson Transfer to IU.

    43 tackles including 7 TFL in only 5 games is impressive. Welcome!
  2. Still in the game. But better execution is sorely needed.
  3. BtownStrength

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    What would revive confidence? Faster improvement. We have got better every year under Archie. Unfortunately, he took over during a historically weak Big Ten and the improvement of other programs has outpaced our own. I very much want Archie to be the guy. My fear is that our slooowwwwww growth comes across as stagnation, recruiting dips, and once Trayce leaves we fall off a cliff.
  4. BtownStrength

    College Football Thread

    Doubt Coastal is that high. And even though they shouldn't, Iowa St will be ahead of us. F*** the committee. F*** the Big 1.0
  5. BtownStrength

    Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.

    If Wisconsin or NW can turn from perennial loser to contender, we certainly can. Tougher road for us considering our division, but this is the coaching staff to get us there.
  6. BtownStrength

    IU Football Ranked!

    Only chance we have is if Notre Dame gets bounced from the top 4, kicking them to the Orange and UNC out of the NY6 discussion.
  7. BtownStrength

    IU Football Ranked!

    At first I was kind of bummed about probably missing a NY6 bowl. Now I am pumped at a potential matchup with Auburn in the Citrus. Let's thrash the Tigers then take our new DC home with us!
  8. BtownStrength

    IU Football Ranked!

    Ar this point I'm hoping for a Florida win. No way the committee drops the gators far. I don't think they will make the playoff either, but its more likely than them dropping like they should.
  9. BtownStrength

    College Football Thread

    I want IU to play in a NY6 bowl. But man, rooting for OSU feels dirty.
  10. BtownStrength

    College Football Thread

    Some games last night definitely favor IU's NY6 bowl fortunes. Probably an oversimplification, but if we can play and beat a quality opponent this coming week, Fiesta is looking good. A loss or no game played, and we probably see a Citrus level bowl.
  11. BtownStrength

    IU Football Ranked!

    #12 is absolutely asinine. I was holding on to hope that we could sneak into the playoff, but the committee slammed the door shut on that. Are we deserving of a playoff spot? Most likely not, at least not yet. But we are a very good team and 12 is a clear message that we aren't being considered.
  12. BtownStrength

    Game Thread: 11/21 @ OSU Noon ABC

    the talent difference is outstanding. I am worried this OSU offense is too tough.
  13. BtownStrength

    Game Thread: 11/21 @ OSU Noon ABC

    Cant move the ball consistently. D is mostly holding us in there. We need a 2nd half surge from the skill positions.
  14. BtownStrength

    Game Thread: 11/21 @ OSU Noon ABC

    We gave the opportunity for the stripes to swallow the whistle.
  15. BtownStrength

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    Do we feel better about this recruitment if he is an early enrollee?