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  1. BtownStrength

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    I know it's a long trip and doesnt make geographic sense, but I think the sports world is beyond that now. If we were going to expand, I'm good with UCLA and USC. Much better than Rutgers and Maryland.
  2. BtownStrength

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    Committed to playing for Archie at Rhode Island.
  3. BtownStrength

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    This class would be insane talented.
  4. BtownStrength

    B1G Football Scheduling

    This would be fantastic.
  5. BtownStrength

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    This is what I see as well. Geronimo's clear path in college may be a combo forward that plays inside out but in the NBA he should be a pure 3&D wing. He needs to get mich better defensively on the perimeter and develop ball handling skills. Either way I hope he can improve enough outside to get solid wing minutes.
  6. BtownStrength

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    And the weird part is CP3 has a team with very good young talent. Just haven't pushed through yet. Agree that last year was the best opportunity but for the majority of this year, Phoenix looked like the best team. Fair or not, this will br labeled another CP3 choke job.
  7. BtownStrength

    Governor's Cup: IU vs PUke

    IU now holds a +2 advantage in total Governor's Cup victories (COVID year excluded).
  8. BtownStrength

    (2023) - PF Coen Carr

    2 visits in a short time frame...certainly feels that way. Hope we land him as he seems like a special talent. On the 2nd part, is Early College HS one of the faux prep schools that basically is a sham for luring athletes ala Prime Prep?
  9. BtownStrength

    2022 AAU Season

    Thanks for the heads up! About 15 minutes away for me, I will try to make it and report anything of interest.
  10. BtownStrength

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    Yes, but Woody had one of those passenger side brake pedals for student drivers.
  11. BtownStrength

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I think we are borderline but not quite top 25 if we get Dennis but TJD departs. Guards would be strong presuming improvement in young guys like Bates and Galloway, but we would have to play small ball with Race at 5 and Geronimo at 4. That would work well against some teams but I think we would fall in the "others receiving votes" category.
  12. BtownStrength

    Early 2022-2023 Top 25

    Big 10 will definitely be down. We must capitalize on an easier conference and win a few of the key OOC games.
  13. BtownStrength

    (2024) SF - Cooper Koch

    Iowa or Illinois?
  14. BtownStrength

    2022 AAU Season

    Hope he gets on campus/gets an offer soon. Cupps dishing him assists all year will be a nice recruiting tool.
  15. BtownStrength

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker

    This looks solid considering who we have watched/offered. I suppose portal C would be a backup. Also, I hope if KJ comes here, he never has to play primary post. From the Montverde games I have watched, he is much more suitable for the wing.