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  1. BtownStrength

    (2023) - SF Kwame Evans

    Sounds like we are in a good spot with him!
  2. BtownStrength

    (2023) F/C Austin Parks

    Hope this means a commit soon!
  3. BtownStrength

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Gutless pukes.
  4. BtownStrength

    (2023) F/C Austin Parks

    Are we prioritizing Parks over Booker at this point?
  5. BtownStrength

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker

    Are activity and engagement the biggest issues with him as a prospect? How does he project otherwise?
  6. BtownStrength

    IUBB @ Penn State - 01/02/22 @ 4:00 on BTN

    I hope so. He would be a huge help in keeping our frontcourt quality from dropping off.
  7. BtownStrength

    IUBB @ Penn State - 01/02/22 @ 4:00 on BTN

    That is what is so crazy. I understand intensity can ebb and flow slightly but TJD can bring some hammer intensity and then drift off into nothingness.
  8. BtownStrength

    IUBB @ Penn State - 01/02/22 @ 4:00 on BTN

    Yeah we will need a solid post presence from the transfer portal to balance next year's roster, assuming Trayce and Race are gone. I have a bad feeling we will struggle again unless Duncomb develops.
  9. BtownStrength

    IUBB @ Penn State - 01/02/22 @ 4:00 on BTN

    Awful loss. Decent amount of season left but we are not a good team right now. P Stew gives us absolutely nothing. Our guards as a whole are abysmal.
  10. BtownStrength

    IUBB @ Penn State - 01/02/22 @ 4:00 on BTN

    I know nothing about other teams' TV schedule, but we get screwed so often with these run-overs it has to be a record.
  11. BtownStrength

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to INDIANA

    Don't know anything about his quality of opponent, but Banks seems to be putting up strong numbers.
  12. BtownStrength

    (2023) PF Baye Ndongo

    Can we start recruiting VJ Miller who attends....Crean Lutheran?!?
  13. BtownStrength

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Same, go Cougars! (But also Trent Sisley please choose IU)
  14. BtownStrength

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    And maybe the biggest reason to hate Brad...he is engaged to Tyra Buss.
  15. BtownStrength

    (2022) QB Tanner Bailey

    Oh sorry, meant what other programs were in pursuit of Tanner Bailey.