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  1. DJ Candypants

    IUWBB: 24-25 Season - Looking Ahead

    I think the future is bright here. Lexi has really been working on the offense and it is showing. She is flirting her way to being a legit mid-range threat. She is just a menace on the defensive end and rebounds so well for her size. I think both the freshman will be solid next season as well. Beaumont just needs to get stronger. She is crafty and has a nice jumper, but can get pushed around a bit. Jules has got the body and fire for some bully ball from what I see, and her stroke seems solid. No replacing Holmes, but Lilly really improved her body over the summer and she has some tools. Another off season and who knows, she looks like she could get a lot stronger to me. We know what we are getting with Parrish. We need Chloe and Yarden back, of course, but add an athletic 2 that can help break the press, there may not be as much dropoff as it would appear. When I watch this team, I think who would not want to play with this group. The Big is full of young talent this year though, so it will get interesting to see how this plays out. For now, we have a few flaws, but what fun team to watch. Here's to putting it to Iowa 2/22!
  2. DJ Candypants

    IUWBB vs Purdue - Sunday 2/19/23 @ Noon on BTN

    Iowa still has to go to Maryland, that won't be a cake walk.
  3. DJ Candypants

    IUWBB vs Purdue - Sunday 2/19/23 @ Noon on BTN

    10:30 it is already lit! Go Hoosiers
  4. DJ Candypants

    IUWBB vs Iowa - Thursday, 2/9/23 @ 6:30 on BTN

    What a crowd!
  5. DJ Candypants

    IUWBB vs Ohio State - Thursday, 1/26/23 @ 8:30 on BTN

    The atmosphere at the hall was legit. Very fun game.
  6. DJ Candypants

    2019 NIT Tournament

    Arkansas playing with good intensity. We better not come out flat or this game could get ugly.
  7. DJ Candypants

    Team Chemistry Issues?

    Jake seems to be a player we can all get behind. Even if he makes a mistake, he did it with 100 percent of effort put forth. I can understand this frustration from Jake's father, it's gotta be tough watching someone play defeated and get the lions share of minutes. I just hope Jake can stay positive and work enough to force the staffs hand, he can be a big help down the line with is motor.
  8. DJ Candypants

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Reminds me a little of Jeremy Hollowell. So much potential, but something is off.
  9. DJ Candypants

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Does Smith get compensated for how much air he gets on an airball?
  10. DJ Candypants

    So some concerns I’m having...

    That's what I see as well. He is thinking too much before he takes an opening. He probably needs to strengthen his core a bit more as well, he is getting bullied right now. Effort on defense last game was drastically improved however, so that is a huge step in right direction. Love his potential and I hope he shows us more confidence moving forward. Look forward to seeing his growth.
  11. DJ Candypants

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    Wow, sorry if this has been brought up. I didn't realize that the top 3 scorers are seniors on a terrible Vandy team. Asking freshman to resurrect this team from the bottom of the SEC, is asking a lot. Only one player returning that averages above 10. It is a super class for Vandy as it stands, but I can't see them coming in and dominating the SEC without some depth on the bench.
  12. Moore seems like a perfect redshirt scenario. I really liked how Ryan used redshirts at Wisky, and the fact that this is even on the table makes me happy. By all indications Cujo would have been a redshirt under a coach like Ryan and by his second season more than likely a real factor. Same with Hartman in my opinion. I understand many players would not want to go this route, but look a player like Happ. He was not ready immediately and now is arguably one of the best big men in the country next season. Certainly one of the best in the big ten.
  13. DJ Candypants

    Retain Tom Crean Thread

    Because if Crean is not clappy then no body is clappy.
  14. DJ Candypants


    It was freshman he was referring to. Again I am paraphrasing, but yeah, in a post game interview he threw that bit of wisdom out there. I wish I could find the comment. I remember looking over at my Dad and asking if that was somehow a joke. Unfortunately for us fans he meant it.
  15. DJ Candypants


    It was a comment he made once and in that moment I decided I was ready for a change. I still wanted him to succeed, mind you, but now I just want this era to end. I'll start with some context. We all watched the Hollowell debacle unfold. The pouty half hearted performances night in and night out. Well there it was: Jeremy finally hit a jumper. It was smooth, in rhythm, all net, hell I think he even smiled. He didn't make it to the half court line and Crean had someone off the bench to sub in for him. Later in a press conference he said this was a philosophy of his, to take a guy out of the game after a successful moment. So they could reflect or some nonsense . I'm paraphrasing here, but the point is this: Anyone who has played sports has an understanding that when you hit a stride you play it out for its duration, let the magic unfold. Maybe in some competitive yoga league this is a good practice, but this is basketball, and that may be the single most ridiculous thing I have ever heard a coach say. More recently Davis and the Michigan game. Coach said it best: They didn't have an answer for him. Correct, so let's sit him for the majority of the game. More games then I care to remember, guys would get rolling, we would be up by 10 or 12, and then the platoon comes in and we are down 12 within minutes. Never a timeout called during these momentum shifts and there is Crean clapping, flipping through his charts and grafts, or pacing like a chained animal. No feel for the game. None