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The Baby Bull

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  1. The Baby Bull

    Practice differences under Woody

    That he is. I look for him to be a solid player this year. Reminds me of a little bit slower Chris Reynolds that can shoot.
  2. The Baby Bull

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    George McGinnis. AKA “The Baby Bull !”
  3. The Baby Bull

    IUBB vs Tennessee Tech - 11/25/20 @ 8:00 ET on BTN

    Do you remember how VO looked his freshman year ? I do.
  4. The Baby Bull

    College Bball Thread

    Yep. Lots better than UNLV, UCLA USC. I heard their players even went to class.
  5. The Baby Bull

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander to INDIANA (IN 2020!)

    I saw him when he played for Bowling Green They won the state. He was an eighth grader. Been to a number of schools since then. Might be a problem child.
  6. The Baby Bull

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander to INDIANA (IN 2020!)

    Don’t forget that a lot of other good players will be there too. Hunter,Leal, Galloway,Phinese,Thompson and Franklin and Geronimo.. All upperclassmen and Sophomores. Hope we have Kaufman as well. Practice should be pretty intense.
  7. The Baby Bull

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    I like the one with 7 rebounds.
  8. The Baby Bull


  9. The Baby Bull

    College Bball Thread

    This is way off topic but does anyone know why Anderson didn’t play yesterday ?
  10. The Baby Bull

    And Your Team Captains Are:

    He has heart and it shows.
  11. The Baby Bull

    Injury Updates

    Don't know since he redshirted last year. Not sure what rules apply.
  12. The Baby Bull

    Injury Updates

    Can Race redshirt again this year ?
  13. The Baby Bull

    College Bball Thread

    Or worse still Uwe Blab AKA Hands of Stone early in his career.
  14. The Baby Bull

    Summer of 2018

    I’ve said all along I think Al is a hoss. Hope I’m right.
  15. The Baby Bull

    Summer of 2018

    I’m in total agreement about Al. Plus he can and does play hard on defense.