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  1. monskisprodigy

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I think Bell is a very big fan from what I have been told...just not at QB. His move to WR is more than welcomed by the coaching staff, and he could end up being a force at this spot FWIW.
  2. monskisprodigy

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    It really is hard to state how big of a difference there is between CMW & Archie...Archie and his family were non-existent in the community, the news, hell the world, outside of a press conference. Didn't seem he ever bought in to IU culture, etc., or made an effort to put himself out there to further the university/program. He had one terrible commercial on TV, that's it. At least Crean loved IU and enjoyed being the face of the program. Woody is making IU Basketball cool again. And that's a really big deal for the trajectory of this program.
  3. monskisprodigy

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Just saw the tweet...man, twitter truly brings out the idiots. Hopefully he read the positive comments and overlooked the negatives. With that said, legendary response to bring a highlight reel of him torching us in Assembly Hall haha. The more I think about it, I think he would be a big piece for us. I imagine him and X on the floor, pestering two key positions, creating chaos and feeding off each others energy. Defense creates offense, and if we can get out and run next year, it could be a lot of fun to watch.
  4. monskisprodigy

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    I see a couple on here immediately with hard no's on Bates. I am not familiar with his story outside of high school, GPOY as a sophomore, all american and reclassifying to get to Memphis a year early. Looks like he avg. 9.7 points (38.6% shooting, 32.9% from long distance) and 3.3 rebounds a game last year, when he should of still been in high school. My initial reaction is, if a kid with that much talent wants to be in Bloomington, he would be hard to turn down, no? 6'9, athletic forward, former #1 recruit in his class. Not without need for improvement, but kid is touted as a premier talent. What specifically has people wanting us to pass if the option is there? Have seen ego, "not very good". Anyone have specifics on this kid?
  5. monskisprodigy

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    Does this give us 13 scholarship players...if so, no one has to leave even if TJD comes back, right? Aren't we in communication with the shooter from West Virginia also? If either him or Dennis commit, and TJD doesn't come back, someone would still have to leave. If Dennis commits' and TJD comes back we need two to go?
  6. monskisprodigy

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    I know Duncomb didn't play much last year, but was 67 in his class...still a lot of time to develop. But agree...hard to not be hopeful about that list, with some other pieces to be added.
  7. monskisprodigy

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    Woody is the man.... I honestly don't know how you keep JHS off the floor. Malik is not far behind as well. I know they will be freshman, but these kids just started on the national prep championship team...not a team that won Sectionals in BFE Indiana (not addressing anyone in particular). If Bates and Duncomb can develop, Kaleb Banks grows his freshman year and Woody continues to add pieces to the 2023 class, especially JHS & MR's teammate...the next couple years are going to be really bright. Lots of top 100 kids filling this roster out.
  8. monskisprodigy

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Mike Davis’s son is transferring from Detroit Mercy for his 5th and final year. Sign me up. Kid can flat out score the basketball. Averaged 24 pts a game last year, which was third best in the country. Shot 38, 32, 37 & 37 percent from three in 4 seasons, with 3.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists.
  9. monskisprodigy

    Next assistant coach

    Currently live in Bloomington, and can confirm this has to be an old picture. Trees, grass etc. not nearly that green here yet. Interesting he would go into his archive to pull that picture out haha.
  10. I'm speechless....I cannot remember the last time we won a game like this. Feels good to finally get a win...unreal fight that second half.
  11. I stand by my comments that we need some major roster adjustments, but I will gladly eat my words if it means we win this darn thing and make the tourney. Please basketball gods.
  12. WHERE WAS THIS EFFORT FIRST HALF!!! A defensive minded lineup playing their ***** off.
  13. Going to get on my next call and yell at someone to take frustration out... Asked my daughter before the game if we were going to win, she said "No, we always lose"...6 years old and has the program figured out.
  14. We just aren't a good team...offense is unbearable, can't shoot...same stuff we have been discussing the entire season. As harsh as it is, we need serious roster turnover, and a lot of these guys to not come back. Great kids, no doubt...good basketball players, not so much. What's most noticeable IMO, is the body language just looks like they know they are going to lose.