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  1. monskisprodigy

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Can we hire a coach for his past and his future? Any of those unicorns out there haha
  2. monskisprodigy

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Another double digit loss…and at home. Brutttttttalllll
  3. monskisprodigy

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    Love you Leal, but that intramural HPER layup didn’t stand a chance haha.
  4. monskisprodigy

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    Why is Chris Tucker at the game?
  5. monskisprodigy

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    We’d get called for a flagrant 2
  6. monskisprodigy

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    Tominaga on pace for 100 tonight haha
  7. monskisprodigy

    College Bball Thread

    Creighton is freaking rolling.
  8. monskisprodigy

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Missing out on Queen sucks…no guarantee Liam stays the course. A lot of questions about what core guys will be back. Woodson made comments about trying to help Trey keep his head (or something along those lines) having to play PG - on top of the rumors he’s being courted, and Reneau is visibly frustrated. Ware is a first round projection…Cupps will likely come back. The rest who knows, but it pains me to say that I’m not sure it matters. I’d love to see what Newton can do, but even he’s a wild card. This staff of assistants was supposed to be made up of elite recruiters. Where did that assessment go wrong? Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence they can pilfer the portal to the degree that will be needed.
  9. monskisprodigy

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Feel like McDermott will win a lot of basketball games at OSU if they hire him.
  10. monskisprodigy


    My rule is, if I am sitting down and you are serving me or my family, tipping is provided. And out of laziness, 20% became my customary tip due to easy math, unless the service was atrocious. If I ordered and picked up at window, or you simply just brought me my food and I tossed it all in the trash, no tip. But now the tip screen is on everything, every where. Have a friend whos grandfather would place dollar bills on the table at the start of the meal...and depending on service, they'd either stay or slowly disappear one by one....he always received amazing service haha.
  11. monskisprodigy


    I think about this every time I order coffee through the drive-in...get to the window and they hand me the card reader and it has a tip selection on it. Was in Colorado a couple weekends ago and we went to the New Belgium Brewery. Ordered my beers, I gave him my card, he handed it back and said thank you and went on to the next customer. Was great, looked it up and they pay a living wage that doesn't require tips to supplement their income. And I think the beers were $6 a piece, which in todays craft beer world is cheap.
  12. monskisprodigy


    Players with 5+ full seasons at a school shouldn't be able to break records that others with only 4 years set. Case in point last night with Boo Buie...if I was Shurna, I'd be pissed ha-ha.
  13. monskisprodigy

    The Case for Josh Schertz

    Was he actually? If I'm missing the joke, apologies...my brain still hurts from watching us play "basketball" this afternoon.
  14. monskisprodigy

    IUBB vs Northwestern - Sun 2-18-24 3pm FS1

    History, resources, hotbed of in state talent, passionate fan base… The continued downward spiral of Indiana basketball just makes no sense.