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  1. monskisprodigy

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    What worries me is, it’s one thing for throws to be off, out of sink for one game. It’s another to make the mind boggling decisions (forward pass post fumble, pass into your walk on RB’s back for an interception), countless forced balls, horrendous reads….I have zero confidence with Penix leading this team after the display today. He just sits on his back foot and sails it. Also still throwing fastballs when not needed. First read all the way and then if that’s not open, panic. On the bright side, the defense has played pretty well, although their QB is only marginally better haha.
  2. monskisprodigy

    Pamela Whitten Replaces McRobbie as IU President

    I'll never forget the time I was dropping off dry cleaning at an east side location. Decked out car pulls up, driver gets out, opens umbrella and walks over to the passenger door...opens it up and out pops McRobbie. Driver held the umbrella for him so he doesn't get wet, carried his dry cleaning and escorted him all the way to the door. Waited outside, and repeated the process back to the car....Escort was wearing a badge, like an off-duty cop. Later found out he was indeed a retired police officer, who switched to be his full time security/driver/escort. Dude was living like a King. Great use of tuition dollars.
  3. monskisprodigy

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    In that highlight video, who is #1 for Indy with CJ? Kid looks like a pretty solid PG that can attack, pass and shoot.
  4. monskisprodigy

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Little introduction to Mr. Bates. Ignore all the Texas stuff ha-ha.
  5. Just listened to the Coach Fife interview...too many golden nuggets to post them all, but a couple highlights: 1. Dane made no effort to hide his desire to be the head coach, and even said it was his mission to get the role when it opened up. When Woodson called, said it was a no brainer. Always been his dream to coach here, but has never been offered a job. 2. He has no issue calling people out, not afraid to lecture fans, media, etc., because this is his program. These guys are more pissed off at the mediocrity than we are. Not afraid to call out the media when they are wrong. 3. Rob is an NBA level defender, best in the league. All mental, going to get that back. 4. This is a special job, that requires a coach and coaches with passion for the program, that understand the uniqueness of the job and place. Said it has always needed a former player or someone with significant history here. That passion and personal history with the program allows you to recruit kids and parents in a different way. 5. Dude is funny.
  6. monskisprodigy

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Uhh, watching those highlights (Yes, I understand they are just highlights), really surprised he never got any attention and stayed NAIA for 4 years. Averaged 25.5 pts. over his career, athletic, can handle the ball...and SHOOT! He would be a 1 and done per the free COVID year, correct?
  7. monskisprodigy

    Player decisions

    Well, that sucks...but life goes on. Wish him nothing but the best, and hope he succeeds at UVA. Who are we on in the portal to fill that hole?
  8. monskisprodigy

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Just saw that he committed via his instagram. Great pickup!
  9. monskisprodigy

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    That team also had a 6'2 strong guard (Mitchell) who played 36 minutes with one of the highest motors I've seen. Not sure we have that on our team currently. Maybe Xavier can fill that role Also didn't hurt Baylor to have 4 other guards at 6'3, 6'3, 6'4 and 6'5 (again, Vital being listed a guard is funny) who shoot 41.6%, 43.4% and 39.5% from 3. If Rob and Lander can move to the 2 and shoot at those clips, look out Big Ten. I could see this working with Xavier at Point, Armaan at the 2 and Parker at the 3...but I'm just not seeing a fit for Rob if Xavier is going to be the primary ball handler. Unless Lander is going to accept a limited role.
  10. monskisprodigy

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    In listening to Woodson describe his offense, Lander nor Rob really fit the mold to move to the 2. Lander is a pure PG, and Rob is 6'1 who shoot 26% from three last year (per espn). I guess if Franklin leaves, Xavier could shift, but has he played any 2 at Pitt?
  11. monskisprodigy

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Right, which would lead me to think Rob will enter his name into the portal. The interest and offer to Xavier has been there for some time, and Lander isn't recommitting if thinks he's going to be the third option. To be clear, I really hope that he doesn't, but I'm not sure how all 3 of them co-exist and get enough minutes to be happy.
  12. monskisprodigy

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    My only question is...how do Rob and Lander fit into the equation with him coming on campus? One of the 3 will be the odd man out, and Rob nor Lander are moving to the 2 IMO....
  13. They are. Wendell Green Jr was a freshman all american, averaged 15.8 pts. and 5 assists (5'11). Johnson averaged 14.2 pts. and 5.7 assists (6'3).
  14. I haven't even seen a press release saying there will be a press conference. I know Osterman tweeted it, but no where on the Indiana twitter or main page.