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  1. Redcamaro

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    If Woody gets 2 more in the draft after this season...all bets are off!
  2. I don't know if Queen or Givens pops for us if McNeely doesn't, but if Queen pops for us first, then I would think that it is a guarantee McNeely will be coming too!
  3. Redcamaro

    (2024) - Patrick Ngongba II

    Let's not sleep on Sparks yet.
  4. Redcamaro

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    That's because UK had a horrible front line and he had to scramble so much.
  5. Redcamaro

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

  6. And he is impressed with UC? Lol!
  7. Redcamaro

    IUBB vs Michigan - Sunday, 3/5/23 @ 4:30 on CBS

    He missed his FT's but he wasn't awful.
  8. Redcamaro

    College Bball Thread

    Nebraska wins!
  9. Redcamaro

    IUWBB 2023 B1G Tournament - March 1-5, 2023

    After yesterday's slow start, it's nice to see them operating on all cylinders.
  10. Redcamaro

    IUWBB 2023 B1G Tournament - March 1-5, 2023

    Worried how long Mac's knee is going to hold out.