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  1. Could we please move this conversation to another thread? You two...SMH!
  2. Redcamaro

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    IU comes in at #24 in CBSsports preseason Top 25+1.
  3. Redcamaro

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    Louisville has been on par or better than IU over the last 10yrs.
  4. Redcamaro

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Lunardi has IU as an 8 seed (South) in the 'Way Too Early' predictions for next seasons tournament.
  5. Redcamaro

    Movie Thread

    I'm 63 and never knew that my grandpa was even in the service until his recent death. He NEVER talked about his service. I don't know if after the years passed, he was proud or even a little embarrassed by his job while serving. He did all of his time at Los Alamos.
  6. Redcamaro

    General WBB Thread

    Boy, the fake eye lash business sure makes lots of money off of women's college bball!
  7. He wins with Edey (then a bunch of Indiana guys)!
  8. I think he will be out next HC this time next year!
  9. Redcamaro

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Thornton returning to OSU.
  10. Jamal Mashburn Jr?
  11. Redcamaro

    The Case for Josh Schertz

    When he can get 3.5 to 4 million a year after we get rid of Woody?
  12. Redcamaro

    College Bball Thread

    ISU whooping that *ss!
  13. So you freakn' want IU to look stupid? SMH
  14. Whatever anyone says about this game you have to be happy for Leal!
  15. Man, I can't see how we don't land a couple of stud guards from the portal after the season. Perception everywhere is that our weakness is guard play. People see how well we play the inside game. Keep the core together and with our NIL package we should be able to draw some interest.