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  1. theriverpilot

    Xavier Arrested...

    Exactly!! X would’ve run a teammate over with the car if Crean were coach.
  2. That’s a good basket, just call it
  3. theriverpilot

    College Bball Thread

    I kept asking the same thing. Purdue all of a sudden decided they wanted to play small ball with St Peters when they had the clear advantage with the bigs
  4. theriverpilot

    College Bball Thread

    Omg. Lol. What a win. Purdue totally played into St. Peter’s style and went away from their bigs
  5. Hopefully he's leaving with his head held high as he will leave a legacy with some amazing big shots. The Butler 3 at the buzzer. The kid from West Laffy that took out Purdue. Good luck to him.
  6. I’m GenX. Can I have some of this amazing “knowledge” you speak of or is it just for the Boomers?
  7. Luckily the UK choke job will take the focus off of our a** whoopin’
  8. UK is saving my night. Never thought I’d say that
  9. Ayyyyy, got it to 53 points and under a 30 point blowup. Let’s go!
  10. Would love to see a Grady\UK type scorer transfer to IU
  11. Tired or not, this is bad. Anyway, c’mon St. Peter’s! Beat kentucky!
  12. What’s it at now? Five points so far in 10 minutes? Whew
  13. I was prepared for a loss, but not a loss like this
  14. Some serious wisdom coming….but if you can’t score, you can’t win. DWS