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  1. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Needed to move up.
  2. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    And... The basketball gods kick the Pacers in the nuts... And just keep kicking.
  3. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    NBA Draft Thread

    For whatever reason, the basketball gods don't want to see Haliburton and Ivey running in the open court.
  4. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Suns flaws finally came out. Bottom 5 in 3pt and FT attempts all year.
  5. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Yea I'd say Harden is better than PJ Tucker. Without any doubt.
  6. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Vic was pretty good on Harden for the most part. But if you're Rivers and Harden, gotta find some way to get a few more shots off. Harden is still a Top 30 player.
  7. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Harden is still good enough to get off more than 2 shots.
  8. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    0-2 in the second half of an elimination game is embarrassing.
  9. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Trade for Harden and just like Harden... Doesn't deliver with the season on the line.
  10. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I don't get why people are worried about too many guards. 2016 B1G Champs: Yogi, Robert Johnson, Troy, Hartman and Bryant for most of the season. 2012: Yogi, Jordy, Vic, Watford and Zeller. 2023: X, JHS, Bates, Race, TJD? Maybe. There shouldn't be a worry about too many guards ever.
  11. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    1. Rudy Gobert is an absolute goober thinking he could have "locked up" Shaq. 2. Kyle Lowry is out tonight for game 5. I think it's a good thing because he's literally done nothing in his 2 games. Spo is gonna have to stick with a very short rotation around Bam, Butler, Herro, Dipo, Tucker. Bam is going to have to play every single minute Embiid does. Strus should okay sparingly and Duncan should play over Vincent.
  12. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Bball Thread

    Adriean Payne has passed away. Was part of some really good Michigan State teams.
  13. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    I'll have to shave but I think I can pass for an 8th grader.
  14. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUBB Players in the Portal/Draft Exploratory Status

    A Lander and Dontaie Allen backcourt... Has some potential on offense.
  15. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Who is available for them?