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  1. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Bball Thread

    Last year they dominated everyone in their OOC schedule. Even when they play teams from the big boy conferences, they are still winning. They may have lost 1 or 2 games in the B1G last year. Maybe.
  2. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    I knew I was forgetting a transfer. Makes it even harder to know who will be starting!
  3. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    Guarantee: TJD, starter, 30+ minutes per game. Everything else.. who the hell knows. Phinisee and Lander will battle for starting PG. Stewart, Bates, Lander, Leal could start at SG. Stewart, Bates, Kopp, Geronimo, Galloway could start at SG. TJD, Kopp, Race, Geronimo could start at PF. Duncomb could start at C. I legitimately have no clue. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. I feel we have legitimate depth for once. As in, if we have Leal, Galloway and Duncomb as out 10th, 11th and 12th men.. I think we are in a very good spot. If I were a betting man on the starting 5... Phinisee, Stewart, Kopp, Race, TJD.
  4. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021 Football Transfer Portal

    Some think it's Carr from USC.
  5. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Bball Thread

    Gonzaga has proven more than once they are an elite program. They broke through to their second Elite 8 in 2015. So from 2015-2021, they have been to 6 Sweet 16s, 4 Elite 8s, 2 final fours and have been runner up twice. How many other programs have had a better 7 years? Very, very, very few. Gonzaga has been a Top 5 program in that span.
  6. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

  7. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    That is insanely close.
  8. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Indiana just can't get control on their side of the field. Gonna have to be more aggressive. Can't just sit back and take punches. Pitt is too good offensively.
  9. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Don't know a lot about soccer but from the little I got to watch... Feels like Pitt is in control. Very aggressive. Never seems like a good thing when you spend so much time on one side of the field.
  10. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Thank goodness.
  11. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    I thought the Crossroads Classic ended? Or is this the last year of it?
  12. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If we are making a kid leave, you go after the kids who transferring out of Arizona State. You don't force people out for fringe rotation guys.
  13. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    The Player That Defines Each IUBB Era

    I think there are multiples for most of the coaches really... Knight- Alford, Cheaney, Scott, Buckner, Zeke... All highly talented and wanted to do nothing but win and grow as men. Davis- Bracey Wright. It's really the only option. Sampson- Gordon and the drug dealer and pimp. He was going to get ultra talented guys without a doubt.. and also get some of the low character guys as well. Crean- Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo, Tim Priller. Big time recruit that made us great just like Yogi and Bryant. An ultra completive worker that did nothing but get better. And a random guy that was a massive WTF. Archie- Justin Smith. No shooting. Some highs. Lots of lows. Got in the way of himself.
  14. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    Morning Shootaround

    Past two shootarpunds I've ended the night 47-50 from the FT line. Not too bad I guess... Can definitely be better.
  15. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Bball Thread

    Hartford is dropping down to Division 3 after making their first NCAA Tourney.