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  1. MemphisHoosier

    (2021) G Luke Brown…Back on the Market

    'What is dead may never die' - Luke Brown thread on BTB
  2. MemphisHoosier

    (2023) - SF Kaleb Glenn

    *full staff* awwww
  3. MemphisHoosier

    Early Big Ten Projections (2021-2022)

    IMO Murray is a sleeper at #16, solid FR year, lots of open shots opening up for Fran in Iowa City. I do question how he will respond with the added attention now that he is a first page scout guy now though.
  4. MemphisHoosier

    College Football Thread

    Don't put that evil in the air!
  5. MemphisHoosier

    (2023) - PG Miro Little from Finland

    Great find @Uspshoosier, kid is a hooper that's for sure, and we would be lucky to land him. It's difficult to project from a 2-minute highlight reel, but I walked away thinking Mr. Little is an engaged, ready defender, with 'springs,' that can play with or w/o the ball - I would love to see how the staff envisions the '23 class coming together because Fears & Little would be a blast to watch if it came to fruition.
  6. MemphisHoosier

    College Football Thread

    3.8 wins for FSU - but in all fairness the ACC is kind of a dumpster fire outside of Clemson sooo...
  7. MemphisHoosier

    College Football Thread

    For whatever it is worth, ESPN's FPI has IUFB at 5 1/2 wins for the season after last night. Interesting to see Sparty, Purdue, and Rutger circling the projected 7 win mark.
  8. MemphisHoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    That was my takeaway as well. I thought the D could hang and Chuck Campbell's leg looked solid, making the kicks you expect him to make - Penix's touch was clearly off & the offensive play calling...well, that's another story. I feel for the players and coaches, get right this week vs. Idaho and change the narrative vs. Cincy.
  9. MemphisHoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    Looks like I may have stumbled on it....unfortunately... Brandon Gaudin, the voice of Madden NFL for EA Sports, will once again team with two-time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and three-time All-American James Laurinaitis, with Rick Pizzo serving as the on-field reporter. The trio will open the season with an AP Top 25 matchup when the No. 17 Indiana Hoosiers head to Iowa City to face the No. 18 Hawkeyes at 3:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, Sept. 4.
  10. MemphisHoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    Do we know who will be calling the game for BTN?
  11. MemphisHoosier

    College Football Thread

    Penn St. defense looks legit - lots of grown men, that's going to be a tough match up in a few weeks.
  12. Indiana 28 Fightin' Gary Bartas 24
  13. MemphisHoosier

    College Football Thread

    That's what I don't understand, on paper they typically have more talent than a number of the teams they are consistently losing to. I can't imagine things will stay the course with a new GM in the saddle.