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  1. MemphisHoosier

    Scott Dolson New AD

    Surprised Football was given a 'C' - most can acknowledge this is the most relevant the program has been in quite some time. 'C' in basketball seems fair at this point, even if I don't personally agree with it.
  2. MemphisHoosier

    (2021) SG - Blake Wesley

    I may be reading too much into it, but Wesley's comment half-way through on 'making one mistake and getting pulled' sounded eerily similar to Damezi's comments when his transfer was announced. Couple that with the 'they need to get a new offense' and I am not feeling great on this recruitment.
  3. MemphisHoosier

    2022 General Recruiting Thread

    Ugh! Old habits, thanks @Class of '66 Old Fart!
  4. MemphisHoosier

    2022 General Recruiting Thread

    Assuming this is a McRoberts connection given the location?
  5. MemphisHoosier

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Evans is a great call here, one of the all-time great Hoosiers that is washed over with broad strokes due to the mediocrity of the teams in the 90's.
  6. MemphisHoosier

    IU Football Off-Season

    Frost, #8 in the B1G & #35 overall, does nothing for me - this will be a big year for him in Lincoln.
  7. MemphisHoosier

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman

    Anything in particular stand out to you @hoosierfan34? I am not from the area, and always appreciate the 'inside baseball!'
  8. MemphisHoosier

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    This is where I am as well, would love to get a 'sit-1, play-2' transfer big for the Fall - would provide great roster balance.
  9. MemphisHoosier

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Looks like they have three schollys available, https://verbalcommits.com/schools/northwestern .
  10. MemphisHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Our good friend from the B1G Tournament, Kevin Cross, announced that he is transferring to Tulane. Nice pick-up for Coach Hunter, Cross will be a name to watch in the American.
  11. MemphisHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Probably nothing here, but Francis recently entered the portal from UNC and was an early offer from CAM.
  12. MemphisHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Does this put them at 7 seniors for next year, assuming Wesson is gone?
  13. MemphisHoosier

    Larry Smith 2021 Safety to Indiana

    Looking at the current roster, is it safe to assume this will be a smaller class, i.e. ~15 players or so? https://iuhoosiers.com/sports/football/roster/2020
  14. MemphisHoosier

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    247 listed him at 6'3" 180lbs with lower tier Power 5/high mid major offers at this point. https://247sports.com/player/rueadale-williams-46094014/
  15. MemphisHoosier

    IU Football Off-Season

    Any chance of Jason Harris opening up his recruitment again now that Mel Tucker has left UC for MSU? https://247sports.com/player/jason-harris-46043274/