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  1. MemphisHoosier

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    The first part is a bit uncalled for, don't you think? Jones struggled on the field, no one is going to debate that, but he devoted 4+ years to the university and by all accounts represented the school well off the field and you characterize the young man as 'absolute trash.' smh
  2. MemphisHoosier

    IU Baseball - B1G Tournament

    Hell of a win - great performance by Tucker this afternoon for 6 innings!
  3. MemphisHoosier

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Agree, that's why I said they could be a potential dark horse NCAA tourney team, e.g. bubble'y 10-12 seed type squad, not compete for the Big East championship - HUGE DIFFERENCE. Furthermore, I think Coach Matta is a tremendous coach, and will be out to prove a lot of folks across the industry wrong - again nothing to back this up with. I just have a great deal of respect for the work that he accomplished throughout his tenure at Butler (Rd 1) and OSU.
  4. MemphisHoosier

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    100% - With Hunter and the NC State transfer earlier in the week, Manny Bates, paired w/Ali Ali from Akron and the return of Lukosius from the portal, Butler should be a talented squad (potentially a dark horse NCAA tourney team.)
  5. MemphisHoosier

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    That's cool and all...but I think you are missing the point here...16 L's > 4 L's and by the 'transverse property of coaching' Woody > Self...or something like that ; )
  6. MemphisHoosier

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    17?! Damn! Woody has a minuscule 4 career home loses - net, net nothing to be worried about here.
  7. MemphisHoosier

    College Football Thread

    McFadden Round 5 to the Giants, very cool for the young man.
  8. MemphisHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    UNC's scholarship #'s should be fine (13 going into next season) per VC's tracker once you pull out Manek (graduation).
  9. MemphisHoosier

    2022 AAU Season

    Silly question that has probably already been addressed, but is he a relation of Tamika - son/nephew?
  10. MemphisHoosier

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Newman, Morton, and the Frosh (Smith/Loyer) I believe. I am sure they will add a true point from the portal.
  11. Would it be inappropriate to just drop in a JPEG of the 'state of Georgia' as well?! The in-roads Coach Ya has made within the state are remarkable, unlocking a new level of athlete for the program.
  12. 100% - look at what Steve Pikiell has built at Rutgers. If I were at Minnesota, PSU, Northwestern, etc. that is the formula I would follow...establish a culture and develop from within even it means taking lumps first few years.
  13. MemphisHoosier

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Completely different players, but does anyone get a little Al Durham vibe from Dennis in terms of being a team-first player, well-respected, good dudes that if nothing else will come in and hustle and help with the team's culture?
  14. MemphisHoosier

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    Big loss for the program, Mashack was a beast on the recruiting trail.