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  1. dwtaylor1055

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    let's see Cupps throughout the year. If Cupps can play as a combo guard then Fland and Cupps together would be a very solid duo.
  2. dwtaylor1055

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    now this would be HUGE. An immediate opening at PG once X is gone.
  3. 2024 kids better not wait too long or no spots will be available
  4. With some ketchup as a side dish
  5. Let the Kansas Twitter folks have it y’all!
  6. Let’s go y’all!
  7. Correct from Kansas, not sure if he’s notable
  8. Kansas is fun. The three asterisks were letters *** MonsterMean48 Posted on 2 mins, , User Since 70 months ago, User Post Count: 7161 2 mins 70 months 7161 ***, Mgbako is going to Indiana.
  9. is Peegs as exciting as we are?
  10. maybe he makes a random appearance in a cream n crimson SUV to pick up MM after the announcement?
  11. Anthony Walker came after Ware. MC is NOT following Ware
  12. Mark Cuban also follows Anthony Walker.......Our most recent committed player
  13. MC holds a little more superiority than Dejuan Harris lol
  14. fixed my original post lol