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  1. hoosierdogg

    Player decisions

    Just read that UVA still has four and possibly five open scholarships if Tre Murphy heads to the NBA, after the Franklin commitment. Things could get a bit crowded for AF in Charlottesville.
  2. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Looking like '76 perfection will remain intact.
  3. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Ouch, that looked painful
  4. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Ball don't lie...
  5. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Terrible...how is that not a jump ball?
  6. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Anyone else getting tired if hearing the late Saturday night OT game excuse for Gonzaga...smh
  7. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Wow, Baylor can really attack that 2-3 zone.
  8. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Baylor had opportunities to bury to the Zags and go up by 20 or more, but are letting them chip away.
  9. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    You know the Zags still have some run, but man, Baylor is en fuego...
  10. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Baylor is good at basketball. Watching this first half makes you wonder how Houston made it this far
  11. hoosierdogg

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    Handing the reigns to an assistant named Davis to take over after a legendary coach...that sounds vaguely familiar...
  12. hoosierdogg

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    A Ray Tolbert poster vs. Kentucky seemed appropriate here...
  13. hoosierdogg

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Hopefully it wasn't Lewis drawing up the defense on that last play. Way too easy for Bama to get a good look for three in under 4 seconds.
  14. hoosierdogg

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    Can't have a list of top IU dunkers without Ray Tolbert. Oladipo as well. Zeller, DJ White and Dean Garret could throw it down as well. This Trace Jackson-Davis kid ain't too shabby either. Okay, that's more than three, math is hard!