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  1. hoosierdogg

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    Gunn lead the Indiana All Stars with 20 points against the Kentucky All Stars on Friday night in Owensboro, Kentucky. Indiana was down to nine players, and seven scored in double figures. The Indiana All Stars started quickly and built a large early lead that they never relinquished, pounding Kentucky 104-77. Indiana had a stifling defense that forced 20 Kentucky turnovers, while only committing 7. CJ had a rough start, missing numerous times from three point range, but ended up 8-18 for the game, with more shots coming closer to or near the rim in the second half. He just missed what would have been a spectacular ally oop dunk late in the game. Man, does look tall for a guard too.
  2. hoosierdogg

    Xavier Arrested...

    Better check that car for bumper stickers...
  3. hoosierdogg

    Thad Matta to Butler

    Barry Collier is 67. Could this be a succession plan for the Butler AD position? Matta in place for a short term to hopefully restore success on the court before hiring a longer term solution.
  4. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Incredible that team lost 9 games, but rolled through the NCAA tournament with a 20+ point win margin.
  5. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Has to be a bitter pill to go out with a loss to your biggest rival. Respect, but it was time.
  6. hoosierdogg

    2022 NCAA Tournament / Bracket Reveal

    Purdue recruiting poster...
  7. hoosierdogg

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Duncomb hardly saw the floor this year, would be surprised if he returns.
  8. I'm okay with Durr transferring too, but IU wouldn't have beaten Purdue this year without him. Seems like a good guy and teammate, hopefully he lands somewhere where he can be successful.
  9. Will Durr be eligible to play next year or will he have to sit out a year? Also, wonder if this decision was based on Trayce and/or Race returning.
  10. Unlikely, no post-season opportunity for four years.
  11. hoosierdogg

    Big Ten basketball is a mess

    Big needs to start the BTT a day earlier and end on Saturday. Or do away with four double byes and four first round games. Perhaps two byes for top two teams, the other 12 start day one, four day tournament. Whatever it takes to not play on Sunday. Officiating in this tournament on every game I have seen is inconsistent and just awful, missed calls, bad calls, and just plain wrong calls. Three flop calls in the IU-St. Mary's game (all legitimate), but so many other obvious flops in other games not called is one example. And the reviews are insufferable. The call of a foul when Race was flung to the floor was reviewed for a possible flagarant, but then was reversed and a foul called on Race was a blatant error. There obviously has to be better training, consistency and qualifications for officiating, especially for those chosen for the tournament.
  12. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Couches will be ablaze in Lexington tonight!
  13. Lunardi predicts St. Mary's to the Sweet Sixteen so Indiana is pretty much assured of a victory...