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    IU football, basketball and flying my Grumman Cheetah and spending time with grandkids.

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  1. This is getting frustrating guys!
  2. colonel06

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

    On the plus side, I get my best gym workouts after Allen’s post game conference when he says we need more execution!:)
  3. colonel06

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

  4. colonel06

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

    My God!
  5. colonel06

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

    We are a freaking Swiss cheese, I can’t spell sieve I’m so p’d!
  6. colonel06

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

    Damn we make Purdue look good with our pp defense!!
  7. colonel06

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

    Well that TD sucks!
  8. Our late game offense was created by the zone defense that really worked for the Hoosiers!
  9. Excellent coaching move to go zone!
  10. Starting to self-destruct possession by possession now.
  11. Putting so much faith in basketball to take us out of the football abyss:(
  12. They are mentally beaten that is what hastens them being gassed.
  13. We are no match for these Huskies I know, what was my first clue?
  14. That really sucks! The refs wanted to make sure we had slim to none chance to win!