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  1. colonel06

    Kanaan Carlyle to INDIANA

    All good thanks for sharing that Stuhoo. That last line I don’t know if everybody got that but what a smile to my face:)!
  2. Well that was impressive Mr. Jackson!
  3. No, she would be an idiot to say that!
  4. She is terrific! and the epitome of (as in Polar Express:) L-E-A-D!
  5. So close, so close Little things like Chloe’s FT miss and Holes uncharacteristically missing FT 2 at the line late. Terrific showing all in all.
  6. Ok ESPN. Let it fly all about S.C.
  7. Loved the fight! See you next season… Bring on the Cig!
  8. SC is going to ride their Clysdale all the way to the barn!
  9. No inclination to drive at all so we have to hit 3’s!
  10. Holes dribbling off her knee hurt pretty bad. She’s trying hard but when you miss 2 free throw also she’s just not having a game we need.
  11. Little things adding up
  12. Be nice if Holmes can have a 15 point qtr. One orob besides 6’7” defender is she is gassed right now.
  13. Outclassed ball wise!
  14. Well that was a quick turn 2 minutes. Now try digging out with Holmes on the bench and missing the only shot we have …the 3!