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  1. Well, no other coach in college basketball was likely offering to play the game from the inside out. Ballo's mom didn't raise no dummy.
  2. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Or I could be expressing that I think these players are being overhyped with regard to their ability to suddenly change the continual mediocre path (at best) of this program versus where we all want it to be or where it has been. But hey if you think every non-sunshine pumper has some nefarious "MO", cool.
  3. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    It's not that I don't hope they get good players, it's just that I realize it's like giving Kobe beef and truffles to a linecook at Sonic that doesn't particularly like doing the daily requirements of his job. Being realistic isn't an "MO."
  4. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    A ways back, but we haven't been what people think we are for going on 20 years.
  5. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Not to be a downer, but these players while they would be nice additions, they are not program changers. None will have the impact of Ware and they are still being coached by the same group that added 2 5 star players last off season and way under produced and are, in there own words, more inside out then...well...everybody. In all honesty, this unbridled excitement is over first or second off the bench guys at the program IU once was and strive to be.
  6. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Just think what Woodrow could cook up with a knock down shooter like this!!
  7. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Freshman wall doesn't really explain away his bad 3pt shooting. He shot .228 against P5 opponents, even just .291 if you remove the 0 for 22. After November against opponents not named Prarie View, Utah Tech, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Rhode Island, Miss St, he shot just.239 the remainder of the year. Haven't seen him play a lick, so can't make a fair judgement, but those trying to explain away his poor 3pt shooting by freshman wall or except for... are being disingenuous.
  8. iu eyedoc

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Race coming back as one of those senior citizens that go back to college?
  9. My apologies to @OKHOOSIER
  10. You don't know what dead week is, do you? Hint: It only refers to the portal and recruits. Another hint, John Calapari is working on his departure from UK and his arrival at ARK during"dead week." Here is a little help:
  11. If he does I hope they get video of him paying the extra for it so he can be scandalously fired.
  12. Good God, what would it look like when you are trying to stop someone from having a differing opinion. oh....and all those other coaches you mentioned made the tournament, are ultra successful at their job, and don't have 6 empty roster spots or have the reputation as lazy recruiters. Other than that they are exactly the same as Woodrow.
  13. Is it possible that he gets hit in the head by a golf ball or doesnt get hit in the head with a golf ball and can coach ?
  14. Will you laugh in 10 months when he proclaims only real fans understand his 19-14 ish, bottom 5% 3pt shooting, inside out coaching scuttles another season?