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  1. iu eyedoc

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    As long as he doesn't take it here. or here:
  2. Brett back in his skinny days.
  3. iu eyedoc

    Draft Combine 2022

    I get it. I think he thought he would take a bigger leap this last season. Not sure why he didn't expand his game. Maybe he doesn't have it in him, maybe he needs a push. I hope he returns to IU, but he doesn't seem the type to try and force a game he doesn't possess for personal gain to the detriment of the team. Kind of a tough spot for a 6'9" guy that wants to play in the NBA, but may not be able to stretch his game to the three point line.
  4. iu eyedoc

    Draft Combine 2022

    There should be interest, he has skills. But I think the problem are that his primary skills are all near the basket, which is basketball 15 yrs ago. It is pretty simple, to be an NBA player today, he has to expand his game by 5 to 10 ft minimum. Now whether he does that at IU or somewhere else is the big question we are concerned with.
  5. iu eyedoc

    Fire Steve Aird

    Agree 100%. That is why, while living in FL about a 1/4 of a mile from my kids school, I have installed a snow machine and hill that I require my boys to walk up hill both to and from school for 2 miles every day on their way to classes.
  6. Yeah, I was a little too snarky, my apologies. It inadvertently, came off as directed towards you, that was not my intention. I just disagree strongly with honkeyman that TJD is making a decision by June 1st based "on whether or not a team commits to putting him on their team" three weeks before the draft even happens. TJD is a wonderful college player, but his lack of game outside 15 ft hasn't worked in the NBA for 15-20 yrs. No team is going to commit an NBA roster spot, before the draft, before trades, before TC to the 14tor 15th man on the roster. TJD should be, and likely is, listening to his father and a vast array of NBA insiders they have access to concerning his potential value, if the consensus is he is a top 35 guy, more power to him, but if some singular scout or FO person tells him, "hey we really want you at #35 when no one else tells him he is on their draft board, he would be wise to not put all his eggs in that basket. I think it is all moot, because I don't see him being a guy that teams would feel they need to guarantee a spot to, I guess we will find out soon enough.
  7. Not disparaging BGleas, but Honkyman seems to think that some team may guarantee TJD that they will draft him in the mid thirties and that would be a done deal. Even BGleas qualified the promises as kept "almost always." I would imagine that a team would likely hold true to form if they had the pick, short of a major steal dropping, but no way they don't make another move if it benefits the team because they said they would draft a guy in the second round. Can you imagine a GM saying, "Thanks we really like ________________________ and would totally trade our pick for him if we hadn't promised TJD..." or " So you would like to give us your 1st next season for the 35th pick this season? Well, unfortunately I pinky swore with this one guy and you know pinky swears..." Draft promises for guys in the lottery are one thing but no GM is going to hold a 2nd rnd pick hostage for a fringe player if there are better offers. And if there is one, he won't be a GM for long.
  8. If BGleas says it happens all the time, well then I had no idea we had a poster that had the ear of so many NBA GM's as to know what kind of iron clad, on my mother's grave promises to fringe roster guys are being thrown out there willy nilly. My mistake.
  9. No team is going to do that. If a team tells a middling draft prospect that they are definitely taking him at #35ish and putting him on their NBA roster, 3 weeks before the draft, they are lying to whomever that prospect is. So much will happen between June 1st and the draft and even more on draft night there is no way to make such a guarantee. TJD, especially having a father experienced in the business of the NBA, will be making his decision on well informed approximation of his value, not a single teams "guarantee."
  10. iu eyedoc

    NIL and IU

    How long before some school offers a high profile player a big dollar NIL to come as a preferred walk on?
  11. iu eyedoc

    NIL and IU

    So you are equating choosing a school to country of citizenship based on an "offer" is slimy? That argument fails on so many levels 1) Every Olympic athletes is born a citizens of a given country that they are allowed to compete for in the Olympics,they have to actively switch their citizenship to become a citizen of a different country. Unless you believe college athletes should have to compete only for a state school this makes no sense. 2)The Olympics are a contest based on the athletic ability of the countries citizenship, there is no assumption that IU is represented by only Indiana citizens or that UC Santa Barbara are only allowed players from the city of Santa Barbara. 3)Interesting that the offer of money to improve your current situation is somehow slimy, while choosing a school that by education or exposure can contribute to your future ability to improve your situation somehow is a noble pursuit.
  12. iu eyedoc

    NIL and IU

    Anyone that believes that a coach should be able to make $10M/yr (Bill Self), a university can profit to the count of $50M/yr yet students should be denied the ability to make a legal profit from their years of work and be happy putting in work at near minimum wage to produce the coaches and universities millions is clueless. Yeah the students are the sleazy ones, LTFOL.
  13. iu eyedoc

    NIL and IU

    If you finalized an multimillion dollar app while at Ball St that you had been working on for years and a tech company wanted to buy it on the condition that you stay in school would you consider that sleazy? Would it be sleazy if you became disenchanted with BSU and wanted to transfer and MIT offered you a huge stipend to bring your talent there? Or would it be sleazy for Ball St to take the app that you had worked on for years and keep all the profit while in you were in school until graduation with the possibility that the app had become obsolete? The powers that be in college athletics have conditioned everyone to think student athletes should be grateful for just getting a free education. Back when coaches were making the equivalent of $150,000 in the 60's and 70's sure, but coach and university compensation has gone up 100 fold with the players getting exactly the same as they did in 1970. Between the 20 hrs/wk of allowable practice and and all the non practice activities, it is estimated they put in around 40hr/wk in season and then 20+ hrs in off season. They are working for the equivalent of around $12/hr as the primary producer of a $50M+ net revenue producing product. There is no company in the United States that has 4 or 5 executives and 13 paid workers with this kind of revenue and salary dynamic.
  14. iu eyedoc

    NIL and IU

    Seems that these "rules" were being ignored before the ink was even dry. Pack literally told OSU exactly how much he wanted in order to enroll in the university, blowing up the first two bullet points. It will be interesting if they try to add some regulation, typically things tend to open up more as they age, the NIL was like a brinks truck flipping and bursting open on a highway full of college athletes. Some old codger screaming you kids put that money down is going to fall on deaf ears. 11. What is prohibited under the new policy? Subject to state law, the following is prohibited under the new interim policy: • NIL agreement without quid pro quo (e.g., compensation for work not performed). Student-athlete NIL agreements should include the expected NIL deliverables by a student-athlete in exchange for the agreed upon compensation and student-athletes must be compensated only for work actually performed. • NIL compensation contingent upon enrollment at a particular school. For example, institutions should not use NIL arrangements to improperly induce matriculation (e.g., guaranteeing a particular NIL opportunity upon enrollment); • Compensation for athletic participation or achievement. Athletic performance may enhance a student-ath- lete’s NIL value, but athletic performance may not be the “consideration” for NIL compensation. • Institutions providing compensation in exchange for the use of a student-athlete’s name, image or likeness.
  15. iu eyedoc

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    I How did John Bon Jovi get into this discussion? And I am pretty sure he has kinda sucked in those celebrity type games, so doubt he could help IU. Am I missing something here?