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  1. Gotta find a spot for Jay Edwards. Replace Yogi or maybe 6th man.
  2. iu eyedoc

    IUBB vs North Alabama - 12/13/20 @ Noon on BTN

    Do you actually think fans opinions are why the program has not been relevant for so long? Really?
  3. iu eyedoc

    Found this stored away the other day.

    I've got the only one numbered 118675, so suck it world.
  4. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    OK, cool. I was just making clear you make sh%t up as you go. Glad we are all on the same page now.
  5. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    Well , now that has to be a bit embarrassing.
  6. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    Well that would be great if what I was responding to was the team improving, buuut it wasn't. It was in response to LCS flat out lying about specific players getting worse. I guess you didn't get that part.
  7. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    That is just wrong. You can flash to the lane for a catch and dunk/layup or grab a pass on the perimeter and dribble drive hard for similar. Both are slashing. Here is a simple internet definition for you. Straight Ahead A slasher can handle the basketball or take a pass on the move. Unless the defensive pressure is suffocating, the slasher dribbles right to the basket and weaves around defenders. Slashers take most of their shots from close range, and you will see the gifted athletes drive in and dunk the basketball. Draw the Foul Slashers typically start dribbling from the perimeter, and they have to go through multiple defenders before reaching the basket. Fouls are common, either on the floor or in the act of shooting. The slasher has to be in top physical condition to continuously absorb contact and stay effective. Slashers can make the defense pay for fouling by making free throws. Draw a Crowd Slashers are big scorers, and they attract multiple defenders when driving to the basket. Forcing up shots is counterproductive. Skilled slashers draw a crowd of defenders and are aware of their teammates. With two or three defensive players collapsing on the slasher near the basket, other offensive players are wide open. Slashers that can pass off and get their teammates wide-open shots are doubly dangerous. Hope this helps. And again it's funny that you fault CAM for misusing Smith, but you envision him as a guy that should be relied on to do nothing more than dunk a basketball off of others work creating openings for him.
  8. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    So, the players that got better got better because they got healthy. Those that didn't get better really did, esp in their area of emphasis. Rob Phinisee better 2p,3p,ft shooter, more PPG, more assists despite suffering through concussions and a decrease in minutes: Freddie McSwain improved in his offensiverebounding, defensive rebounding, and blocks: Al Durham better 2pt shooter, better 3pt shooter, better ft shooter, better rebounder, better assists,better steals, all on less minutes : And first year players didn't get better or got worse playing against big ten teams and the 12 ranked SOS then when they were playing the 49th SOS vs non-conference opponents. Boy, you will twist logic into a pretzel or straight up lie to "prove" a point. Oh and by the way, of all those players you claimed got worse, also significantly improved stats per 40 minutes played with the exception of JS.
  9. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    Are you serious or just trolling? Reggie Miller type movement is exactly what created so many backdoor cuts and open looks for him throughout his career. And slashing can be done with or without the ball. What is your vision for Smith? Having him stand around waiting for someone else to create a look, lane, or layup/dunk for him? Isn't that exactly what he did last season? As far as Troy Williams, he expended his game to be a 3 point threat (35% his final season at IU) and could knock down his free throws. Smith is a horrible 3 pt shooter and well below average at free throws especially since as a "slasher," as you characterize him, he is expected to get to the line often. I hate to be typing negative stuff about a kid, but shining sunshine up his butt about how he was misused, when his game has serious holes, requires a reality check.
  10. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    He doesn't have the handle to slash off the dribble, he doesn't play with the energy of Reggie Miller to create opportunities on his own, he doesn't possess an outside shot that requires defensive overplay. If you are referring to him being the high flying recipient of alley oops or dunker of drive and dish no look passes, sure he has that game. He is a classic forward tweener. An athletic but small 4 that doesn't have the shot to be a stretch 4 or a big 3 without the suddenness or ball skills to consistently create his own shot and again no outside game. He has nice form on his shot is just isn't there, I know not if it is from lack of ability or lack of effort but lack of an outside threat held him back much more than anything CAM has done. He is a nice college player and IU will be lesser without him, but unfortunately for him and IU fans, his career at IU never reached it's potential.
  11. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    I bet this is the first time Justin Smith has ever been referred to as a slasher. He does not have even an ounce the requisite suddenness and his shot dictates that he is a 10 ft and in player. There isn't such a thing as a slow twitch, no outside threat slasher. If he has any chance at low level professional basketball it will be as a big 3 or small 4. As far as the defense, he has skills, but he has to show a desire to play it more than 1/2 the time.
  12. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    How would that be?
  13. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    No hate whatsoever for the kid, but I am honestly happy he decided to move on. He, like Devonte Green, was a wobbly crutch for Miller. Decent player that could win you a game or two, but you never knew when or where and ultimately would be more of a negative as a whole with either poor shooting, bad passing, or lazy defense. Highly talented but under motivated mentally and physically. He is a band aid that ripped itself off.
  14. iu eyedoc

    Justin Smith Declares

    Yeah this is pretty icy exchange. No mention by Miller of Smith's basketball contributions and not a mention of Miller at all as Smith thanks fans, friends, teammates the program, and the Kelley S of B. Even if he misspells Kelley after spending 3 yrs there. “Justin Smith and I had a conversation recently where we discussed his future and the feedback from the NBA,” IU coach Archie Miller said in a statement. “In that discussion, he made the decision to graduate and transfer for his final season of eligibility. “I support his decision and wish Justin and his family all the best in this next chapter. I’m proud of his growth as a person. He’s a great young man and has been a terrific role model off the court and in the classroom. He obtained his degree in three years from IU’s Kelley School of Business and we thank him for all of his contributions to Indiana University and our program.” “After much thought, prayer and discussion with people I trust, I have decided to enter the transfer portal as a graduate transfer,” Smith posted on Twitter Friday afternoon. “I want to thank Indiana University, the IU Mens Basketball program and the awesome fans of Indiana for three amazing years in pinstripes. “To my teammate, you are my brothers. I wish you nothing but the best on the bright path to complete our unfulfilled 2020 NCAA tournament dreams. “The Hoosier Experience, the Kelly Business School degree, and the friends I’ve made in Bloomington in and outside of the basketball program will be forever treasured.”