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  1. AKHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Emoni Bates doesn't want to put on a basketball jersey and play football in the B1G.
  2. AKHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Their board says Boston died too. If true, that's awful. Wow.
  3. Jesus, all the guy did was present a similar situation at NC State that should resonate here. Obviously he's not suggesting Mike Woodson is guaranteed to fail. However, so many fans are pointing to Woodson's NBA experience as proof he "can flat out coach" or whatever cliche you want to throw out there, when in Lowe's case that was clearly not the case. Apparently presenting uncomfortable truths, or anything but unbridled enthusiasm for Mike Woodson gets you vilified around here. It's possible to want him to succeed but also question the decision to hire him at the same time.
  4. Thanks for the insight. Now run and duck for cover, because you're about to labelled a hater.
  5. Maybe we can get Keion Brooks to transfer in. I'm sure he could use a fresh start.
  6. Yeah you wouldn't want to hire a coach based on how successful they've been recently. SMH, some of you guys are seriously putting yourselves through quite the display of mental gymnastics to convince yourselves we didn't settle on Woodson.
  7. I liked that part of the process, basically everything except the guy Dolson decided on. If you asked every athletic director of a Power 5 school to put together a list of 10 candidates they would interview if they needed to hire someone, do you think Mike Woodson cracks any of those lists? This is not a hire that a big boy program like Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, etc. would make. This hire is a massive, massive reach. If it's true he targeted Woodson after being denied by Stevens, and he never made a call to Chris Beard, then that is a huge question mark against Dolson. Seriously, that is incompetence at its finest.
  8. Nearly zero downside? Geez... How about we never do better a 65% winning percentage (which is what he's shown his ceiling is), and only make the tournament every other year. He fails to connect with high school kids and doesn't recruit well, because let's face it, a lot of people don't even know who he is and he's never recruited before. Like it or not, kids want to be recruited by the head coach, not just the assitants. He also tarnishes the positive legacy he has here, gets fired after 5 or 6 subpar years, and we're right back in this same place hoping for Brad Stevens again.
  9. Great he can explain to recruits why he was only a mediocre head coach even with all those great players.
  10. The only thing that matters is where they went to school. I'd prefer an all IU coaching staff.
  11. Didn't TJD see that picture of Woodson standing next to Carmelo Anthony? Show that to him and I'm sure he'll get excited.
  12. Yeah, no other college head or assistant coach can say that. GMAFB
  13. F*** this dead program. The administration hates you. The athletic department laughs at you while taking your money.
  14. Like a knife straight to the heart....
  15. AKHoosier

    General New Coach News

    Hiring a coach, AND his head coach-in-waiting is not an ideal scenario. It could get all kinds of tricky and outright awkward. What happens if Beilein goes to consecutive Final Fours after his 5th year, but wants to keep coaching and chase a title? We all think he's only got maybe 5 years left, but what if he thinks he can do twice that? Fife wouldn't want to wait very long to take over. Alternatively, what if Beilein never hits his stride here, and doesn't do very well? We'd probably be more likely to fire the head coach and his staff than hand the job over to someone currently sitting on the bench. Plus, the whole aspect of hiring the guy who's going to take over for Beilein probably wouldn't sit well with him. Who are the players going to listen to more, the head coach or the guy primed to take over the job?