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  1. AKHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I'd be fine with Ed Cooley, but like 12 other guys would have to say "No thanks" first for me to get on board. I'd also rather keep Archie than fire him and get Ed Cooley. Brad Stevens Billy Donovan Chris Beard Thad Matta Tony Bennett After that, I don't care.
  2. AKHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I do not want Scott Drew. I've seen enough written/posted about him over the years that makes me want to stay away. The Hanner Perea deportation threat did not happen without his knowledge. I can't back that up with evidence, but I don't believe for a second their coaching staff wasn't doing whatever it took to get someone they saw as the next Ekpe Udoh. He's been at Baylor since Mike Davis was coaching at IU. He's never had a deep tournament run in that time, only having gone to the Elite 8 twice, and none since 2011/2012 season. If you remove his first 4 years, which seems reasonable given what he inherited, he's had double digit losses 9 times out of 14 seasons. Yeah he's doing well the last 2 years, but his resume does not indicate he's capable of the long-term success we all want.
  3. AKHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I wouldn't go that far personally, but this is the most likely scenario unfortunately. We'll get into the NIT, go into next season with little to no excitement, and call a 20-11 record a "success".
  4. Same, this is where I'm at. The administration doesn't care, players don't seem to care, so why should I invest 2 hours every couple of days into watching us struggle to maintain mediocrity? No more. I'm just done wasting my time on this university's basketball program this season.
  5. AKHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Kevin Warren is straight up trash as the commissioner of a major athletics conference.
  6. And that's why IUBB isn't appointment television for me like it has been in the past. I barely even know when our next games are, or who they're against. We follow up a big win at Iowa with a home loss to a struggling Rutgers team. Sure I check these boards pretty regularly, but I've never been more apathetic about IU basketball in my life than I am right now. We'll probably win half of our remaining games, lose to Purdue again, barely sneak into the tournament and have an early exit, miss on all of our top recruits for 2022, and no momentum heading into next year.
  7. AKHoosier

    Game Thread: Iowa at IU 2/7/21 Noon FOX

    Missed watching the game, but super happy we got the win! A season sweep of Iowa will be big in regard to helping our at-large resume.
  8. AKHoosier

    (2020) PF Matt Cross to Miami

    I would like to add him, but I won't be surprised if his list of finalists includes UNLV, Houston, Arizona State, etc.
  9. Archie's tenure can be summed up by: Win Loss Win Loss Loss Win Loss We can never string together wins and get any semblance of momentum. It's so frustrating.
  10. What a huge, much-needed win! Hopefully this gives our players a lot of energy and confidence going forward. This proves we can win basically anywhere in conference, we just have to bring it.
  11. AKHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Surprisingly, I don't hate the idea of Thad Matta. He's recruited Indiana very well, is a B1G guy, a very good x's and o's coach, and most of all is proven. I'd feel confident in his ability to at the very least, get us to the tournament every year. I'd need to see more out of Nate Oats before getting excited about him, granted I do like what I see so far. He took over a pretty good program from Hurley at Buffalo, but had to face some difficulty his first year after his two best players left the program. It reminds me of how Archie did so well at Dayton despite defections and not having anyone on his roster taller than 6'6" for most of a season.
  12. AKHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I have no faith Stevens or Donovan would ever be serious candidates, so unless we can throw the bank at Chris Beard, we'll be stuck taking a flier on an up-and-comer like Archie was. No thanks, I'd rather just go for the consistency model and stick with Archie to be honest.
  13. AKHoosier

    POTFB 1/14 @ 7 PM FS1

    Stuff like this is why they'll always be known as Little Brother to me. They can never act like the bigger program. Instead, they're gloating about beating their extremely mediocre but biggest rivals. God they are so pathetic.
  14. AKHoosier

    POTFB 1/14 @ 7 PM FS1

    We are just SO FAR from where I expect us to be. Not even in the same time zone.