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  1. 12345Brad

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    “NIL is not intended to be a recruiting tool” - NCAA
  2. 12345Brad

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Last offseason, I think woody was being loyal to Galloway, X and Gunn. He didn’t want to recruit over them. This offseason, if he wants to keep coaching here, he has to recruit over everyone. Just my opinion, but seems like a 180 philosophy. when woody took the job, I really think he honored the Indiana kids and the current roster at the time. As an alumni from the program, he looked at them as one of his own and honored them. but now I really think he’s realized he just has to recruit the best kids every year. just my $0.02. I know a lot of fans wanted him gone, but objectively, he earned this offseason. His seat is on the line now.
  3. 12345Brad

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    IMO, this checks a lot of boxes for both parties
  4. 12345Brad

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

  5. 12345Brad

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    Gotcha thx. I’m would think he’d be interested? And seems like he would be a good fit there.
  6. 12345Brad

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    I’m surprised Underwood hasn’t been linked to UK - yet.
  7. I think our AD has it figured out, but he’s being over-ruled
  8. Yeah. Im grasping at this point. But if it is still alive ... there’s no way he can let it go until June unannounced as people have said. I’m just grasping and speculating - maybe he has a lead assistant / associate HC lined up and parts of a staff ready ... but they’re still in tourney. And they can take reins until June. Completely holding my breath here for anything!
  9. Sorry if brought up already, but is it plausible that we’re waiting for UCLA to lose? Stevens and Lewis announced on Monday or sometime this week (assuming UCLA loses tomorrow)? Lewis is associate HC and will handle team for time being and Brad will join when Celts are done?
  10. 12345Brad

    General Coach Candidate News

    Assuming Stevens and Beard are out, I would hope it’s Muss followed by Beilein as a bridge/band-aid. Even 5-7 years of Beilein - you know it’s a good 5-7 years. Maybe, just maybe Moser - but just seems too risky given the fragile state of the program now. Need as close to a guarantee as possible (I realize there’s always a risk). I still don’t think the $10mm was raised just to get Stevens. I think Dolson realized the program was in neutral and the offense was not attracting recruits nationally - and ultimately the tipping point was the free agency off-season - any new coach can accelerate any rebuild by August. Sure there may have been some mutual interest from Stevens and nobody expected Texas to lose first round - but Muss is solid and Beilien wouldn’t be a horrible last resort.
  11. If not Brad, are Muss or Oats even being considered? I’d take Muss immediately. Woodson would make everyone nervous. seems the longer it goes, the less likely an IU guy?
  12. If Mattas health is still a major question mark, but he wants to give it a go ... and he has ties to Brad ... why not give it a year as an assistant? And/Or take the reins until June? I realize 99% of egos would never allow that ... but at least maybe give it a trial run? Risk/reward?
  13. I looked up the jet - it was a luxury jet. Could his wife have just landed, gotten the paper work signed and went on her way. Or just been his wife? Or just there to negotiate on his behalf? Just seems quite coincidental ... and maybe that’s all it is.
  14. Ha. I can’t cheat on HSN - but I’ll bring some cold beers over!
  15. Short time lurker here ... started when HSN went down. Anyway, one of you gents earlier today spotted that plane from Chicago to Bloomington. I looked where it originated ... Is it possible his wife (agent), flew into Chicago, picked him up, they went to Bloomington, made history, and now we have to dig up some flights back? Perhaps just coincidence ... but fun to get hopes up ...