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  1. cthomas

    2021 Transfer Portal

    This is a problem with a lot of coaches. The ego is too big to consider that someone else might have something to offer. That same ego will not allow them to accept responsibility when something goes wrong. We have seen that, I believe, with our last four coaches to varying degrees. I get a sense that is not the case with CMW. I think we have our guy.
  2. cthomas

    2021 Transfer Portal

    YIkes! Didn't care for his coaching style or the weird kind of vibe about him, but hoped he would do well at his next stop.
  3. I'll take a shot at McCracken and Watson. For McCracken I'm going with Jimmy Rayl. He was the definition of the Hurryin Hoosiers. Was in range anywhere across the time line. Considered the VanArsdale twins as well. So many great players though to be fair my memory only goes back to about the Archie Dees period. Don't really remember Slick Leonard or he may have been my choice. As far as Watson is concerned, I think I'll go George McGinnis. He was part of a great class that never, to me, lived up to their potential. I think that may have lead to his demise as coach. All of this goes with the caveat that I'm pushing the limits of my memory here. Others with first-hand knowledge of that time period may have other/better choices.
  4. cthomas

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Bates may be even more important to CMW than Langford was to CAM. His skills are a perfect fit for what we are trying to do.
  5. cthomas

    College Bball Thread

    CAM seemed snake bitten the whole time he was here. CMW seems like a guy who will make his own breaks.
  6. Runs the floor well, catches and goes to the hoop, and hits the three. I don't see what you don't see. Don't want to get into a debate. I'll just respectfully agree to disagree.
  7. Cody Zeller with a three point shot. Would be a great get.
  8. cthomas

    2021 Transfer Portal

    That's about what I ran. Can you imagine me at 5'6" dueling it out with him heading to finish line?
  9. I was really pulling for Smith to be a player at IU. I would rather he would have ended up anywhere except Purdue. We hired a big time staff with an NBA oriented head coach. Did anyone expect that Smith, no matter how good we think he is, would be a top priority for this staff? They are obviously aiming higher. If they get the guys they want, we will be in the national conversation every year. That is what we have been asking for since Knight was fired. Being at that level comes at a price. The local feel good story doesn't always have a place unless as a walk on. Obviously, he's better than that so I wish him the best except against IU.
  10. cthomas

    (2022) - C Shawn Phillips

    Doesn't sound like the type of player that would fit CMW's up tempo style. But what do I know. Sometimes talent is talent. If he is Shaq like, maybe you just throw it in to him and let him go to work.
  11. Painter seems like an easy guy to like. He is building something pretty good at Purdue and could see how that would appeal to Smith. Style of play could be a factor also. I'm a Westfield alum myself. Of course we only had 66 kids in my graduating class.
  12. cthomas

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    I always liked Hunter, but not sure he has shown much that makes him a fit going forward. He has a chance to improve with better coaching and I really hope he does. Bates seems like a real threat to his minutes given his mentality on offense and defense. I just see Hunter as someone who could get lost in the shuffle.
  13. Obviously the kid can play. The only question is does he fit with what CMW is trying to do. I have no doubt that Smith will be a high level player no matter where he ends up. If not IU, I don't want to face him against another conference team. I think he is the type of player that just kills us on opposing teams. I hope we find room for him, but those kinds of decisions are way above my pay grade.
  14. cthomas

    Who will be most improved player & Why.

    I think everyone who buys into what CMW is trying to do will be better than they were a year ago. The new guys should excel, especially Bates. I expect a really good product on the floor once they figure out how to do what coach Woodson wants them to do.
  15. OSU fans respect us as a cute little, pretty good program as long as we don't threaten them. We take one of theirs, they'll just replace him with someone as good or better. When we start beating them, the attitude will change. This is a great pickup for a program on the rise who just happens to employ his dad. When we can start getting these kind of players on a regular basis, then we will be in the top ten conversation year in and year out. Don't get me wrong, I am happy as can be. I just want us to take that next step and I think we have a chance to do that.