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  1. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    ….nice piece on current state of IU football and Julian Lewis.
  2. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    I’ll take him as a 1star…lol
  3. Artie86

    College Football Thread

    lol…. It’s reality now. This has been on Dish and I’m sure all other digital medias.
  4. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    Auburn will stay with Under Armour until the new contract begins in July 2025. “I think Nike has set a certain standard on the American collegiate scene that we wanted to be a part of,” Cohen said.May 21, 2024
  5. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    For what it’s worth, the only school sponsored my Under Armour in this recruitment is Auburn. That doesn’t really mean a whole lot…
  6. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    For all those who like to read into things or look for hints. Julian just posted this a few minutes ago on Twitter … Notice the photo on the right. Lol It’s in a school setting with all red… hmmmm? lol
  7. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    It was the pic of him in his IU shirt and made some comments relating to a decision coming soon. Can’t remember the exact text
  8. Artie86

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    I love Coach Cignetti’s latest comment…. “Wherever they are, we'll find them,” Cignetti said. “If we think they're a good fit and a good match, then we'll get them on campus.”
  9. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

  10. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    That was me. The last picture he’s standing with his IU shirt on looking like he is going to kiss the Auburn football. Lol
  11. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    ….now, can you imagine if he can flip J. Lewis to IU? Most, if not all don’t even have us in the conversation where he may go. That doesn’t bother me one bit. As of right now, it seems most are assuming Colorado and Auburn are pulling out all the stops. I personally think IU is the dark horse. JMO. Go IU!
  12. Ehhh……. Maybe, but Julian has all the tools, talent and ability to completely upgrade ANY school he plays for. He’s an eventual 1st round draft pick and if a school like us can somehow “win the college lottery” and land this stud, then who cares about all the flirting. It’s to be expected. As for a 2025 player like McCorkle who’s listed as a top 250 CB, I’m not losing sleep of him. Some of these kids are definitely using schools to get them noticed, knowing fully that they are not REALLY 100% committed. Look, if we improve under Cignetti like most are expecting to, we will start attracting better than those top 250 talent players. The thing is, Coach Cignetti doesn’t want players who think they “walk on water”. I believe Julian is not one of those puffed up type of players.
  13. Artie86

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    Hmmmm, I wonder if something is potentially brewing?
  14. Artie86

    An Important Message to Remember

    .....I mean, I'm looking at these hats and all I can think of is "what the..?" lol Those are the absolutely hideous! lol
  15. Artie86

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    ....what are we doing to beat out the "likes" of Michigan, LSU and others? lol I love that we are aggressive and going toe to toe with the big boys. Coach Cignetti is not messing around.